strange deep cuts/cracks just appear on my digits?!?

Posted Sat 3 Apr 2021 14.43 by sm1ng (edited Sat 3 Apr 2021 14.44 by sm1ng)

Hi fellow sufferers, Please see this link for shots of these cracks that are appearing every week or so - warning - they're a bit unpleasant: . They're very deep and take a good 2 weeks to heal. They seem related to my psoriasis as the edges of them are psoriatic in appearance. Anyone know of this condition? Anyone else have it? Any help appreciated! Cheers, Peter FTR I suspect I have psoriatic arthritis and I've had x-rays done but they didn't show arthritis. I've yet to have my bloods done.

Posted Sun 4 Apr 2021 06.07 by RickMuir
Struggling with erythrodermic psoriasis

Hi, To me it looks like your fingers were initially chapped, possibly due to being wet and then drying out in cold air? Then the psoriasis appeared secondarily as a result of the Köbner phenomenon. Just my 2 cents worth. Take care

Posted Mon 5 Apr 2021 05.52 by Northerner21 (edited Mon 5 Apr 2021 05.55 by Northerner21)

I never got them on my fingers like that but I've had them on my knees, legs and the palms of my hands. All I know it was unpleasant and hurt a lot. There's no quick fix for symptoms like this, you've just got to find the right treatment. For me it was high doses of vitamin d.

Posted Mon 5 Apr 2021 19.12 by sm1ng

Related to your Psoriasis?

Posted Mon 5 Apr 2021 20.12 by jordanalexander123 (edited Mon 5 Apr 2021 20.15 by jordanalexander123)

Hi Peter I have been suffering with almost identical hands including splits in palms and fingers including the same on my feet also. They say for me it’s palmoplantar psoriasis So sorry to hear you are suffering like this. It effects many daily tasks and is very debilitating as you use your hands and feet all the time. Then being hard to heal as your always closing and opening hands and walking etc hobbling around the house (I had buttoned my shirt the other day before work and had to change she to bleeding all down it doing my buttons. At the moment I feel like nothing works many steroids but betnovate and dermovate work for around 3 weeks then it feels like a new cycle splits appear and so do red patches and scales then I have to put the steroids down for a bit then restart them to work (for a little while) I have just started my PUVA light therapy with little wait due to the severity of my hands and feet first 20 second session done which seems so little but have to persevere with the next six weeks and see how it improves I sincerely hope you find something that helps Hydromol greasy ointment in thick layers wirh cotton gloves and same with feet and cetraben cream are good too but with me I feel like I use this thick bacon grease enoilant and they are dry in 30 mins. Exorex may also work too from Amazon contains a little coal tar. Hope all gets better for you have also thought about getting one of these Good luck Jordan

Posted Mon 5 Apr 2021 23.19 by sm1ng

Hey @jordanalexander123, thanks so much for your information. I hope to see a dermatologist soon - I’ve been putting it off because, lucky me, I have much more serious other health issues that take priority usually. That’s not to say that you’re not suffering - yours sounds much, much worse than mine. Mine is a minor annoyance. It bleeds a bit, hurts a bit, no big deal. Yours sounds terrible, I’m sorry it is so bad for you. I’ve found that lotions and creams have basically no effect and that a loosely applied plaster/band-aid to stop it cracking all the time is not a bad option. Obviously that’s treating the symptoms though. Wearing gloves in this cold, dry climate seems to help as any time I forget my gloves, I end up with new splits/cracks. Anyway, thanks again, I looked into palmoplantar psoriasis and it does seem to fit the bill. All the best, Pete

Posted Wed 7 Apr 2021 11.41 by Northerner21

Hi Pete, Yes mine was related to psoriasis too. I had very severe psoriasis in multiple forms, plaque, palmoplantar like Jordan above which affects the hands and feet, I had pustular psoriasis on back of my hands which is like blisters what pop, scalp psoriasis, arthritis and eythrodermia. I'd get these deep lacerations just about all over, I think its when you lose flexibility in your skin, worse places a had them was on palm of hands, legs and feet. They looked so deep like they were down to the flesh in places and very painful. As I said I was vitamin d3 deficient so after about 3.5 years of suffering a started on strong vitamin d3 supplements (10,000iu) which I had to buy online from a company called nu u nutrition. £15 for 365 capsules. I also started taking a multivitamin+ cod liver oil (tescos brand) once a day back in early September 2020. I'm 99% back to normal now, no more joint pains,scalp recovered, hair grown back, no more cuts or anything. All I have now is a bit of dryness on forehead and behind my ears, and a bit on my chest which I use vaseline on. My life is pretty much back to normal now after 3.5 years of hell with most of it spent bedbound . All the best mate

