Posted by mell on 26th February 2012 09:02PM

Thinking of dying my hair but am a bit worried that it may make my scalp psoriasis worse. Can anyone recommend any particular hair dyes?

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  • hi mell, i have suffered with scalp psoriasis…

    Posted by mystery246 on 9th March 2012 11:03PM

    hi mell,

    i have suffered with scalp psoriasis pretty bad for a lengthy period of time and dye my hair on a regular basis, i'd say every month or so. I don't have any recommendations per say on a brand and that but i tend to use the foam ones as they are less messy and avoid dripping onto other parts of the skin like the neck or the face. since converting from normal hair dyes and foam i don't have much itching or damage to my scalp, this can only be manageable through the creams that are prescribed.

    i hope this information is helpful


  • I don't think it matters about hair dye…

    Posted by mand82 on 2nd April 2012 02:04PM

    I don't think it matters about hair dye aslong as you use the shampoo/cream on the head the day before and a few hours after dying your hair, it should help with the itching etc :)

  • Have dyed hair for 20 years (at hairdressers)…

    Posted by sjones on 4th April 2012 01:04PM

    Have dyed hair for 20 years (at hairdressers) and never had any problems at all. Have tried loads of preparations over years but find that washing with T gel shampoo every other day to be most effective ( must get the right one for psoriasis ) Its rather expensive unfortunatly and I don't find the generic coal tar shampoos available on perscription to be as good and pleasant to use.

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    Posted by bennybeau on 27th April 2012 01:04PM

    im interested to know if anyone has tried the injection that they say they can do at home for you, anyone ??

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    Posted by sandra on 11th May 2012 08:05PM


    I was hoping that someone could help. I have had psoriasis most of my life, in a variety of places but the worst has always been on my scalp. i am currently undergoing UV treatment and taking acitretin which ...is interesting but not miraculous.

    My question relates to nits. My young daughter has brought them home. I am in depair. as a single parent I can not check my own hair so assume that I have them when she does. However, the treatment for nits stings and dries out my scalp even more. I would prefer not to use them but do not know what else to try.

    has anyone got any tips?

  • Re: nits, I think there is a non…

    Posted by michaelswims on 11th May 2012 11:05PM

    Re: nits, I think there is a non chemical "wand" that works for this problem. Not sure how it works but sure we got it from Boots

  • Hi Mel, I too have never had any…

    Posted by AliB on 28th July 2012 07:07PM

    Hi Mel,

    I too have never had any problems with dying my hair. In fact, if anything it has made the scalp psoriasis a bit better I think. I use L'Oreal (the cream form).

    About shampoos, for about the last 10 years I've been using Alphosyl almost daily. It's always sold in large Boots stores but never in any of the places you expect to find it! And the staff won't know either...! It's 5% coal tar which I think is higher than T-gel, and it smells nice for a medicated shampoo. Since using Alphosyl, which I started after getting it under control with a coal tar ointment, I hardly ever have to use ointments at night now (maybe once or twice a year, compared to once or twice a week!). Hope it works for other people!

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    Posted by kellyd6 on 6th December 2012 01:12PM

    Hi everyone, i would like to share with all some info on what i have found has helped by psoriasis, i have had plaque psoriasis since i was 18 and am now 32.... i have had many treatments over the years, coal tar treatments, dithranol, vitamin a and d treatmants, steriods, uvb and uva light treatmants tec - not many things worked, some improved it but only for a while esp thing like steroids as many of you will know psoriasis often gets worse in the winter when the air is more dry and improves in the summer- thats my experience anyway but most of the time its been moderate to severe. Winter returns and im feeling down and my skin began to flare up again and i began to get really down. Eventually i decided i either get down or try and find another way of helping myself so i decided to look toward the foods i was eating and a natural approach to moisturisers rather than covering my body in chemicles that only work for a short term, thi is what i did and 6 weeks in for the first time since i was 18 im starting to see a HUGE difference to the point that others are also beginning to notice how much better my skin is.......i looked on the internet and reasearched what effect food can have on psoriasis this is what i came up with.....

