immune suppresant drugs


immune suppresant drugs

Posted by bigmac on 17th April 2012 04:04PM

have suffered from psoriasis for 50+ yrs. limited relief from creams/ointments/UVB treatment over time but condition always returns. currently experiencing extremely bad bout all over body. hospital consultant today asking me to consider ciclosporin/acitretin/methotrexate treatment. have fact sheets but anyone any personal experience? appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

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  • I'm currently on ciclosporin and its done wonders…

    Posted by jenbyer on 19th April 2012 12:04AM

    I'm currently on ciclosporin and its done wonders for me, a couple weeks back it was so bad i was in hospital so they decided to put me back on ciclosporin (I was on a break from it). Minimal side effects...slight headaches and tingley fingers but it disappears within a couple weeks. It's also a fast acting drug so works quickly, however when you come off of it, it will come back just as quick (it did with me anyway). I also tried Methotrexate but it didnt agree with me and gave me chest pains...everyone reacts differently though! I hope i've helped in some way

    Jen :)

  • my partner whose 28 has bad psiorasis and…

    Posted by bennybeau on 27th April 2012 01:04PM

    my partner whose 28 has bad psiorasis and he has tried methotrexate which worked very well for a few years, but then it gradually came back hes on ciclosporin at the moment but that doesnt seem to be working at all to be honest we are in the middle of trying to get hold of the consultatnt to try and find something else

  • Hello, I to have suffered most of my…

    Posted by kazfag on 29th April 2012 05:04PM

    Hello, I to have suffered most of my life with psoriasis and have tried all the treatment you can think and I decided to take the next step after all uvb treatments had no effect.
    I am currently on methotrexate 2.5 mg tablets (I don't like needles), and have been taking it now for 5 weeks. I started by taking small doses and it is increased over time and i have had bloodtests every week to make sure it is not doing any damage

  • I am in the same position as yourself…

    Posted by kazfag on 29th April 2012 06:04PM

    I am in the same position as yourself and have tried all treatments and still no joy. I too was asked by the hospital consultant to consider the above treatments and I decided I am sick of all these treatments so went for the strongest Methotrexate in tablet form.
    I started on a small dose and weekly blood tests to make sure the treatment was not effecting my insides, I do suffer some side effects like daily nausea with no sickness and slight loss of appetite and bad travel sickness (which I have never had before) and my dose will be increased as of next week. I bet your asking why continue with the treatment if its unpleasant, well my answer is my psoriasis for the first time is disappearing slowly and the itching is calming down and because my blood test results were good I now have them monthly not weekly. I have had this condition since I was 12 years old and for the first time ever I took my 4 year old daughter swimming and did not care what people reactions were. This treatment is working for me so far and I hope I will be free of this curse in the near future. I hope this post was helpful to you and I wish you luck on your journey. kind regards Karina

  • hi i,m jeni ive had this condition for…

    Posted by pogibear on 10th May 2012 10:05PM

    hi i,m jeni ive had this condition for over 20yrs,and i also have ,psoritic artheritis in all my joints,and recently had a bad flare up all over my body ,including scalp where i have bald patches ,my finger nails pitted and lifting off,i re started back on methotrexate ,i feel sick a day or to after taking it ,but then you take frolic acid tabs to combat that and it goes .i would say yes ,my psoriasis as started to clear already,and they keep regular checks on your bloods .x

  • Hi I have had p. for 26 years…

    Posted by KAZZIE430 on 18th February 2013 09:02PM

    Hi I have had p. for 26 years I have had all the creams..cold tar baths.. uvb treatmets.. that didnt really help at aIl. The only time my skin cleared was wheh I was pregnant! I was then put on Acitretin for six months which did help keep the scaling at bay and then the consultant recommended that I try Methotrexate this cleared my skin initially but it seemed to stop working after approx nine months so I was then given Cyclosporin which was amazing it completely cleared my skin. I recently developed bad headaches and have now been told to stop taking it. After just Three weeks I am covered in plaques which are really sore. I am now waiting for my next appt in March to discuss getting the new injections that are quite new. I would recommend the Cyclosporin although the regular blood tests needed are a pain if you work. Although they should not be given for more than about a year due to the side effects...good luck with whatever you decide. I wish I had a magic potion as this latest flare up is really making me miserable as it seems to have returned with a vegence!

  • Just a quick one about Ciclosporin. Glad people…

    Posted by saintsfan on 19th March 2013 12:03PM

    Just a quick one about Ciclosporin.
    Glad people have found it helpful but worried about the length of time some drs seem to be prescribing it for. It really is meant for very short term use, no more than a few months. If anyone's been on it longer they really should be talking to their dr about alternatives. It is NOT a long term use drug.

  • I was prescribed methotrexate 15 years ago, was…

    Posted by sillycat on 14th May 2013 07:05PM

    I was prescribed methotrexate 15 years ago, was on 5mg a week and coped OK. I have had a gap of 10 years without it but back on it now as had a major flare up of pso & arthritis and I'm now on 15mg a week, tolerating it's only three weeks into treatment so not really starting to see the effects but have every faith it will work again for me, however, I have been told I'll be on it indefinately from now on.
    The only downside I have is the cocktail of meds I'm on which necessitates me having one day a week where I have a total of 19 tablets to take over the course of the day! Good job I can't jump up & down!

  • I have resistant plaque psoriasis and all kinds…

    Posted by Amandine on 14th December 2013 11:12PM

    I have resistant plaque psoriasis and all kinds of complications including nail psoriasis and accelerated psoriatic arthritis. I am finally seeing the Dermatologist on friday, when I asked my doctor about immuno-suppressants she said 'its not that simple', so what should I ask the Dermatologist for?

  • I have suffered from the disease for 7…

    Posted by mollymac on 7th January 2014 07:01PM

    I have suffered from the disease for 7 years ( not a long time compared to others I know) an it has changed my life in so many ways. I had to give up work because of the severity and have go e through tubes after tubes of steroid creams. I think I have tried most of the natural products at great expense because we always hope that this cream may be the one to help. But it but it never does, a it affects is the bank balance.
    Over the summer the severity of my psoriasis seemed to jump off the Richter scale. I couldn't wear shoes, sandals, socks and could only wear loose linen clothing. Thankfully it was a cracking summer. The specialist gave me the info on Methotrexate and I did loads of research on the pro's and con's of this drug. I woke up the next morning and knew exactly what to do as at that point I had no quality of life at all, I was house bound. My rational that the worst case scenario even leukaemia developed I then hopefully wouldn't developed dementia Tec further down the line.
    I know this is a bit garbled but I wanted to try and say it is up to you, nobody can make the right decision for you. I have no regrets whatsoever of starting taking Methotrexate and I am being closely monitored by all health professionals including the pharmacist. I have been taking it for 6 - 7 weeks and am now having a week off from a blood test. My damaged skin is still very apparent but there is little to no scaliness anywhere on my body. Even my scalp has improved. However I am experiencing some breathlessness but I will quite happily put up with that.
    For me the benefits heavily out weighed the negatives of this drug.

  • I use NeriumAd for my ears and scalp.…

    Posted by kristenbarone on 8th January 2014 03:01AM

    I use NeriumAd for my ears and scalp. My grandpa uses it for his which is all over his body. The stuff is amazing and natural. I have tried all the chemicals from the doctors and they dont cut it. NeriumAd helps not only with the itching but also makes the flakiness go away. While there are numerous other benefits this is the one I am most concerned with. You must try it there is a lot of science behind the product and many people post before and after photos on the net. I use it nightly.

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