Posted Wed 7 Apr 2021 12.00 by Northerner21

Just another thing regarding your other health problems Pete, that is your business so I won't ask but I'd like to also add that probably before my psoriasis started I had other health scares thinking I was getting colon cancer or something because I was passing blood, this carried on into my psoriasis but I never spoke to a doctor about it. I know that's wrong but I'm the type of person who needs taking away on a stretcher before I seek help, I dodge hospitals and doctors if I can. Also during my psoriasis (the eythrodermic part which is horrific) I was sure I had major heart problems. My blood pressure was through the roof, gut and right ankle ballooned with swelling, resting heartrate was 125bpm. I couldn't hoover up without needing to sit down or I felt like I'd pass out. All of that has gone now too, my heartrate is 68bpm now resting and I feel fit as a fiddle, have done since January. I'm in my mid 30's. Psoriasis I an autoimmune disorder like many serious illnesses such as chrones and MS, diabetes etc... the list is massive. Vitamin D3 plays a huge part in normal immune system functionality, just about every cell in the body is affected by vitamin d. Some people worry about Vitamin d toxicity when taking high doses, magnesium and vitamin k2 and zinc supplements help with this by taking calcium out of the blood so it doesn't build up in your arteries and sending it to the bones where it belongs. I currently feel 15 years younger, its been an absolute miracle for me. I had sleeping problems and depression too which has gone now. Good luck mate

Posted Wed 7 Apr 2021 18.48 by RickMuir
Struggling with erythrodermic psoriasis

I agree, when your skin dries out (such as after a bath/shower), you're basically doomed to cracking if it loses its suppleness unless you apply an ointment/emollient. For me that's 50/50 paraffin. It's like marmite - I love and hate the stuff. Love it for relieving the itching and giving ability to move joints freely. Hate it for messing up my sheets/towels and clothes and having to launder them so much. But I'm not really left with a choice. It's high maintenance being erythrodermic guys.

Posted Wed 7 Apr 2021 22.01 by sm1ng

Hey @Northerner21, thanks for all the info. I’m very open about my conditions - I have severe chronic OCD, PTSD, depression and abdominal/back pain. Been on every anti-depressant under the sun and then some (dTMS, ECT, Ketamine) - no dice. Still severely ill. This psoriasis is kind of the cherry on the top of the shit-cake. However… now you’ve mentioned d3 @ 10,000iu, I will double my intake (I have 5,000 softgels - I can’t order the nu u stuff as I’m an expat living in the States) and see how that goes. It’s almost certainly going to do nothing for my other conditions - nothing ever does. That’s objectively speaking - really, nothing ever works. At least this might help with these random deep cracks on my digits. One less thing to suffer I guess -_- Pete

Posted Wed 7 Apr 2021 22.05 by sm1ng

PS @Northerner21 I’m glad you’re through your personal hell 👍🏻 It sounds like a miracle cure, doesn’t it lol? Amazing that just 1 vitamin out of whack can do that to a body. Actually my wife got really depressed out of the blue and it turned out she has hashimoto’s (sp.) - basically she takes a thyroid med and she’s back to 100%. Amazing. I’ve had every blood test under the sun and everything always is 100% OK. The docs don’t understand why I’m so upset that they found nothing wrong. They see it as a positive whereas in reality it’s just another dead end for me and thus I remain in a really bad way. Later.

Posted Thu 8 Apr 2021 11.07 by RickMuir
Struggling with erythrodermic psoriasis

Do you live in a northern state Pete? Just wondering how much sunlight exposure you get.

1 Posted Sat 10 Apr 2021 05.13 by Blondini

Hi everyone I'm Chris from New Zealand and I have had psoriasis on my parm and fingers for the last 8 months from overuse of sanitizer been an essential worker. I have read your posts and now taking vitamin D3 and using fatty Cream. The cream the doctor gave me honestly doesn't do bugger all . So thank you all

Posted Sat 10 Apr 2021 09.04 by RickMuir
Struggling with erythrodermic psoriasis

Hi Chris, With it being on your hands due to overuse of sanitizer then I suspect it's eczema and not psoriasis mate. Maybe try gloves instead of sanitizer? Take care

Posted Sat 10 Apr 2021 10.48 by Blondini

I thought that too but have seen two doctors and my wife has suffered psoriasis for the last 30 years and all come to the same conclusion.

Posted Mon 19 Apr 2021 20.50 by Pladecalvo

Does anyone suffer from severe bruising but only on the arms. The slighted touch of anything on my arms and I get a huge purple bruise. Even putting my shirt on can cause bruises on my arms if I'm not careful..

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