If you could talk to your psoriasis, what would you say?


If you could talk to your psoriasis, what would you say?

Posted by PsoriasisAssociation on 18th July 2012 03:07PM

The Psoriasis Association has teamed up with the Mental Health Foundation to create a new initiative: See Psoriasis Look Deeper.

The aim of this initiative is to get the voices of people with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis heard, to tell the world what it's REALLY like living with psoriasis.

The initiative is creative; express how psoriasis makes you feel by writing a postcard to your psoriasis, drawing, or even recording a film.

See Psoriasis Look Deeper will be launched in the Houses of Parliament in October, at an event attended by MPs, health experts and the media. This is your chance to get involved and get heard!

Go to our news page for more information: https://psoriasis-association.org.uk/news-and-views/view/we-need-you-join-up-with-the-new-see-psoriasis-look-deeper-campaign

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  • I had the first signs of psoriasis about…

    Posted by michaelswims on 20th July 2012 09:07PM

    I had the first signs of psoriasis about 2 years ago and rapidly developed psoriatic arthritis in my fingers and toes.

    My first reaction to the question what would you say to your psoriasis would not be suitable for printing. However, on reflection, I would ask my illness the following:
    Why do you take away my ability to do the things I love, like hill walking, running and cycling?
    Does my illness realise that I fear for my future employment as my arthritis continues to restrict my activities?
    How can I expect my wife to enjoy love making, when genitalia is raw and flaking and painful to the slightest touch?
    Are you going to affect my children?
    Where has my self confidence gone and why do I feel like crying so often?
    What can I do to destroy you before you destroy me?

  • Please give me a break you ,i need…

    Posted by maryday9 on 22nd July 2012 12:07PM

    Please give me a break you ,i need to sleep ,to laugh to wear nice clothing you are so demanding go away i want my life back !!!

  • why are you so complicated to understand and…

    Posted by MAGPIELASS on 8th August 2012 04:08PM

    why are you so complicated to understand and change formats when you are loosing. do you realise how heart breaking and soul destroying this awful condition is. Please let someone figure out a formula to keep you at bay permanently that does not have such devastating side affects.

  • Some days i just want to get a…

    Posted by brian on 17th October 2012 10:10AM

    Some days i just want to get a Knife, and cut my skin off!!
    After 20 +yrs, ive stopped asking why?? and say now.:"if this is the only thing, ill suffer from then ok"

  • I don't think i could write down publicly…

    Posted by Clairebear2410 on 7th December 2012 07:12PM

    I don't think i could write down publicly what i would like to say!

  • Why me ?

    Posted by kathi1969 on 13th March 2013 11:03AM

    Why me ?

  • why won't you leave me alone, why is…

    Posted by Rach on 29th March 2013 05:03PM

    why won't you leave me alone, why is it so many diff things can trigger you to flare up, and be so hard to clear sometimes, if i ever have children will you stay away from them, I would hate them to have to go through what I have been through.

  • You ruined my life you son of a…

    Posted by Dave on 30th March 2013 09:03PM

    You ruined my life you son of a b!%&h!

  • I would say thanks: Thanks for ruining my…

    Posted by ZK94 on 3rd June 2013 09:06PM

    I would say thanks:

    Thanks for ruining my childhood
    Thanks for the bullying I received at home and at school
    Thanks for making me cry every night because you wouldn't go away
    Thanks for ruining my future
    Thanks for breaking my self-esteem
    Thanks for ruining my hope when you went away for 2 months but came back 10 times harder
    Thanks for humiliating me in front of family and friends when blood stained my clothes without me noticing
    Thanks for causing me despression
    Thanks for making me doubt my faith in God

    And thank you for the fact that you may cause my future children all this pain and suffering...


  • I respect that you are a part of…

    Posted by SarahG on 1st August 2013 10:08PM

    I respect that you are a part of who I am, but I wish you would give me a break every now and again. I wish I could wear shorts and t shirt when the sun is blazing down on a hot summers day without the stares and whispers, and without the young kids asking 'what's the matter with your skin?' (Just innocent curiosity on their part but it still hurts!) I wish I could go to the gym and actually show off my body while I work out rather than cover it up, and not have to get my other half to make sure the sauna is quiet before I go in so I don't get embarrassed. I am not ashamed of who I am, but I do wish that I could have a break from you for a few months a year, preferably in the summer!

  • I met someone today who also had psoriasis…

    Posted by charleychick on 3rd August 2013 09:08PM

    I met someone today who also had psoriasis and this was the first person id met for the first time in 8 years that ive had psoriasis, he told me at one point he was hospitalized due to the severity of his psoriasis. I have had moderate psoriasis for 8 years now it started as guttate after a severe throat infection at the age of 20 it went after a couple of months and i never thought about it again until at the age of 24 i acidentally cut myself shaving in the bath an i literally scared myself i had this bad feeling it would return and it did an it slowly grew worse and worse and now 4 years later its still there and although its never flaky because i continously moisturise, it is still red and angry and my legs are the worst very spotty in some places it looks like ring worm as there are circles of it with normal skin in the middle. A month ago i quit the steriod cream (dovobet) which i became addicted to and relied on heavily, i quit it because i knew it was making it worse and worse as i had my breaks in between i also starting bruising really easily!! I am seeing the derm in sept and going to hopefully be put on uvb fingers crossed cos im now sick to death o being fobbed off with steriod cream!!! When i see this gentlemen today i felt sick i feel bad because of how i feel about psoriasis we come from a society where image is so important and i didnt like what i saw when i see his psoriasis even tho i have it, i feel bad for how i felt and im now trying to accept that i may have this forever and i may have to start accepting it as not a discusting ugly disease but as part of me, i wasnt sure if any of you felt how i feel about it, i pray everyday for a cure, ive tried diets and had no luck im that sceptical and angry about it that when i read someone saying how they cured themselves through diet or through reading a diet book or a special cream, i dont believe them i feel like they are just advertising a product and trying to sell it.. I feel like psoriasis makes so much money for the government with people paying for prescriptions etc so much that i think to myself why would they want to find a cure they would loose loads of money. I hate to sound so depressing and i hope im not offending anyone with what im saying but i see so many creams for sale so many diet books on psoriasis i just dont know what to do if i try one and it dont work then another then another it will takes years for me to find that right one and loads of money and all along i may be wasting my time!! if any of u have found what works best for you and its never come back or its gone into remession then i see you as lucky more than it bein the product!!!

  • Why have you plagued my life? Why do…

    Posted by Amandine on 2nd December 2013 08:12PM

    Why have you plagued my life? Why do you mutate just when I think I've got the measure of you? Why do you attack me - did I do anything to you? Don't you understand that you don't just affect my body, you affect every area of my life - you cause me stress because of what you do to my body and the stress seems to make you do it more - if you took a break we could both have a break. And now, now satisfied with making me look like a leper, you are crippling me with arthritis and making me old before my time.

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