Psoriatic Arthritis...


Psoratic Arthritis....... ..

Posted by Ellie on 4th February 2012 11:02AM


I have psoratic arthriris and would like to hear from any one who has been on Methotrexate injections for this as my consultant says this is the next step for me. ( many other meds have not agreed with me)
I would appreciate any thoughts......

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  • Hi Ellie, I have been on Methotrexate tablets…

    Posted by Chellywelly80 on 17th February 2012 07:02PM

    Hi Ellie,
    I have been on Methotrexate tablets previously for treatment for Psoriatic Arthritis and psoriasis. I have been off it now for about 2 yrs as i wanted to try for a baby. However the next step for me Would have been injections.
    Even though i haven't tried the injections i have a patient (i'm a nurse) who was unable to tolerate the tablets as for about 6 months she has been on methotrexate injection and every time i speak to her she is getting on brilliantly with them.
    She was experiencing a lot of nausea and this was making her lifestyle very difficult and since being on the injections has had a new leaf of life since the nausea has gone completely.
    I hope this helps.
    All the best

  • Hello, I was diagnosed with PsA just over…

    Posted by Mia_Sohma on 12th March 2012 09:03AM


    I was diagnosed with PsA just over 12 months ago, but I've suffered the symptoms for a lot longer. My knee has been swollen for about 7-8 years and I've been on tablets since I was first diagnosed by my rheumatologist.
    Given that I have one specific joint that gives me most of my trouble (I have three joints that give me trouble at the moment), my doctor wanted to inject it with steroids, but it was covered in a massive patch of plaque psorasis.
    I spent a few months dilligently treating my psorasis, and my rheumatologist did the injection on Friday (9th March).
    Because the doctor had to go in an unusual way, it was rather painful, but the whole thing has completely changed my knee!! It doesn't feel as swollen when I walk, it barely hurts at all!
    I don't know exactly what steroid I was injected with (as I'm currently take methotrexate and leflunomide tablets) but it has been extremely effective. I noticed an improvement when i first started taking the leflunomide (the effectiveness of which seems to have diminished over time), but nothing like I have experienced from having my knee injected.
    In conclusion, I think that if you can tolerate needles and have no trouble with them, I'd definitely recommend giving the injections a go.
    Hope my thoughts help. :)

  • Needles is not the problem, I have been…

    Posted by Qinetiq on 28th April 2012 04:04PM

    Needles is not the problem, I have been stabbed so much my veins cannot take it anymore. Huge bruises, ;pain etc


  • Hi all Been diagnosed with PSA for about…

    Posted by Clairebear2410 on 11th June 2012 07:06PM

    Hi all

    Been diagnosed with PSA for about 2 1/2 years. Previous sufferer of Psoriasis. Im only 27, just wondering if there's any young 'uns out there. Often feel very alone. Disrupts so many aspects of my life. I feel like im 70 not 27 ! xx

  • Hi At 48 I don't qualify as a…

    Posted by michaelswims on 11th June 2012 09:06PM


    At 48 I don't qualify as a "young un" but can empathise with the felling of loneliness mentioned by Clairebear.

    I did not suffer with any form of P until about 2 years ago and now have PsA in all my toe and finger joints and sometimes in my knees as well.

    Personally, the hardest thing for me to get used to was the lack of cure. Once you have accepted that you can start to look for activities that you can do, and then make sure you do them whilst you can.

    Last year I competed in two triathlons and the great north swim. It is unlikely that I will repeat that as running is difficult and cycling is likely to be next off my list.

    But I can still swim and am training for long distance events which have limited affects on my joints.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not some happy clappy, life is what you make it type, sometimes my black dog is well and truly at home and it is difficult for me and my family but acceptance (once you have exhausted all options) is part of the journey
    and can help us focus on our opportunities

  • I was diagnosed with Psoriasis a year ago.…

    Posted by Mike P on 19th June 2012 08:06AM

    I was diagnosed with Psoriasis a year ago. Last month Psoratic Arthritis was confirmed in my knees and the little finger of my right hand. So far it is not too bad (although it does get sore from time to time)

    My Doc has told to take Ibuprofen for now but if it gets worse (or spreads) she will think again.

    I am taking the view that there are worse things that I could have had which I suppose is positive but my long term fear is for my job. I work as a dog trainer and volunteer at a wolf centre. I love both jobs but fear that if my knees get really bad I will have to give them up.

  • Psoratic Arthritas ! its a real pain literally…

    Posted by maryday9 on 22nd July 2012 12:07PM

    Psoratic Arthritas ! its a real pain literally ,i was taking Methotrexate tabs ,i progressed to injections all this at the age of 44 ,i am now 56 and as we all know it gets no better ,i took myself off the methotrexate an d i am seeing a new rheumatoligist ecuse the spelling ,i hope to be given a treatment less toxic than methotrexate . at the moment all i am taking pain killers i am as stiff and sore as i can ever remember being since i was first diagnosed . .

