Dealing with psoriasis.


Dealing with psoriasis.

Posted by Allie-Crick on 7th March 2012 10:03PM

Hey everyone,

I'm 18 and have had mild psoriasis all my life, I'm now in my first year of university and after a difficult time (dealing with home-sickness, the break up with my boyfriend, and then being diagnosed with depression) I developed a really bad case of guttate p. I'm covered head to foot in it and have had to invest in bare minerals in order to cover my face and neck.

After everything that has happened I feel like such a freak, and now to top it all I feel horrendously ugly. I'm on here because I'd like to hear other other people's experiences of p and how you're all coping. Basically I'd like to know I'm not the only one.. and if anyone has had guttate p then how long it took to go away, if at all! I'm terrified this will be forever..

Please feel free to comment..

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  • Hi Allie, Firstly, it sounds like things are…

    Posted by Mia_Sohma on 12th March 2012 10:03AM

    Hi Allie,

    Firstly, it sounds like things are not going well for you at the moment. I can totally relate to the psychology of your situation. Many times in the past I have felt horrendously ugly because of my skin.
    I wish I could give you one poignant piece of advice or some word of wisdom that could make things better for you, but unfortunately - as you no doubt know - life is not like that.

    I have a few patches of guttate, but it has never really been a bother and I primarily suffer from plaque. At the moment my condition is being managed but it's always in the back of my mind that even if I continue to use my current creams, I could still get a flare up and end up as sore and itchy and dry as I was during my last flare up (which was about 3-4 weeks ago).

    This is going to stink of insincerity and is going to seem like a platitude but the best advice I feel I can give you is you MUST STAY POSITIVE!!

    When you look at the condition of your skin, when you take the time to assess how it has changed, try not to think of the long-term goal you are aiming for. If you think in terms of today compared with yesterday and plan for tomorrow with a view to improving on today, you will find that it will cause you less stress (which - let's face it - we all know can exacerbate the problem).

    Psoriasis is a chronic, long-term condition and thinking of all the possible outcomes that could happen years down the line will do nothing but further cause to terrify you.
    Take each day as it comes and remember that whilst it sometimes feels like this will be forever; whilst you sometimes feel like you'll never get rid of it, if you're dilligent in your treatment and you follow the advice of your doctors you should tell yourself that you're doing everything you can, and even if one treatment does not seem to work they can try another until they find out what's right for you.

    Oh, and... again, this may come across as a platitude but if people think you're ugly because of your psoriasis, then they're too shallow to be worth bothering about anyway. I spent years hiding my body and trying to cover up my psoriasis out of a self-conscious fear that people thought it was hideous, but it was completely useless because I met the love of my life over the internet and whilst I'm sure he doesn't relish the prospect of seeing my dry flaky skin, I'm very lucky in that he doesn't care if it's there or not.

    So, I hope my post has helped you feel somewhat better... I've always scoffed at the power of positive thinking, but even if it does nothing else, at least it will make you feel less stressed out and worried all the time.

    I'll send you some of my own positive thoughts, and I wish for things to improve for you


  • Afternoon Allie Had a strange sense of deja-vu…

    Posted by saintsfan on 15th March 2012 12:03PM

    Afternoon Allie

    Had a strange sense of deja-vu reading your post. Could have used your very words, albeit a few decades ago now!

    First things first - you are not the only one - there are over one and a half million of us wonderful people in this country alone. Next time you're sitting in a lecture and your mind starts to wander, have a good look around. Who knows what is lurking under other people's clothes....

    In a word association game played by people reading this site, freak would probably be used frequently in answer to psoriasis. So you're not the only one there, either. But what constitues a freak - leader of a despotic regime? Yes. Young woman who has the misfortune to be afflicted by an as yet uncurable skin condition - no.

    It probably doesn't seem it but your post is acutally full of positive comments. You are bright in order to be at university. You are brave to live away from home at a young age. You are attractive ( in all meanings of the word) to have had a boyfriend.

    In just a few words what also comes across is that you're kind, caring and considerate. That will attract people to you. I'm guessing you have made some mates, in spite of feeling homesick. Stick with it and it will pass. You're going through massive upheaval at the moment in the way you live you're life and that takes time to settle. But it will.

    Tricky thing next. You worry the psoriasis will be forever. Given you have developed psoriasis at a young age, realistically, it probably will. That is until some boffin in a lab right now comes up with a cure. They're not great but there are plenty of treatments around. At least trying them can give you some sense of control. You have no choice about haviing psoriasis but you do have a choice about how to look after it. Or not, if that's your choice. There are no rules.

    There are no rules as to how you should react to other people's reactions to you, either. One thing I would say, though, is please don't fall in to the trap of constantly feeling as if you have to explain what it is on your skin. You would no more justify your height or the colour of your eyes, so why the condition of your skin? You know what it is; if other people don't it is your choice as to whether or not to tell them.

    You have enormous resources available to you to live a positivie life with psoriasis, the greatest of which is your intelligence. Read Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker, Cyrano de Bergerac. FInd your own witty replies to other's comments. They won't expect it. When displaying their ignorance they probably expect you to be embarrassed or remain mute. They don't expect you to answer back. Or smile. Or any other response which takes them off guard. Never forget, your opinions are as valid as theirs. More so when it comes to your own body.

