Summer clothing


Summer clothing

Posted by Cooks on 22nd July 2012 10:07AM

Now we finally have some sun it is has highlighted the problem i have with ageing clothes. I only wear long sleeved tops to cover my arms and I find it really hard to find long sleeved t shirts which are suitable for every day use, all i can find evening/ smart. does anyone know a website whereby i can wear the same t shirts as everyone else but long sleeved!

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  • Summer clothes have always been my problem too.…

    Posted by AliB on 28th July 2012 08:07PM

    Summer clothes have always been my problem too. Like you, I find that many tops look too formal or too heavy for everyday use in the summer. And I know exactly what you mean by aging clothes - I've actually kept a favourite long-sleeved raw silk top, even though I can't possibly wear it again, because sometime I'm going to get someone to copy it!

    I'm assuming you're a woman. I've got better at shopping for summer clothes over the many years I've had psoriasis - to the extent that I'm looking for suitably cool-looking clothes all through the year, just buying things I like (rarely) whenever I can. Usually Spring and Autumn are the best times. You said a website, and I can't help with that exactly, although searching for long-sleeved tops on ebay or can be pretty good.

    You talked about t-shirts. often sell good quality long-sleeved t-shirts in nice colours, sometimes in very lightweight cotton. Shops I've found good for pretty everyday tops to wear with jeans or leggings are Kaliko (this year), and Phase Eight, Zara and H&M. I have a favourite grey lace full length sleeve top from Kaliko that is currently still in stock online at Debenhams as I write this. As it is fitted and lace it looks normal! Actually Debehams seem to have quite a lot of long sleeved tops right now. Other than that I also wear 3/4 length sleeves sometimes (usually from the above shops) using a cover-up stick on the wrists. Genuinely I believe other people notice less than you do.

    Don't worry, it'll soon be cooler when we can wear whatever really suits us with opaque tights! :-)

  • Land's End is an american company that has…

    Posted by saintsfan on 2nd August 2012 03:08PM

    Land's End is an american company that has plenty of long sleeved cotton tops. Think their end of season sale is still on. Stating the obvious they have a uk site which you may need to search for as land's end will bring up the main u.s. one.

    I know it's hard and tempting to cover up all the time but it would be great to read you've found the confidence to wear something with shorter sleeves. People do notice, but, hey, I'm as likely to look at someone else because of their hair, clothes, general appearance, etc etc. We all do, we humans are animals and all animals look at each other for one reason or another!

  • Hi there, I recently started a blog on…

    Posted by The Flaky Fashionista on 3rd August 2012 03:08PM

    Hi there,

    I recently started a blog on this very subject - fashion for sufferers of psoriasis. I'm sick of reading that we should wear loose, baggy, cotton clothing so my blog is based on my 14 years experience of trying to dress stylishly despite my disorder. It's also quite light-hearted, as the subject of psoriasis can be so depressing sometimes! Have a look and see what you think. Promise I'll post about long sleeved shirts soon!

  • Just wanted to let you know that I've…

    Posted by The Flaky Fashionista on 7th August 2012 02:08PM

    Just wanted to let you know that I've put up a post dealing with full length and 3/4 length sleeved tops, complete with pics and details of where to buy them. I hope this helps you. The post is called 'A Call to Arms' and you can find it on

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