Pustular psoriasis of pregnancy


Pustular psoriasis of pregnancy

Posted by LauraP on 4th February 2012 02:02PM

I was diagnosed with Pustular psoriasis of pregnancy and was just wondering if anyone else has any experience as I have been told its very rare. I have also just been told I have a 50% chance of a third trimester miscarriage due to this condition and wondered if anyone else has been told this? The Drs are simply saying come back when 6 weeks pregnant to discuss options and I want to know more before I/if I get pregnant again.


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  • Hey Laura hope all is well with you…

    Posted by Miller19 on 18th March 2012 01:03AM

    Hey Laura hope all is well with you and baby, I did actually suffer a miscarriage and was told that as I was using the steroid dovobet it'sone of the few that passes through the placenta so be careful what you use if anything and if you are please discontinue or check before using again. My life has been taken over by this. Xxx

  • Hi, I am so sorry to hear about…

    Posted by LauraP on 27th June 2012 01:06PM

    I am so sorry to hear about your terrible news!

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I am not currently pregnant but thinking about it. I have been referred to a Professor in Manchester. Were you under the care of specialists?


  • This is the saddest (in the original sense…

    Posted by michaelswims on 1st July 2012 12:07AM

    This is the saddest (in the original sense of the word) post I have read since joining this group.

    Millar, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

    Your comments have given me perspective on my own issues with psoriasis.

    I truly hope you both find support that helps you


  • I am 4/5 weeks pregnant and have been…

    Posted by ceflowers on 31st January 2013 09:01PM

    I am 4/5 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed by my Gp as have psoriasis. It is over most of my body and in my hair. It is itchy however as I am pregnant my Gp has only been able to prescribe Aqueous cream. I have been referred to the dermotolgist at the hospital however I have been adviced that the wait is likely to be very long. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Just wanted to share my story incase it…

    Posted by gayle on 21st March 2013 07:03PM

    Just wanted to share my story incase it could be helpful to anyone who is pregnant or wishing to be pregnant. I've had psoriasis since age 14 (35 now) and developed psoriatic arthritis in my mid twenties. After countless topical treatments (that had very short lived success), my life has been totally transformed by the biologic drug, Humira. It is truly a miracle drug that I can't say enough about it. Gone are the days of hiding under clothes and crying anytime I had to look at my skin. If you have never heard of Humira, please look into it, it's well worth asking your dermatologist about. Now about pregnancy: two years ago I discovered I was pregnant and immediately came off of Humira. Six months into the pregnancy my psoriasis came back full force and covered about 80% of my body. Miserable, yes but the baby was completely healthy and unaffected. After giving birth and breastfeeding for about a week, I went back on the Humira and 2 months later my skin was 100% clear again! Fast forward to now and I have just delivered baby number two! Same thing happened with this pregancy: discovered I was pregnant, came off Humira and again, in my last trimester I became covered in awful psoriasis. This time it was worse and actually became painful. It was really bad on my legs and looked purple in color. I spent the last 2 months of pregnancy in pajamas, itching, crying, depressed and miserable. My dermatologist prescibed topical steroids that didn't make a dent on it, then prescibed an oral steriod (prednisone) that provided a bit of relief. After all the suffering I can honestly say it was well worth it in the end when I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, now 6 weesk old!! (although I tied my tubes as I NEVER want to be in that dark/lonely place again). I'm back on the Humira and almost clear once again!! (legs are stubborn though). Note: my dermatogist, rhuematologist and ob/gyn said I could have taken Humira during pregancy as it is a Class B drug that is considered safe during pregnacy (I live in the States, could be different in UK) but I chose not to. Hope this may help anyone out there who is pregnant/hoping to become pregnant and suffering from psoriasis. Please, please seek information on Humira. It will literally change your life!

  • I wanted to respond as I had pustular…

    Posted by fruitcrumble on 9th April 2013 05:04PM

    I wanted to respond as I had pustular psoriasis of pregnancy which was diagnosed with my third child when I was about 4 months pregnant. I didn't realise but my symptoms had been present in my earlier pregnancies but to a lesser degree but they were much worse with my third child. I was treated with prednisolone (steroid) and it really helped with the itching. After delivery my symptoms lessons, my dosage was reduced over time and my skin recovered along with a healthy baby boy. I hope it is going well for you. It's a difficult time.

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