COVID Vaccine Flare Up

Posted Sun 12 Jun 2022 17.02 by Sandie

My GP and dermatology consultant have told me that my first EVER flare-up in November 21 was almost certainly caused by the Pfizer vaccine. I’m not knocking the vaccine - just having a pity party. After 65 years of only knees and elbows (now aged 74) I now have P all over my body and on my scalp. Has this happened to anyone else?

Posted Tue 14 Jun 2022 17.26 by Kiziahgrade

I am experiencing a similar situation, near enough 20 years of only having psoriasis on my elbows and knees I am now absolutely covered in guttate all over my body after having the Pfizer vaccine earlier on this year. I even asked me doctors if they could give me a medical excemption from the vaccine as I was concerned of this happening but was pressured by my ( old boss ) to get the vaccine due to being a health care worker. Did not get any feed back from doctors after several requests, so had to get it or risk loosing my job. And even just yesterday at a consultation with a specialist for my psoriasis the GP disregarded my concerns that there could be a link. Should be discussed more openly. As I am convinced it has changed my immune response to viral infections after being fine for so many years, my guttate flare up started from having tonsillitis which is a common thing I know but I've had many of these types of viruses over the years and never suffered like this apart from when i first developed psoriasis when I was very young.

Posted Wed 15 Jun 2022 10.43 by Sandie

Hi Kiziahgrade - sorry to hear you are struggling and much worse than I am by the sound of it. I was covered with P as a child, and at 10 years old I had 6 weeks in hospital with intensive coal tar and phototherapy. Reduced finally to knees and elbows for 60 years. Nothing ever caused it to change till Pfizer booster - it flared within 3 days! With Enstilar and Exorex daily I am finally seeing improvement. Waiting for hospital to contact re: light therapy assessment. I caught COVID over the weekend so the pity party is really rocking now!

Posted Wed 15 Jun 2022 13.42 by Kiziahgrade

I have been using enstillar for years now and I really does help keep it a bay. But it's not being effective during this flare up and difficult to cover all the spots at the moment so waiting now for my phototherapy to start, have just been prescribed exorex and dovobet gel which I'm crossing my fingers helps as I'm due to start working in a hospital and feel very anxious about it with p on my arms elbows and hands, I'm hopping some time at the coast will help too. glad to here you have had results in past, my mum was hospitalized with it when she was a child aswell. Sounded awful for her luckily mine went when I first had full body guttate at 13 , and just stayed on my elbows and knees. I'm 31 now and very surprised to have at attack like this.

Posted Wed 15 Jun 2022 15.25 by Sandie

Interesting that you are in health care. 3 hospitals refused to take me for nurse training because of my elbows were ‘unsightly’ for patients to see. Luckily times changed and I became a nurse in the end - a mature student! Hope the sun and sea help you and the phototherapy finally clears it up. My doctors have said I must not have Pfizer vaccine again but I’m hoping none of us ever need to go down that route again.

Posted Wed 22 Jun 2022 17.25 by dogsisu

Anyone have hard research on Pfizer vaccine and flare ups. Definite increase in patches and flares ups since 3rd vaccine... and seems to be getting worse with time.

Posted Fri 24 Jun 2022 18.39 by amandacl

I'm experiencing the worst flare up for many years after 3 vaccinations. My GP says this is not linked to vaccines but nothing else in my life has changed. I'm sorry to hear all your stories but it's a relief to know it's not just me. It frustrates me so much that many GP's seem to disregard psoriasis as a serious condition to live with . Like many of you I've been hospitalised for spells so I would think that makes it serious. But yet again the attitude seems to be bad luck, nothing to do with vaccinations. No more vaccinations for me.

Posted Fri 24 Jun 2022 19.58 by dogsisu

Thank you amandact.

Posted Sat 25 Jun 2022 01.34 by Mary1968

amandacl Don't know which vaccinations you are specifically referring to But flares ARE linked to the Covid vaccination After much argument - doctor and dermatologist have just confirmed it to me

Posted Sat 25 Jun 2022 13.39 by Sandie (edited Wed 29 Jun 2022 17.02 by Sandie)

My dermatologist stressed if I DO have another vaccine it must not be Pfizer. Sadly I can’t see me taking the risk of another flare up. I’m not knocking the vaccines in any way - for me it’s just too risky now. I’m just getting over COVID … the irony!

Posted Fri 1 Jul 2022 03.13 by Mandy

I have not had any covid vaccines as I researched my psoriasis condition and possible links to the vaccine, people with psoriasis have reactive immune systems already so having the vaccine can make our immune system go haywire, I have had covid last year and I felt no worse than if I had a cold, I’m glad I haven’t had any vaccines but I have had family members and friends question my decision, all I can say is that they have no idea what having psoriasis is like, especially as there is NO cure and is usually a life long condition, or how it effects your mental health as well as your body, I know I made the right decision for me, even if some feel this was selfish!!

Posted Fri 1 Jul 2022 10.05 by Sandie

Mandy, it was, still is, your decision to make and you felt the risk of not having it was worth it. I’m glad your covid event was nothing more serious. Hand on heart I can’t say I would have made a different decision had I known this might happen. Flare-up wise - I think I’d rather live ‘with it’ than be dead without it! I had no reaction at all with either of my Astra vaccines - it was the Pfizer that did for me!!

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