  • MIKE P The idea your docter told you…

    Posted by maryday9 on 22nd July 2012 12:07PM

    MIKE P
    The idea your docter told you to use ibuprofen , i wish he could feel what we feel .you need to see a good consultant get another opinion

  • I too can not tolerate the medication. I…

    Posted by MAGPIELASS on 8th August 2012 04:08PM

    I too can not tolerate the medication. I have tried all sorts, but not the injections. I have just had a left knee replacement due to to PSA. I may mention injections when I see consultant next month.

  • Read my thread about turmeric.......

    Posted by Ramrod on 23rd September 2012 08:09PM

    Read my thread about turmeric.......

  • Replying to a post above.....Ibuprofen is a non…

    Posted by Ramrod on 23rd September 2012 08:09PM

    Replying to a post above.....Ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti inflammatory. This class of drugs might cause joint cartilage damage if used for joint inflammation for more than 4 or 5(ish) days (iirc-look it up yourselves). Use with caution......

  • Hi, This is actually a reply to clairebear.…

    Posted by giggleberry on 23rd October 2012 03:10PM

    This is actually a reply to clairebear. I am 28 and finding it really hard too. Particularly the morning stiffness and the fatigue. The worse bit is some days I feel like I just don't have the energy to go to work let alone having a social life. How do other people cope with the fatigue?

  • Hi, I have been on and off methotrexate…

    Posted by vickylondon on 28th November 2012 08:11PM


    I have been on and off methotrexate since I was 2 years old. I am now 21 and have chosen to come off it as it has interfered with my life far too much. I've been on the liquid form (when I was a toddler), then the injection (when I was around 7), I tried the pills when I was 13 but ended up throwing them up for some reason so at 15 I was injecting myself every week. This for me was difficult as I got very concerned about the actual procedure and doing it wrong and I suffered from anxiety attacks.

    The last time I was on it, when I was 18, I suffered terribly from nausea, fatigue and stomach problems. It came at the worst time as I was doing my exams and looking to move to university. I chose to come off it in order to live a more normal life whilst away from home.

    I do still suffer badly from my arthritis symptoms and fatigue on and off which does get in the way occasionally. I try not to let it get in the way of things.

    I am currently on hydroxychloroquine which is much milder than the methotrexate with far few unpleasant side effects.

    After having a lot of experience with this drug, some good and some bad, I hope my experiences can help you make your decision. I definitely think it is something that needs a lot of thought though.


  • Hi all Would be good to get in…

    Posted by Clairebear2410 on 7th December 2012 07:12PM

    Hi all
    Would be good to get in touch giggleberry. Talk to someone in the same boat! My email is

    To those considering methotreate i've had both the tablets and injection. Like a few on here the tablets made me really sick... vomiting and the injections made me feel nauseas. Bur it did work. In the end i did have to stop taking it because i had so many bad side effects... my liver function kept going amongst other vile side effects. it just wasn't for me! But it can be great for some. Unfortunately its a matter of trial and error as to what drugs suit you!


  • Hi all I was diagnosed with PsA in…

    Posted by jojo36 on 15th December 2012 12:12PM

    Hi all I was diagnosed with PsA in july this year and they put me straight on Methotrexate tablets I'm on a low dose at the moment and they want me to build it up but I'm constantly sleeping and tried all the time, does anyone know if this could be off the tablets, I have done loads of research about PsA today as I was still trying to get my head around the fact I have it, at the moment I have to take 14-17 tablets a night to cope with the pain, I also have depression and cant seem to get motivated any got any suggestions

  • I've just been told that i've got psoratic…

    Posted by mark1974 on 24th January 2013 09:01PM

    I've just been told that i've got psoratic arthrirs my consultant has started me on Methotrexate.So far i've got arthriris in my hands feet (toes) and right knee.

  • Hi Ellie. I'm 31 and have psoratic arthritis…

    Posted by Circlecaster on 5th April 2013 11:04PM

    Hi Ellie. I'm 31 and have psoratic arthritis in my knees. They ache terribly esp during winter or damp weather and my knees swell up terribly. My gp tells me to take paracetemol for the symptoms!!

