Genital psoriasis - any advice?

Posted Wed 17 Mar 2021 02.12 by cath13

Hi everyone, reading these posts, i feel a tad better that its not just me🙄 feel so awful with it all, its causing me depression. Nothing seems to work, i use the steroid creams then as soon as i stop it comes back abd has caused a fisure and skin tag on my bum, that cant be renoved because of the skin been thin cos of the steroids. Its so frustrating isnt it? Ive been doinv everythinv holistically for 5 years, and 100% believe thar it stems from an infection/ bacteria and diet has a huge part to play. I came off stelara a year ago and mine is 10x worse than when i went on it. I find been in the sun clears it so have started taking vitamin d tablets. Anyone else looked into diet change? I find dairy and alcohol make it so much worse, im looking at gluten free / veggie/ vegan diets to see of it makes a difference .thanks x

Posted Mon 13 Sep 2021 21.39 by Fee

Horrid isn’t it! I have psoriasis on one side of my vagina running around my body to the side of my anus, why just one side, I don’t know, but I’m grateful. I can recommend silk boxers worn inside out for your underwear, because even silk knickers are stitched with man made threads, annoyingly and I too find seams in general itchy and knitted silk can be washed at 60 degrees. I use Silkis as a treatment with epaderm as a moisturiser, Good luck!

Posted Mon 13 Sep 2021 23.05 by Happychappy

Your 100% right its horrid. After 2 years of perianal flexural psoriasis, I conclude there's no exact science to treatment. It's pure luck and chance. Flares come and go. This works then that works. Gotta keep the faith and keep positive. Take care.

Posted Tue 14 Sep 2021 17.58 by Manc lad

Hello, yes any psoriasis patches on the soft tissue areas of my crotch are really uncomfortable and can be distressing (which in itself doesn't help). I sympathise with anyone who is also impacted by this condition. However, I've been dealing with small psoriatic patches on my penis for 30+ years which breakout sporadically. I successfully treat these patches sparingly with Silkis ointment and strangely this is the only area of my body that Silkis will work on. All other patches on the rest of my body I keep under control with Dovobet (which soaks into the skin and is less greasy than Silkis). The patches on my scalp and nails I control with use of DiproSalic liquid. I hope this helps - again my sympathies to others suffering with this awful condition.

Posted Thu 16 Sep 2021 16.55 by dijonmillette

Have a say in developing a Clinical Trial for genital psoriasis: I am a Dermatology Registrar at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital working with 3 other Dermatology Registrars/Clinical fellows across the country with the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network (DCTN). We are planning to create a new project relating to genital psoriasis as we realise this is an important area for patients struggling with psoriasis and there is not much information available in the research literature. We would like to gather some patient opinions on what is important for you and what research questions you would want answered around genital psoriasis. For example, we would be interested to hear your opinions on the following: How do patients feel about applying a treatment? E.g.: how messy are they? Do you experience any side effects? Can you tolerate them? Do they work/help? Which is the best treatment? Are topicals or tablet therapies better for genital psoriasis? What impact does genital psoriasis have on your mental wellbeing, quality of life, intimacy and relationships? Have you tried any psychological interventions that have helped to improve your psoriasis? Any other issues you feel are important or not addressed with your genital psoriasis. If you would be happy to discuss your opinions on these questions, or on any other aspects relating to flexural or inverse psoriasis, please get in contact with Dr Priya Patel at

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