Sat by myself!!!


Sat by myself!!!

Posted by cazzy10 on 13th March 2012 07:03PM

I am new to this site so please bear with me lol, i have had psoriasis for 5 months now and all of a sudden it has spread everywhere except my feet!! I was sat on a bus the other day that was packed to the rafters yet no-one sat next to me! has anyone else experienced this? it was very disheartening and now i feel as if i dont want to go out :(

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  • Don't despair and definitely don,t hide. I developed…

    Posted by michaelswims on 14th March 2012 08:03PM

    Don't despair and definitely don,t hide. I developed psoriasis a couple of years ago starting on my feet.

    After a swimming session (for which I wore pool socks), I decided to relax in the sauna. Although I was wearing flip flops I was repeatedly challenged by another user as to whether I should be allowed to use the facilities and how I was spreading a disease.

    Unfortunately ignorance abounds and ignorance is the foundation of fear.

    Don't let ignorance and fear make you hide

  • Oh my god I feel for you I'm…

    Posted by Miller19 on 18th March 2012 01:03AM

    Oh my god I feel for you I'm 30 and I had a teeny case since about fifteen but two years ago it went insane, I have a tendency to roll up my sleeves and my elbows are scaly and look disgusting some days I sit and cry I feel so ugly and's heartbreaking, my little boy calls the bad skin my poorlys which is awful...feel kinds broken was soooo confident it's like a huge cruel taunt that won't leave, I believe I have guttate pso. X

  • Heya Cazzy, I'm so sorry that you've developed…

    Posted by Allie-Crick on 24th March 2012 12:03PM

    Heya Cazzy,

    I'm so sorry that you've developed this - I am in exactly the same boat as you; I've always had mild psoriasis but recently developed guttate which is everywhere!

    I am so so sorry for you but those people are cruel and plain stupid! I used to cover up and at work (sous chef in a pub - bare arms) would say it was an allergic reaction, but now I've realised, after reading so many stories on here, that we should all just smile and be happy with ourselves!

    If it's guttate you've got as well, it should fade within a few months, so finger crossed for us both! If not, stay positive, is what everybody says, and I really think that helps. Oh and the sun is a brilliant treatment for it too!

    Hope you're okay.. we're all in this together x

  • So sorry to hear you've experienced the stupidity,…

    Posted by grumpygroo on 2nd April 2012 12:04PM

    So sorry to hear you've experienced the stupidity, ignorance and stigma, and can only echo what's been said above. Please try not to hide away, this is giving credence to what these ignorant people are thinking and saying. Rejoice in the fact that you can get a bus seat to yourself. It's diffcult but you have to develop a thick skin (no pun intended) and just become bloody minded about things.

  • Oh believe me Cazzy10 this has happened to…

    Posted by cathob on 6th May 2012 01:05PM

    Oh believe me Cazzy10 this has happened to me and probarly most of us on this site over the years. People are ignorant and they think P is contagious they already have their mind made up so the best we can do for these pitiful people is ignore them. Keep your head up and concentrate on getting your P under control. Wish you all the best.

  • Don't pay attention to them Cazzy...they just don't…

    Posted by PrisK on 16th May 2012 06:05PM

    Don't pay attention to them Cazzy...they just don't know. I know it is difficult to imagine but someday you might just not even think about your pso anymore - I've had mine for 18 years and with a very long period when I was covered on 75% and more of my body surface, but after I got used to what I had and explained to the persons I cared about, I just couldn't be bothered paying attention to people I didn't know! You know what helped too? I tried to imagine what I would think if I didn't have pso and saw someone covered with it...unfortunately I think we would all wonder what it is - in more or less discreet ways, and of course some people are mean but they are a minority!
    So chin up, love yourself, love your pso (he's probably going to be a close friend for a while...) and ignore stupid reactions. Good for you, more space on the packed bus!! ;)

  • I know exactly how you are feeling! Summer…

    Posted by Paddyellis on 26th June 2012 03:06PM

    I know exactly how you are feeling!

    Summer time is the worst becuase your arms are on show. I get it really, really bad on my elbows. I didn't wear t shirts for a long time becuase of it! I guess its just something you need to learn to deal with, or find a treatment that's right for you.

    Thas a whole other can or worms!

    I know this isn't a thread for debating our chosen treatments but I've been using this skin care brand recently that's cleared mine up so well (and is maintining it so far) if you want to know, just like this or message me (if you can?) I'm also new to this!!

