infected psoriasis


infected psoriasis

Posted by ulllass on 18th July 2012 11:07AM

Ello i am new here. I have had p for yrs but i also have lupus sle. I have in the last 48 hours got a few in fected patches on my haor line in the nape of my neck, Nerver had an infection woth p at all. has anyone else exp this. I caused another problem unknowingly while straching the patches i have infected my eye, I think this started with a slight cold too. One thing has lead to another. i am on penicllin too for the infection so hopefully all will be well in a few day. Would love to know if anyone on here has lupus too and got p. mine my be arthitic p too. Tc all and hopefully the sun is arriving soon.:)

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  • it is very interesting to read you post…

    Posted by isca-kate on 20th May 2013 03:05PM

    it is very interesting to read you post as i get infected ps on my lower legs and have had it for a few years now, but would like to ask you does it get better at any time of the year? the ps i have goes away in october and comes back in march i am left with scarred skin in the winter but it is not infamed.
    can i ask how did you find out you had lupus? as i have been looking into this, can you have blood test done?
    i don't know about you but i don't use steriod cream as i know it can make the skin thin.
    would look forward to some info as just feel i am in the dark and doc is not much help, many thanks.

  • I too get infected Ps, my GP prescribed…

    Posted by cherrypicker on 4th November 2013 03:11PM

    I too get infected Ps, my GP prescribed Fucibet cream which cleared it up in three days.

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