    I stopped drinking cows milk or any cows milk containing products altogether and switched to soya milk fortified with calcium so that i was still having a calcium intake

    I stopped eating red meat altogether- fish, chicken and turkey only

    I stopped eating anything white ie white bread, white rice- anything with white refined sugar in it and switched to brown/whole meal- i still do not eat alot of bread because im trialing to see if gluten has an affect on psoriasis

    Im eating as much green veg as i can

    I do not eat nightshade vegetables/fruit as they have a flammatory affect on psoriasis- these include tomatoes, peppers, aubergines

    I do not eat ready meals that are packed full of sugars, preservatives etc- everything i eat is either fresh or frozen from fresh

    OLIVE OIL is a big one for me, i use it for everything but most importantly in the bath - ive found it better than any prescription emollient plus its less chemicles on the body- i also use it neat as a moisturiser everyday and anything i cook that needs to be lightly fried i use olive oil, even spread that i would use on bread is an olive oil based spread- its amazing stuff

    I use surcare washing powder, softener and washing up liquid as it contains no dye or perfumes and washes just aswell as any other powder ive used

    I still drink alcohol but on a weekend only

    I take evening primrose containing vitamin e everyday

    I eat nothing sugary ie sweets etc

    ....all of this may seem difficult to do but it actually really is not and when you can see a different each day ive found giving up certain things is a small price to pay for having much better skin, its 6 weeks on and now my skin is id say 70% better its taking time as everything does but im shocked massivel;y at how much better my skin now is, i wanted to share this to all of you who suffer as i did and hope it will also help you, try it but dont be impatient as it does take time, im also going to ask my doctor to do some food intolerance tests on me to check if these thing ive cut out im axctually intolerant to, i did this out of desperation as nothing was working to control my psoriasis, please if anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask me, Kelly xx

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    Posted by TLCH on 1st March 2013 05:03PM

    I have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (all I need as I have MS too!), I have a baker's cyst at the back of my knee and have been told that my arthritis meds will help with this eventually. I am in a lot of pain due to the cyst and wondered if anyone else had this problem and any solutions or ideas to help with the pain.

  • Kellyd6, I agree with you totally re your…

    Posted by shrimp on 22nd April 2013 07:04AM

    Kellyd6, I agree with you totally re your diet. I went to Canada recently and saw a neurapath. She told me to cut out all meats apart from chicken, turket and fish (preferably organic chicken) no wheat, no dairy (apart from in tea/coffee) lots of vegetables and fruit, no citrus fruit though as this has an adverse effect on the skin, plenty of water to rid of toxins from the body. wash in a vegetable oil soap (easily available and cheap) not to use emolientt creams as this blocks the pores, the pores need to breath, fish oil tablets and Vit d tablets. No alcohol or cigarettes. So far my newly diagnosed P is fading from my legs and also from my arms. I still have it on my torso but am starting light treatment next week which she assured me along with the diet should see the back of this horrible disease....One thing she did say though regarding peppers, is that tomatoes,peppers and garlic is the best nutritious meal you can have as they are all whole foods and full of goodnes. Onions particularly are very good for you but do not buy any foods from china, they tend to grow their crops on land fill sites which have batteries from the world buried beneath I wish you all well and a complete recovery from P one day

  • You can get hairdyes with no amorneia (duno…

    Posted by milly28 on 22nd April 2013 08:04AM

    You can get hairdyes with no amorneia (duno if that's how u spell it)in them , I use all sorts bleach, never makes mine worse just stings wen I apply it,

  • hi kellyd i did the same diet for…

    Posted by charleychick on 17th August 2013 05:08PM

    hi kellyd i did the same diet for 7 weeks and felt amazing for it but i do not believe diet is related to psoriasis at all!! its your immune system thats gone wrong and no diets gonna fix that my skin stayed same regardless of diet, olive oils amazing tho its all i use for my skin :)

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    Posted by tasha1987 on 24th November 2013 09:11PM

    i have had psoriasis for 22 years and over the years it has flared up and cleared up again loads of times over the years, now my workplace is trying to use my psoriasis to say that i am stressed and need a risk assessment as i am currently going through a flare up. it has took me a long time for me not to let my psoriasis affect my life and i don't know how to stop work from using my condition

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