  • I used to work in my local pub…

    Posted by Sarah760 on 2nd August 2012 04:08PM

    I used to work in my local pub and one day my hand had split right across my palm. I had bandaged it up and was serving a regular and he asked what was wrong. I explained it was just my skin and he responded by making me wear a rubber glove to pull his pint and slapped his change on the bar. I have never forgotten this treatment and if I saw him now, 10 years on, I would happily slap this ignorant man!

    People are scared of the unknown and can be horrible.

    Chin up x

  • Sorry to hear that Cazzy Unfortunately people are…

    Posted by ncarrier87 on 8th August 2012 08:08PM

    Sorry to hear that Cazzy

    Unfortunately people are stupidly ignorant. For a time i used to wear t-shirts to swimming and I used to get ask questions to as why. After a couple of months I got sick of explaining myself, I rocked up at swimming with the "sod it" attitude. I got a few dodgy looks and a few mumbles but again head high. As hard as it is always think of the reverse. If they are willing to judge, stick a smile on your face and enjoy that spacious ride on the bus, their loss.... Never hide, show no fear and it all sorts itself out.

  • I know how u feel; not all people…

    Posted by DianaP54 on 13th August 2012 09:08AM

    I know how u feel; not all people look at u and think yuk; remember one thing people look because they see it and they more than likely think its a burn,my husband looks at it and i tell him off,he says i would look at someone with it, he is right its human nature.
    The fact that its a skin disorder is the problem, you feel the need to explain that its not catching.
    You are not alone.

  • Know how you feel guys, the comments get…

    Posted by jimbobsanchez on 14th August 2012 12:08AM

    Know how you feel guys, the comments get me down a lot too but i have learned to live with them - people always have their opinions no matter what the problem is, let them its not their fault they are just ignorant of our problem. If they understood it, they would probably sympathise and wish us well.

    I have had it for 5 years or so now. I find that organic coconut oil is a miracle, eat it, drink it, put it on your body - wonder stuff! Also try researching green juicing, its expensive but well worth it - this calms it right down for me. Difficult to stay consistent with it with busy lifestyle and temptations to go out on alcohol and fast food and restaurants etc - i love my food! But Green juicing is miracle stuff too - alkalizes the body, detoxes, provides vital micronutrients, helps calm the immune system right down. Also raw foods, good, healthy salads, again mainly greens, the darker the better, kale, spinach, beetroot, celery, all of these things are nothing but good for the condition.

    Look in to getting stool tests, a lot of the time the reason is digestion problems, not enough digestion of vital nutrients but also the proper digestion and breaking down and flushing away of toxins that have entered the body - they can trigger the immune system to get out of control to deal with them. Properly digesting food can have a hugely positive effect on psoriasis. Chew more if anything! I found i am not digesting my proteins well enough, dont have enough HCL in the gut and am prone therefore to harmful bacteria. Look in to this, maybe it is an intolerance to certain things. A lot of people find a wheat free, gluten free, dairy and meat free diet helps them a lot - again all linked to digestion of the right things. Difficult to adjust diets but it comes from within remember, we can treat it with creams and light treatment all we want but it is not dealing with the problem within. Find the problem within and discipline yourself to deal with it. A lot of doctors will say there is no cure. There is always a cure we just need to find what is best for ourself. I keep hope for all of you guys like myself.

    It is a horrible thing to deal with but it has also helped me learn an awful lot. I know so much more now about health and wellbeing and it makes me thankful for the times when it is less prominant on my skin. From this negative we can always find positives. By trying to get rid of it we can learn so much about the body.

    Anyway sorry such a big post, just feel for you guys I am in the same boat. Stool tests, Intolerance tests, coconut oil, green juicing, raw foods, essential fatty acids, slippery elm, hemp protein powder rather than meat, no alcohol no red meat no sugar have all been very helpful to me. I hope these things lead you to do more research and find out if these things can be helpful to you too.

    All the best guys!

