Nail Psoriasis Or Nail Infection?


Nail Psoriasis Or Nail Infection?

Posted by Kells on 5th July 2012 05:07PM

I have scalp psoraisis wich is mild but recently the top of my nails have turned a bit yellow and also thick and underneath they have some crumbliness. Not sure if its an infection or psoriasis of the nail, thinking to go see gp and get tests done to make sure?

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  • Let me know how your results go, I…

    Posted by everbluerabbit on 6th July 2012 08:07PM

    Let me know how your results go, I have always assumed its psoriasis as I have scalp psoriasis also, the nail psoriasis? comes and go's though but is exactly how you describe it.

  • Hi, I also have psoriasis under my nails…

    Posted by goodyuk on 27th August 2012 09:08AM

    Hi, I also have psoriasis under my nails and have had for several years. Recently though it is getting worse. Your nails tend to go very pitted and you get thickening and a yellow crumbly build up of scales under the nail. Mine sometimes get so bad the pressure feels like when your nail has been trapped and the nail wants to come off! I find sometimes opening cans difficult and have to use a fork to pull the the ring pull forward as the pressure is so painful. Above all it is pretty unsightly too, which can be embarrassing. Sadly, both my GP and various dermatologists at the hospital say there are no treatments for it as the creams etc do not penetrate the nails. I find simply "gouging" the excess out helps to releave the pressure, but this can also be sore

  • Hi all, This post may seem a bit…

    Posted by carinabalbo on 12th February 2013 02:02PM

    Hi all,
    This post may seem a bit off-topic, but please do not report it as abuse. I am conducting at the moment, which might be of any help to you in the long term. First of all, let me introduce myself.
    My name is Carina Balbo and I am the Local Project Manager (in the UK) of the MAPI INSTITUTE, based in Lyons, France. At the moment, I need to conduct cognitive interviews to 5 patients based in the UK who suffer from NAIL or PLAQUE PSORIASIS, and by reading some of your posts I thought I found the right people. The aim of these interviews is initially to discuss the wording of self-administered questionnaires used to detect patients with this disease. They were designed in the USA and adapted to UK English. We now have to "pilot" them to make sure they can be understood by all patients. I assure you everything is SERIOUS, and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.
    To those of you who are reading this post, and would like to collaborate in this project, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and/or a reference letter:
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Instead of using either scissors or usual nail…

    Posted by saintsfan on 19th March 2013 12:03PM

    Instead of using either scissors or usual nail files I would recommend investing in a glass nail file. Bigger chemists or department stores will have them or order from the internet from manicure specialists like Leighton Denny or OPI.

    I started using one last year and wouldn't go back. They are the most delicate thing you can use to file nails. They don't snag or pull and actually seal the nail as they file. At their worst my nails crumble as I use it but it isn't painful. I still have psoriasis on my nails but it's nowhere near as bad as before. Also don't have any white marks on nails now as apparently that's a sign of damage to the nail bed which I'm sure is down to the glass file being so gentle.

    I also use a nail oil over the whole nail. It keeps the cuticle smooth and nail well moisturised.

    Appreciate these aren't treatments and won't get rid of it but they've made a massive difference in reducing pain levels and improving general state of my nails.

  • My nails are hideous! I usually hide the…

    Posted by sillycat on 14th May 2013 07:05PM

    My nails are hideous! I usually hide the fingernails with varnish, a pale colour so as not to draw too much attention to them. Toe nails...well, manky to say the least but I hate my feet being touched! I am having to conceed defeat and see a chiropodist next week. Both my dermatologist & rheumatologist have confirmed it is nail psoriasis, I just thought I was going mouldy

  • I have nail psoriasis and it is very…

    Posted by ninimf on 8th January 2014 03:01PM

    I have nail psoriasis and it is very distressing. Has anyone used false nails like Gel or Acrylic to cover the discolouration and did it make their nails worse?

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