sore throats


sore throats

Posted by ltalbot91 on 17th July 2012 08:07PM

Hi all,

Just new to this. Just wondering does anyone else find there skin fares up after getting a sore throat?

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  • Hi, I see that you posted your comment…

    Posted by Imholden on 30th October 2012 11:10PM


    I see that you posted your comment a while back now but I have been suffering from psoriasis for about 13 years now and for me this is certainly true. I have received puva treatment recently and a sore throat stopped this from working half way through. Once the sore throat was gone, treatment started to work again. My symptoms increase if I have a sore throat - my skin seems more tender and the patches get redder than usual. It itches more and sometimes seems dryer than usual. I found that moisturising more regularly (which was already a lot!) during the time I had a sore throat helped ease the itching and reduce the redness a little. I heard from a skin specialist that there may be a link between sore throats and flare ups but all you can do is take extra care not to catch anything I guess. Stepsils with anti septic tend to clear a sore throat quickly for me and did not seem to make my skin any worse. You'll probably find that different things work for different people though- it's an interesting condition in this way. Take good care of yourself, especially now it's getting colder at this time of year. : )

  • I replaced honey for sugar in my tea…

    Posted by peetheoff on 18th February 2013 03:02AM

    I replaced honey for sugar in my tea and I've (touch wood) never had a sore throat for years now!

    N.B. believe it or not honey and tea tastes alot better without milk!

  • This is the trigger for me. Have had…

    Posted by lesleypat on 28th February 2013 11:02PM

    This is the trigger for me. Have had guttate since I was 17 and dread a sore throat as I know the flare up is inevitable.

  • Hi ltalbot91, Ive suffered from p since I…

    Posted by adamntan on 29th April 2013 10:04PM

    Hi ltalbot91,

    Ive suffered from p since I was 11 but only on my knees elbows and shins (plaque psoriasis). Anyway, in the last 4 weeks it has spread over my entire body apart from my face and I now know that I have acute guttate psoriasis which is a different form all together. Everyone has asked me if Im stressed which is assumed to be the trigger but the fact of the matter is I have probably been less stressed than I have been in a long time! I could not work out why this had happened. Went to the doctors today and been referred to a specialist due to the severity of the outbreak. It was not until I researched 'guttate psoriasis' tonight that I found this site and discovered that it has more than likely been caused by a throat infection I had 4 weeks ago! Apparently I should have taken antibiotics which would have either stopped the outbreak or lessened the severity but my doctor (although writing me a prescription) advised me not to take them unless I has a fever so I didnt. To be fair it wasnt her fault as she is not an expert in this area but I think links should be made to p sufferers rather than throw light treatment or emoilients at the problem. If I had taken the antibiotics I might not be in the situation i am in now.

  • Hi, im 18 and have had psoriasis for…

    Posted by zoecutherz on 8th October 2013 08:10PM

    Hi, im 18 and have had psoriasis for 10 years, i suffered a lot from sore throats and chest infections and whenever i went to the GP'S they would always say as soon as you get a sore throat to go to the doctors for antibiotics. This is because apparently a sore throat flares up the psoriasis on the skin and makes it worse so to get antibiotics to clear the sore throat up as soon as you get it! hope it helps

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