UV Light Box


UV Light Box

Posted by cajunpop on 23rd February 2012 05:02PM

I would like to purchase a used UV light box i.e. Handisol ll. If anyone has one or knows of anyone having one I would like to communicate with them.

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  • I have had Psoriasis for 30 years, My…

    Posted by warren1 on 8th October 2012 01:10PM

    I have had Psoriasis for 30 years, My trusk is covered with thin but widespread psoriasis.I am currently getting uvb tlo1 light treatment. I have has 9 sessions and am up to 1 minute. My trunk is showing signs of improvement,it is pinking off, but my legs are dry, flakey with plaque psoriasis.
    I was thinking of using salicylic acid to remove the scales followed by treating the harder patches with Dithranol paste to assist the benifets of the light treatment.
    Has anyone else tried this or do you have any other ideas
    how to address this. TA War

  • try going wheat and gluten free for two…

    Posted by itworkedforme on 16th December 2012 07:12PM

    try going wheat and gluten free for two weeks and see if your psoriasis clears,i did and mines gone after having psoriasis for over40 years

  • i wish the wheat n gluten free worked…

    Posted by charleychick on 3rd August 2013 10:08PM

    i wish the wheat n gluten free worked for me bit it didnt do anything!!! SUCKS and still suffering but feel more like a fool for believing it wud work for me should have known i wouldnt be that lucky!! this psoriasis is going no where fast, wish i was a snake id shed it all and stick my fingers up at it as i slithered away :) lol

  • Hi there, I have got a full body…

    Posted by vstable on 14th August 2013 02:08PM

    Hi there,
    I have got a full body UV light box - it is a Dr. Honle Dermalight 800 - in very good condition, but I am no longer using it and I am looking for a good home. They don't make the 800 anymore but these are the dimensions - complete with goggles, timers etc. It is big, and heavy and would need a careful collection from north London. Once installed though, it does glide around easily and can be stored upright.
    800 x 800 x 1900 mm
    Weight of the unit:
    approx. 45 kg
    Power supply:
    230V / 50Hz / 20VA

    Here is a bit more blurb about it...

    The irradiation unit of the dermalight® 800 is continuously slewable by
    180° and enables therapy in standing, lying and sitting position. But
    also local treatment, f. ex. in the neck area, can be carried out without
    problems. The continuous height adjustment grants always the correct
    treatment distance.
    Exact dosage with the timer
    The treatment times can be dosed exactly with the separate electronic
    timer, which optimizes the therapy results. The unit is switched off automatically
    after having reached the adjusted therapy time. In case of interruptions
    the remaining time is stored.Thanks to the high UV-intensity, the
    treatment times are reduced, which reduces the formation of erythema
    and the cumulative dose.
    · Psoriasis
    · Vitiligo
    · Neurodermatitis

    Any offer will be considered (it cost over £ 1K a few years ago, but this will need professional packing/shipping - or at least three strong people, loads of bubble wrap and a van! The bulbs will still have years to go, but are replaceable when necessary.

  • UV Light box to a good home!!! Someone…

    Posted by vstable on 24th August 2013 11:08AM

    UV Light box to a good home!!! Someone must want it!
    See spec below and let me know if you're interested.

  • UV Light Box

    Posted by vstable on 8th September 2013 08:09AM

    Good home wanted for a home full length narrow band light box - please read the spec in the UVA Light Box thread - collect from North London.

  • Hi, I'm assuming you still have the light…

    Posted by Spencer1982 on 24th September 2013 09:09PM


    I'm assuming you still have the light box. Did you find it worked well on your skin?


  • Hi Spencer1982 - re the light box.... Yes,…

    Posted by vstable on 30th September 2013 07:09PM

    Hi Spencer1982 - re the light box....
    Yes, it did clear my skin for about a year, but I have had PUVA treatment twice before, at a hospital, about 20 sessions each, so there is a limit of how much narrowband light I can take, and my skin has now started reacting and coming up in small blisters. If you have never tried Narrowband light treatment, and your Consultant Dermatologist thinks it's a good idea - doing the treatment at home saves the schlepp to the hospital 2-3 times a week, which I just couldn't manage... but this machine is a big deal - it does take up room - the ceiling must be 9 feet high - it looks a bit like a full body upright sunlamp.
    I thought it was wonderful when I first got it, as it did clear the patches, and I didn't have to leave the house for 30 seconds worth of treatment (then you slowly build up). I have got all the instructions and specifications, as you have to be very very careful to build up slowly and not burn. Let me know if you want to come and see it, or I can send you some photographs.

  • Hi vstable, did you find a good home…

    Posted by flakes on 24th November 2013 12:11PM

    Hi vstable, did you find a good home to your UV light box?

  • Hello Flakes..... I still have the light box,…

    Posted by vstable on 14th January 2014 06:01PM

    Hello Flakes..... I still have the light box, looking for an good home.... you can email me at vstable@aol.com if you are seriously interested in it.

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