Turmeric & Ginger


Turmeric & Ginger

Posted by Ramrod on 23rd September 2012 08:09PM

Three years ago I suddenly developed a swollen feeling in my right thumb which quickly spread to my knees and wrists. Then I also developed parasthesia (tingling) in my fingers.
I didn't know what it was and it became so bad that I couldn't bend my knees past 90ยบ.
GP?blood tests?nothing found
Rheumatologist?more blood tests+nerve conduction studies?nothing found?informed that I was suffering from Fibromyalgia (in spite of it not really fitting my symptoms)
It was puzzling because I felt that my joints were inflamed but all blood tests for inflammation were negative.
Went back to GP?at a loss?more blood tests?nothing found?no treatment.
Stress/worry?lost 1 stone in weight.
Anyhow, after a few months of changing my diet to practically vegan (to see if I could change my symptoms) I noticed that if I ate raw ginger (grated into my food) my joint symptoms disappeared within minutes.
I researched ginger and inflammation on medline and found articles like these:

This lead me to research further and I found that turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties:
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21120596 :showing that turmeric is even more effective than ginger in decreasing inflammation
More turmeric research:

Round that time I developed an itchy, scaly patch of skin on my left antero-lateral calf and then more patches like it on my calves and shins. It swiftly progressed to my nether regions and my face.
I quickly realised that the patches were psoriasis and that the joint symptoms were psoriatic arthritis (which is usually not demonstrated on blood tests, as in my case)
I asked my GP to refer me to a different Rheumatologist (as the first one obviously couldn't diagnose his way out of a paper bag) and had my diagnosis confirmed.
2nd Rheumatologist?steroids+steroid cream
Me?(thinks) no way am I taking steroids unless I have to?going to 'take' turmeric and ginger; see if it helps.
Fast forward two years on & I have been on a daily intake of juiced ginger & turmeric and have no psoriasis and hardly any arthritic joint symptoms.
I strongly urge you all to give my 'diet' a try.
It is working for me

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  • Ramrod-I'm interested to he's how you juice these…

    Posted by Jan39S on 18th October 2012 07:10PM

    Ramrod-I'm interested to he's how you juice these two ingredients. Sounds pretty unpalatable -do you blend with anything else?

  • Hello Ramrod. A work colleague suggested circumin to…

    Posted by TimA on 14th November 2012 09:11AM

    Hello Ramrod.
    A work colleague suggested circumin to me a couple of months ago, but I didn't really give it much thought. When I joined this site last week I saw your posting and so I did some more searches on the internet. I have now been taking turmeric for about a week - so too early to tell if it is having an effect.
    I have half a teaspoon of ground turmeric on my buttered toast each morning. I'll let you know if it works.

    I'm not going to eat raw ginger unless I get desperate! ;-)

  • Hi Ramrod, I use a lot of turmeric…

    Posted by Herakles on 20th November 2012 02:11AM

    Hi Ramrod, I use a lot of turmeric & ginger, mainly though in veg curries (3 times/week). Whilst I don't think it impacts much on my psoriasis, it's made the world of difference to joint movement and pain, like I rarely need to take painkillers for that.

    Apparently the theory is that anything like turmeric, ginger, chillies, peppers etc get the blood flowing and that's got to be good thing. I also eat loads of fish which also seems to help a lot.

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