  • I fully understand your feelings i have had…

    Posted by andrewb on 5th October 2012 10:10PM

    I fully understand your feelings i have had psoriasis for 21 years, best advice never hide,be strong,look people in the eye,true friends never see the psoriasis be yourself ,be yourself, be yourself NEVER LET IT WIN, All the best cazzy

  • Hello, Very sorry to hear about your stress.…

    Posted by stevesky on 27th March 2013 11:03PM

    Very sorry to hear about your stress. I've had psoriasis for 36 years and never joined this site before. I just did to reply to your post as I really felt for you. I'm going to post this in other places here with the same advice to different sufferers, as anyone here will tell you who has lived through the 'psoriasis life', hassle at school, persecution at work, comments in public... and don't even get me started on relationship... the fear of having to be naked or be touched or have a girl run their fingers through your hair or stroke your body for the first time... well, the point is.. many here of the older generation will have been through all of this... People will talk about creams, they will talk about diets etc etc but I would just say this... If you are totally totally fed up with psoriasis the VERY BEST thing you can do (in my opinion) is book yourself a 4 week (minimum) holiday in the hottest place you can afford near the ocean and swim and sunbathe and swim and sunbathe every single day all day in the salty water. I have never met anyone in 35 years who has not had this clear up their psoriasis in every area. It is the only known safe cure (temporary) to man. For me it was incredible to see my body (was 80% covered) clear for the first time since I was 7 years old and gave me the strength to carry on. It is like wiping the slate clean and giving you a few months at least of normal life every year. Then when you come back it just gets more and more easy to manage. I am convinced that this procedure has enabled me to live a comparatively psoriasis free life for the the last 25 years. I have some in my scalp, elbows and knees and some in my ears, which is manageable, but I urge you to try this. At the very least it will make your psoriasis manageable and give you much needed pain relief. Good luck and like many other people will say here, it gets better with time. All the best.

  • People can be so rude, I feel your…

    Posted by Sarlowe on 14th April 2013 05:04PM

    People can be so rude, I feel your the past even my friends have said they don't want to get too close to me in case the catch my psoriasis! I think the worst moment for me was a night out with friends when I was about 19. I had a huge flare up but really wanted to wear my new halter neck dress and geared myself up, convinced myself I had the confidence to wear it. no one seemed to notice until I went to the ladies where a very rude girl started laughing at me in front of everyone, asking my if I had acne?! I've never been so embarrassed in my life. You learn to live with it, there's good days and bad days, don't let it stop you living your life and doing the things you love. I got married last year in a strapless dress ( it's amazing what a bit of camouflage make up, a veil and photoshop can do).

  • I am one of the unlucky 30% of…

    Posted by Sallym1969 on 13th May 2013 10:05PM

    I am one of the unlucky 30% of people with psoryasus and it developed into psoriatic arthritis. I have ear canal psoriasis and keep getting middle ear problems and I get cyst like things behind my wars when I have too much wax or infection. Looking for a resolution right now. Make sure you live a healthy life etc as life gets a whole lot worse if it develops to psoriatic arthritis. A year ago I couldn't barely walk and now live on many drugs to keep the arthritis and psoriasis under control.

  • My message meant to say one of unlucky…

    Posted by Sallym1969 on 13th May 2013 10:05PM

    My message meant to say one of unlucky people with psoriasis not psorysus. Lol

  • you are beautiful, so dont let the ignorance…

    Posted by cindy on 14th May 2013 07:05PM

    you are beautiful, so dont let the ignorance of others upset you, you will toughen up to all the looks that ignorant people give you, its hard i know iv had P for 22 years but you will learn to accept that others will look....after all you are so beauitful that they just cant help but look at you;) keep strong your doing well.

  • i'm 18 years old and I've had psoriasis…

    Posted by ZK94 on 3rd June 2013 09:06PM

    i'm 18 years old and I've had psoriasis since i was 11 and believe me when I say it's bad. Just starting secondary school and wasnt allowed to wear long sleeves to PE was horrible because everyone used to stare. my black uniform used to be filled with dandruff. nearly everyone used to comment. even my brother used to make fun of it calling me a snow machine but as the years went by, I realised these people have no right making us feel bad not even your own family. they have no idea what it is like to sit in a place and be constantly thinking whether someone could see a bit of your arm or neck. we're unfortunate that we have psoriasis and it is bad but i'm glad its not life-threatening. i used to hate going to school or going out with my friends because I had to be fully covered up but now i wish I didn't. psoriasis is part of who we are and it can't be cured but can be managed. not everyone is as closed minded as some and a few share similar experiences but through other illnesses such as eczema. go out, have fun and show others that psoriasis is not controlling you but you are controlling the psoriasis.

    Hope this helps. xx

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