Psoriasis revolution

Posted Mon 11 Oct 2021 11.01 by Recidivist

Have suffered from mild psoriasis for decades, usually on my hands. Had a major flare up recently but, luckily, it coincided with a holiday in the sun and the combination of sun and seawater has cleared it up almost completely. Given the severity of the attack, which had not responded to my usual steroid gel treatment, I decided to do some investigation and came across an American website called Psoriasis Revolution which described, at great length, how great their “system” was and offered an e-book for c. £40. Am normally quite suspicious of such sites but didn’t feel that £40 was much to try it out. As it happens, my card has been declined for reasons unknown and I can’t check out why since I’m still away on holiday. Has anyone else tried this system and does it work? Please advise before I try it out…..!

Posted Mon 11 Oct 2021 11.24 by Moggy1

This has very poor reviews. Everyone is different but sadly there are always people who try to make money out of other peoples misery.

Posted Mon 11 Oct 2021 12.33 by OhNo_NotAgain?

I am something of a cynic generally. But I simply put no trust in a website offering to cure psoriasis, cure cellulite, and make you look 5 years younger - all requiring you to sign-up for their books or courses. The US is awash with such sites and YouTube channels. I suspect that their laws on advertising and medical claims are a lot more lax than the UK's. I would suggest that you keep a close eye on your credit/debit card account for a while, just in case.

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