    Your relationship with your body as a whole, and skin as a part, will be the longest you have in your life. Longer than any relatives, friends or partners. Your body is the only constant in your life. So why not look after it? If your best friend were unwell you would want to do everything you could to help and support them. So why not the same for your psoriasis? To keep it at its best it responds to gentleness and care. It is your skin, not other people's, so try to learn not to bother about what they have to say. (And that goes for these words too, if you don't agree with them!)

    You are made up of tens of thousands of genes. All of them gave you the obvious intelligence and sensitivity you possess. It only took a couple of them to give you psoriasis.
    Please don't allow a couple of wayward genes to determine how you value the rest of who you are. Too many people already love you for it to be otherwise. Try and step outside yourself and see the wonderful young woman they see.

  • Hi Allie, I can only say the same…

    Posted by Simon72 on 16th March 2012 03:03PM

    Hi Allie,

    I can only say the same as the others. It all sounds easy to do, stay positive and ignore those who can't see past the psoriasis. I have had the condition for ten years now and only once actually had anyway give a bad comment that I can remember. A lot of the feeling associated with the condition I found is in my head.

    I thought I would never meet a girl, no one would love me and I would be alone for the rest of my life. I actually met someone while I've had the condition and we're now happily married.

    I recently started a new blog about psoriasis and have found writing it down has helped me get it off my chest and also helped my family and friends understand exactly what I'm going through. It's just one way of dealing with it as sometimes the medication and treatments just aren't enough.

    I have got very close to depression and it is hard to pull yourself out of that dark place. All I can say is you're not alone and please find someone to talk to when it gets you down or, like me, write it down.

    If you wanted to read about how I cope with it, my blog is

    I hope your condition improves soon, keep fighting it. Remember, you have psoriasis, psoriasis does not have you.

  • Being here and reading your story is a…

    Posted by Caspar on 20th March 2012 06:03PM

    Being here and reading your story is a good way for me to cope. I just found this site today, and it's great to be able to share experiences with other people. I'm 47 and married, but completely understand how you feel about relationships and your recent experiences.

    I'm sorry to hear your story, and even if we both have this forever, we shouldn't let it stop us living.

    After all, beauty is more than skin deep.

    Yours in solidarity and support.

  • Dear everyone, dear Mia, Saintsfan, Simon and Caspar,…

    Posted by Allie-Crick on 24th March 2012 12:03PM

    Dear everyone, dear Mia, Saintsfan, Simon and Caspar,

    Thank you so much to all of you for your really wonderful replies. They all made me cry because they really touched my heart. I'm sorry about how soppy I'm getting but you're all such lovely people (and I'm a big romantic).

    Your strength and determination, not to mention your positivity (!) is an inspiration and I am now striving to be like you all. I'm also so happy for all of you that you've managed to find the love of your lives - I'm not ready to find my husband yet but fingers crossed there might be a nice boy for me somewhere.. -laughs-

    Trying to stay positive is a really brilliant thing, and since I've got used to my body, I no longer find myself hideous, seeing my mum's plain legs this morning there was a split second where I thought "hey, those look empty" before I realised my dotty legs aren't normal..but I smiled, because to me they are normal, that's who I am at the moment. I've been home on my holidays for a week now, and gradually my psoriasis is starting to fade - my face and neck are almost clear and my arms are very pale now. Which is amazing..although I'm expecting to have it for life. But being at home, being relaxed, being in the sun is such good treatment.

    Thank you all again so much - you probably will never know how much you all cheered me: you made me feel normal again. Hugs all round, and all in psoriasis together!

    I'd love to hear about your stories and would love to know that yours is manageable too! Thank you,

    Allie. x

  • i have had psoriasis for many years, i…

    Posted by elizabeth on 6th August 2012 02:08PM

    i have had psoriasis for many years, i recently started taking vitamin d & to my amazement my psoriasis has completely gone. touch wood !! : )

  • Hi I totally understand we're you are coming…

    Posted by Danielle88 on 5th March 2013 08:03AM

    Hi I totally understand we're you are coming from, I am 24 and also suffer with guttate psorisis this is my second flare up the last was when I was 21. I received UVB treatment the first time and thankfully it completely resolved. You are far from a freak I am also covered and this time unlike the first it has developed on my face :-/ thankfully iv been informed that guttate psorisis often resolves on its own. Try and think positive :)

  • do you feel bare minerals works. Benefit doesnt…

    Posted by stephyserya on 12th July 2013 10:07PM

    do you feel bare minerals works. Benefit doesnt and its depressing me so much xx

  • Hi Allie, Reading your post made my cry…

    Posted by Meggie0115 on 28th January 2014 11:01AM

    Hi Allie,

    Reading your post made my cry and think of myself, I was diagnosed with guttate and plaque psoriasis just two weeks ago but I think I've had it for about 6 months. I'm really new to dealing with everything and I'm only 21.

    In the past couple of years I've had a lot happen in my life which I think may be cause and stress of the flare up, I'm hoping it may go when maybe I've dealt with all that's happened and had some good treatment.

    Seeing that other people are dealing with the same thing has helped me so much, as I thought I was the other only one. I'd never heard of psoriasis until I was diagnosed and now doing all the research I can to find out about my skin.

    I hope you know that you are a beautiful person and your psoriasis does not define who you are, that's what I keep telling myself (although most of the time I find it difficult).

    Hope this message finds you happy and healthy

    Meg x

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