Posted by sjones on 4th April 2012 01:04PM

I recently disposed of all bath shower products. I now use a dead sea salt scrub ( tried loads of different ones and cheaper ones just as good) followed by epaderm moisturiser (can buy or get perscription) used as soap substitute. I used dovanex ointment very sparingly. Psoriasis has disappeared from some areas and improved dramatically in others

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  • I have had a flare up and really…

    Posted by dizzydi on 13th October 2012 08:10AM

    I have had a flare up and really bad have had on and off for 20 years well really fed up so decided to look up some items , I bought some pine tar soap and pine tar shampoo off amazon ( Pine Tar Collection: Pine Tar Shampoo and Pine Tar Soap 2 In 1) and the effects so far are amazing in two days. The scales of the ps has fallen off and seem to be calming down and some bits seem to be drying up. it is still red but feel that it may be stopping well hopefully. I have soaped myself up in bath and have used the shampoo as a body wash which I must say is not the most lovely smells and colour but if it works well worth a try. I have also been using Salcura DermaSpray Intensive Skin Nourishment Spray 50m and find this really good

  • Have any of you tried Dead Sea Salt…

    Posted by Mike on 20th January 2013 12:01PM

    Have any of you tried Dead Sea Salt bath treatments? If so, did you try any products from website? They seem to be good value for money, especially a 25kg sack which works out at £1.09 per kg as compared to £3.85 per 500g from Holland & Barrett (equivalent to £7.70 per kg).

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