Our Aims

The Psoriasis Association has three main aims.....

  1. To provide information, advice and support to those whose lives are affected by psoriasis.
  2. To raise awareness about psoriasis.
  3. To promote and fund research into the causes, nature and care of psoriasis and to publish and disseminate the results of that research.

Supporting people with psoriasis -  we run a helpline service for people who need information, advice and support and we have a comprehensive range of information materials available, some of which can be viewed in the About Psoriasis section.

Our information comprises of a range of printed literature, such as leaflets and factsheets, and our quarterly membership publication, Pso. 

We understand that psoriasis can occur at any point in the lifespan, and can also impact on the lives of friends and families of people with the condition.  For this reason we have specially tailored information for children with psoriasis, PsoKids, our CD-ROM for those between 5 and 10 years of age, and a Parents’ Guide if your child has been diagnosed with the condition. PsoTeen (www.psoteen.org.uk) is our sister website for teenagers and young people with psoriasis – it is packed with hints and tips regarding living with psoriasis at this important time of life, and gives opportunity to talk to others experiencing similar life events.  

We hope, too, that you also find this website very informative  - it is packed with information on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, both in written form and as audio podcasts, and there is opportunity for you to discuss your condition with others in the Connect forum.

Raise awareness of psoriasis - we run an annual Awareness Week from the 1st-8th November and we raise awareness of psoriasis at events, meetings and exhibitions attended by our members, the general public, healthcare professionals and politicians. 

We provide leaflets and posters to hospitals, clinics and surgeries, and regularly speak at conferences to healthcare professionals on issues that really matter to patients. 

We are a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin and Cross Party Group on Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis in order to ensure the voice of the psoriasis patient is heard in Parliament and the Scottish Parliament.   

Fund research into psoriasis
We manage an annual research programme which awards grants to high quality research projects. From when the Psoriasis Association was founded in 1968, over £5 million has been awarded in research grants and to support PhD Studentships. 

For further information on our research programme, please visit the Research Section

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Our Team

Our Team

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