Tsvetomira's Story

Tsevetomira experienced a severe flare when her psoriasis first appeared as a child. After developing psoriatic arthritis she is hopeful that starting a new treatment will help to alleviate her symptoms.

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Hello. My name is Tsvetomira and I come from Bulgaria.

I was diagnosed with psoriasis vulgaris at 5 after a massive flare-up which started a year earlier. I do not have clear memories from this period but I remember being dragged to numerous doctors by my worried mom. Worst thing that happened? My parent took away my bunny Errol because the docs suspected it was a bad allergy reaction! Grrrr!!!

My mom says at that point a good percentage of my torso, arms, legs and scalp were affected. When I was finally diagnosed, my parents declined steroid treatment (the only available in the country at the time) due to my age. Finally, dad found a village doctor who prescribed me tea from a selection of herbs and a light cream for the patches. I remember that the tea was disgusting (and put me off tea for life!) but this combo actually helped a lot. It put out the flare-up and I have never had another one that bad.

Ever since I have had persistent scalp psoriasis and a big patch above my ankle. I have tried numerous topical creams (non-steroid and steroid) and shampoos but they all stop working after some time - nothing has provided a long-term solution. I have honestly given up the battle on that front.

In 2019, about 20 years after the initial diagnosis, I was also diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. This diagnosis was the result of 2 years of toe pains and swelling, limping, multiple doctors visits, test and scans. Somehow the UK doctors just would not believe me when I was explaining to them where and how it hurts even though my initial diagnosis was in front of them the whole time! It seems like I am a non-standard case.

The course of anti-inflammatories was another bust for me. The pains are back and my rheumatologist is upgrading me to a DMARD. Fingers crossed this one works!!!

I am lucky to have a milder form of psoriasis. It does not affect my life majorly (apart from limping a bit sometimes) and I am thankful for that. I have learned how to live with it and, more or less, learned how to stubbornly ignore The Itch!

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