  • Hi I see this querie was posted some…

    Posted by theunfamousfly on 23rd October 2013 10:10PM

    I see this querie was posted some time ago but in case it helps someone: Been on Injectable MTX about 3 months, after a year on 20mgs per week by tablets. I get this for PsA. ( Also on Sulfasalazine). MTX tabs initially were mildly unpleasant, but the s/e's seemed to fade until the dose increased on my way to the target dose and would worsen and then slacken off. The main side effect was that I find it impossible to sleep after taking the tabs. After about 6 months I found I was sleeping slightly better, but then gradually the nausea got worse to the extent Ionly had to think of the MTX tablets to feel sick. In my head I know but I couldn't help it. ( I am told this is not uncommon). I mentioned it to my rheumy and he advised I try injections which I started at the back end of the Summer. I still get a weird feeling after the injection, maybe about 1 hour or so post, and have real problems sleeping still, but the nausea while I would hesitate to say its gone away, is much less severe. Though I do find now that where even the colour of the tabs made me squiffy, now its the smell of the alcohol wipes seems to get to me! Bizarre. As far as the efficacy of the drug, I have seen no improvement / levelling off in my PsA thats lasted more than a week or two while on this or any of the other drugs but my very mild Ps has totally vanished since being on MTX. Even one particularly stubborn patch on my back. I would recommend giving the MTX injections a try, ( especially if the drug works for you, but its just the side effects that are the issue). You inject yourself in the abdomen and to be honest I barely feel it. The thought of doing it is worse than the actual act itself! None of the other tablets ( and I have been taking up to 100 pills a week of different sorts) bother me particularly the way MTX does.

  • I was diagnosed with PsA 5 years ago…

    Posted by Amandine on 2nd December 2013 08:12PM

    I was diagnosed with PsA 5 years ago having previously been incorrectly treated for tendonitis for 2 years. I was told to take Ibuprofen. It took me 4 years of battling to get put onto Naproxen and co-dydramol, but even that now isn't enough and I know I already have joint damage. It seems treatment across the country is widely varying and it is a great concern that your quality of life comes down to lack of the draw. I am 39 yet pad around like a 60 year old. My mum can run up and down stairs but I have to pull myself up one at a time and come down the same way.

  • Just to say Sulfasalazine worked brilliantly for me.…

    Posted by martinlest on 26th February 2014 03:02AM

    Just to say Sulfasalazine worked brilliantly for me. It stopped any further deterioration in the PsA and after 2 years or so my consultant suggested I stop taking it. That was five years ago and I have had only minor and occasional joint pain since.

  • Methotrexate was like taking poison to me the…

    Posted by Anita on 11th March 2014 07:03PM

    Methotrexate was like taking poison to me the side effects were horrendous !!! doctors give methotrexate because its cheaper than the biologics which are extremely expensive

  • Hi I'm new to this site, I would…

    Posted by Gadders1980 on 5th July 2014 11:07PM

    Hi I'm new to this site, I would like to hear from people that have been diagnosed with PsA. I was diagnosed when I was 19 it was in my right hand and feet in a lot of pain after a lot of injections I started my tablets of azathioprine, these helped and I was on a high dose for about 5 years.
    Then my arthritis calmed right down and I didn't have to take any medication at all.
    Now I'm 34 and it's come back big time in my other hand and hip. Yesterday was the worse I've been in years I couldn't even open or touch my hand. Is this normal for PsA to swap hands? I'm waiting for an appointment at my local hospital but I don't know what to do I've been prescribed Naproxen in the mean time. Lisa

  • I've started a separate thread for 'complications' of…

    Posted by Amandine on 16th August 2014 12:08PM

    I've started a separate thread for 'complications' of PsA, such as eye problems, throat problems, tonsil stones, dislocating jaw, etc if anyone would like to discuss (it's currently at the bottom of the list on the left!)

  • HI Ellie I am new to this site…

    Posted by meatloafuk on 20th August 2014 07:08PM

    HI Ellie
    I am new to this site but ive been on Methotrexate for 3yrs
    now. Last year i had it reduced because i was started on anti tnf my skin got worse but my psa slowed down . It seems treatments work different on each person the only thing i didnt like and wouldnt recommend is Cyclosporin i also found methrotrexate injections were more effective

  • Hey you, I had methotrexate for 2 years,…

    Posted by fruitbat46 on 21st August 2014 06:08PM

    Hey you,
    I had methotrexate for 2 years, total waste of time. I say this because the arthritis side of things just got worse over time, but it did stop (more or less) the psoriasis side of things. The skin probs don't bother me as much as the pain from the arthritis does, so I stopped it. I also found out that it is NOT effective against PSA only rheumatoid arthritis.
    For you - you have to way up the odds I am afraid. Which is worse for you hun. Hope this helps.

