Grease stained clothes


Grease stained clothes

Posted by Mwebster on 24th March 2012 10:03PM

I use various topical applications on my psoriasis. Until recently (when Leo Pharma discontinued it) I mainly used Dovonex cream. Now I have to use the ointment and I can't get the stains out of my clothes.

Do others have the same problem, and more to the point - have you found a way to get the stains out easily?

Thanks ....

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  • Ive never had trouble gettig out the stains…

    Posted by mand82 on 2nd April 2012 02:04PM

    Ive never had trouble gettig out the stains in clothes I use "simply" washing powder and it has always gotten the stains out aswell as the blood

  • I apply the ointment thinly on affected areas…

    Posted by sjones on 4th April 2012 01:04PM

    I apply the ointment thinly on affected areas as soon as i get up and wear dressing gown while having breakfast - the ointment has absopbed by the time I get dressed for work and no problem with staining. When I return from work or before retiring I usually shower and again apply a thin layer of ointment and wear dressing gown for 30 min or so before changing. Washing of dressing gown weekly in a hot wash removes all traces of ointment.

  • Hi there, I've also experienced this problem but…

    Posted by Maddi on 9th October 2013 02:10PM

    Hi there, I've also experienced this problem but with Dovobet ointment.
    I was told by my doctor that the active ingredients in steroid creams gets destroyed by sunlight so I only ever bother using the creams at night anyway, but this has lead to most of my bed sheets and pajamas being ruined.
    I've found that washing the pajamas at 60 and only wearing particular ones when I'm using Dovobet to be the only solutions
    M x

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