What creams WORK 4 you?


What creams WORK 4 you?

Posted by Paddyellis on 26th June 2012 04:06PM

I've had pso around 10 years. Behind ears, elbows, various size patches all over my body.

Top for immediate effect for me was Dermovate and what helped somewhat I'd say dithranol - but it just came back and maybe even worse!! I'd say over the years i liked them the most.
PUVA im too paranoid about and read sooo much on! I'm really pale anyway so wouldn't risk skin caner.

A new cram ive been using which i find amazing is from a skin brand called epionce? Im just seeing if anyone else is using it first. My derms never EVER mentioned it to me and id say its had the most effect.
i use the epionce , medical barrier cream. i actually first read about it online it was hard to get in the UK but i found a website that ships in europe now. i think they're uk based.

I seen major results in 4/5weeks. More so than with any other thing ive tried! Its defs worth a shot if anyones done with dermatologists and crap creams/remedys!!!!

i dont know if links show on here so where i get it froms called beauty - product - online (with dashes) . co . uk! they have an epionce section and there discount codes dont run out. Its not a lot but its some money off >> al46re

You have t do an online consultation for it but its quick and they're ionformation as you like!

Let me know your thoughts or anyone else thats used it how are you getting on?!

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  • Hey 'paddyellis', I've been using Epionce for some…

    Posted by janetsmith on 27th June 2012 10:06PM

    Hey 'paddyellis', I've been using Epionce for some years now. I'm glad your seeing results.

    I've had pso for 35 years and can confirm it is one of the most effective creams I have used. I combine the Epionce barrier cream with an Epionce lytic cleaner. They're a great combo but you have to make sure you get the right ones. They are a remarkable skincare brand as they're used to repair and maintan. Unlike the long list of pso treatments that tend to fade off or some times (in my case) cause irritation more so.

    Good luck with your new cream and enjoy!

  • hi paddyelis how long before you see results…

    Posted by janice on 6th July 2012 10:07AM

    hi paddyelis
    how long before you see results form epione ?

  • I've used loads of the years, the list…

    Posted by Bucko on 21st April 2013 08:04PM

    I've used loads of the years, the list is endless! The one I currently use is Doverbet. This seems to be the one that has worked the best for me! It has in the past cleared up my psoriasis when i use it correctly each night. What i do is cover the affected areas with cling film so that the cream doesnt rub off on clothes or sheets and stays on the affected area. This has shown excellent results.

    If your skin clears up, and I hope it does, you will probably be left with red areas of skin once it has become flat. I use a product called derma blend which acts as a cover up over the red areas and works like a dream! Give it a go!

  • The only one I've found that is even…

    Posted by macfab52 on 22nd April 2013 09:04AM

    The only one I've found that is even remotely effective in over 30 years of treatments is Dovobet. I've found that if I use it constantly I seem to build up an immunity to it so I've learned to "save up" months without the treatment and use it once or twice per year. Foe example I've just started using it now, and it's working, so that I can go swimming in the summer. I won't use it again this year all going well.

  • Yep I am on Dovobet for nearly 15…

    Posted by rachelp on 5th September 2013 08:09PM

    Yep I am on Dovobet for nearly 15 years and a man at the conference today said you're only meant to use it for 6 weeks_ hilarious, as my doctor prescribes it every month and as for moisturisation, anything from the body shop body butter range for extra dry skin :)

  • Dactacort cream

    Posted by Mo on 18th September 2013 08:09PM

    Dactacort cream

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