    Love Mel x

  • Hi my name is Caroline and I have…

    Posted by zippymum on 17th October 2014 09:10AM


    my name is Caroline and I have been recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis before that they didn't know which arthritis I had I now have to start taking injections the bio ones I think its called Enbrel its used with a MYCLIC pre filled pen don't know how its going to go are there anyone else taking this medication

    thanks xx

  • This is a reply to Caroline's post on…

    Posted by stevebowe on 10th November 2014 01:11PM

    This is a reply to Caroline's post on 17/10. I was diagnosed with PA around 3 years ago after being troubled with a swollen index finger. This progressed to pain in feet/ankles making walking difficult, particularly in a morning. Initially I was put on 20mg Methotrexate tablets, but after a while I began to suffer with terrible nausea. I was then switched on to the injections and they too gave me nausea. After flirting with a combo of Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine, I was eventually put on Etanercept (Enbrel). The effect was positive and very quick. A year in and I feel relatively well. I still suffer a bit with stiffness and some sore/tender joints but the medication does seem to be keeping my PA under control.

    I have heard that eventually the benefits of any one of the anti-TNA products can reduce although there are variations that you can be switched on to (ie Humira) if that happens.

    Good luck :)

  • do you go to a derm. to see…

    Posted by 47psoyrs on 23rd December 2014 03:12AM

    do you go to a derm. to see if you have psoritic arthritis? Thanks

  • This isn't about pA but I was wondering…

    Posted by 47psoyrs on 29th December 2014 04:12PM

    This isn't about pA but I was wondering if there is any way to change your user name? I've looked & haven't seen it. Thanks

  • Hi, I've had psoriasis for 19 yrs and…

    Posted by Pollyanna on 3rd January 2015 11:01PM

    Hi, I've had psoriasis for 19 yrs and I can't believe I have never been on this site before. I have had psoriatic arthritis for the last five years and I'm sitting here crying as I read through some of your posts. I have tried just about every cream, lotion, potion, light treatment and shampoo from my doctor. Some of the steroid creams worked but only for a short time as it was too risky to use them long term. Once I had been diagnosed with the arthritis they tried steroid injections which sent my skin crazy. I have since been on methotrexate tablets but came off them due to the horrendous nausea. I went onto the injections which was better for a while but I have now been off them for the last three months again due to the nausea. I am just awaiting appointment to decide if I go on an alternative drug. In the meantime my skin has hon wild again :(. About 7 yrs ago I went on a food intolerance diet to see if it would help but didn't really see a difference but now I have researched other options within my diet of things to avoid and juice diets to combine the two to see if I can avoid the drugs as I'm worried of the long term affects on my body. Does anyone else use this method? There are so many things I could add to this post regarding psoarisis and the effects it has on your life especially when you are younger and looking for a partner. I have argued with my doctors for years that my skin is linked to diet in some way but have always been told no. It is the worst thing and takes over everything when it is sore and painful. Hoping things will pick up soon :/

  • Re 47psoyrs question about changing your username: Hi…

    Posted by Dominic Urmston on 21st January 2015 03:01PM

    Re 47psoyrs question about changing your username:

    Hi 47psoyrs, by way of introduction, my name is Dominic and I'm Digital Communications Officer at the Psoriasis Association.

    Unfortunately, as things stand, the only way to change your username is to get in touch with us and we will change it for you.

    If you'd like to do that, just email me at and put your full name in the email along with your current username and what you'd like it changing to. Hope that helps.

    Apologies for taking the thread off topic.

  • Hi Im new to this site but have…

    Posted by paull on 3rd February 2015 12:02PM

    Hi Im new to this site but have found it very interesting. My brief story was that I was diagnosed with PA about 15 years ago as a direct result of a wasp bite, how unlucky is that given I am 50 now and never been really ill or spent one night in any hospital. I have had numerous steroid injections (painful experience IMO) over the years to treat various flare ups which in my case are asymmetrical and mostly hands and feet, little fat toes and fingers etc. For me these injections have been 90% successful so Im grateful they help keep the curse at arms length. Some joints are permanently damaged which is very attractive. Still could be worse as still all functional. I was on Methotrexate but in my case I had no major improvement and found the regular blood tests and restriction on the odd alcohol indulgence to be to much so I stopped. I can honestly say if I looked back the only thing that has had any beneficial impact to my PA is exercise, agreed not easy if you ache and suffer fatigue, no pills or dietary changes have worked for me, slight improvement now and again but nothing sustainable. My plaque psoriasis has always been restricted to only knees and elbows, its always there some good and some bad days, never have understood why it gets better and worse. UNTIL NOW disaster and a major depression, had a flare up of guttate psoriasis all over about a month ago, unsightly and itchy it is horrible and no hope offered by the local GP's (no surprise there). Anyway have appointment with Consultant Dermatologist so will see if he can save me. Thanks for reading and I will look to contribute my thoughts and experiences going forward. Take care.

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