I really need some advice.....


I really need some advice.....

Posted by clare0210 on 2nd May 2012 03:05PM

Hi everyone,
I'm so glad to be part of a forum where everybody understands each other as I think that those who have never suffered psoriasis don't really understand what we have to go through - privately and publicly.
Anyway, I have had this condition on & off for 20 years. 8 years ago I was hospitalised as I was covered and was practically greased & wrapped up like a mummy. Talking of which, I was 10 months pregnant at the time. After 2 weeks of intensive treatment, it started to disappear & I felt a million dollars. It actually DISAPPEARED all together after a gave birth!! I was so relieved and my confidence came flooding back!!
Up until 2 years ago – REVENGE!!!
I’ve managed to keep it under control. However, all though there isn’t any scaleness, I am however still left with smooth, red blotches and for the life of me, can not shift them!!!
I am due to go on holiday soon & I don’t want to be walking around with red marks on me. I am paranoid beyond belief !
I think I am wasting the creams as they are not working.
Can anybody suggest what I can do? I don’t really have any faith in my GP any more.
Many thanks! ?

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  • Hi Clare, I suggest you become a pest…

    Posted by michaelswims on 20th May 2012 12:05AM

    Hi Clare, I suggest you become a pest until your GP refers you to a specialist.
    Make your GP aware that this is more than a vanity issue, it affects your stress levels therefore affecting your general health. Make a fuss

  • INSIST on being referred to a specialist KEEP…

    Posted by andrewb on 5th October 2012 09:10PM

    INSIST on being referred to a specialist KEEP STRONG its you suffering not the GP make him understand

  • I agree with the other guys - keep…

    Posted by scaleymcgee on 30th August 2013 09:08AM

    I agree with the other guys - keep on at your GP for a referral.

    I find exactly the same with the creams - that no matter how much I use the steroid creams they don't clear the smooth red blotches, and I feel like I'm wasting them and wasting my own time because it really does impact on your general routine.

    Phototherapy always works really well for me and clears it completely until I get another flare up. I know everyone's different - but I would absolutely say what the others have said and really get on at your GP for a dermatology referral.

    Regards going on holiday soon - I was away last summer when my psoriasis had flared up. I was really self-conscious until my friends encouraged me just to get my kit off anyway, saying no-one would care, and so what if anyone did stare? I'm so glad that they did because they were absolutely right - no-one on the beach cared at all, and because it's the light treatment that helps my skin, the sun really helped clear it up. So just go for it - the worst you're gonna get is a few double takes. xx

  • I know exactly how you feel, I've been…

    Posted by shewolf on 25th November 2013 02:11PM

    I know exactly how you feel, I've been suffering for years with plaque psoriasis and one year we decided to go abroad on holiday and I was filled with dread at the thought of having to don a bikini and expose my flakes to the general public. My family were so supportive and encouraged me to ignore other people and just enjoy the sunshine on my skin and you know what?! It was the best thing I could have done. Within days my patches faded and my psoriasis cleared up, I hadnt felt so good in years! Get out there and enjoy the sunshine, I sure you will be glad you did!

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