Hair dye

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 9.27pm by Samsaint

Hi has anyone put hair dye on their scalp with psoriasis? My hair dresser is in maternity leave and don't want to go to another hairdresser

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 9.40pm by cathieanne

Hi....yes I did last week and I'm sorry! My scalp is flaking more than ever and it feels really tight and tender. X

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 9.47pm by Samsaint

Did it sting when it was on and was it a permenant or semi permanent x

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 10.15pm by cathieanne

It was permanent....did sting a little thought it would hurt more than it did......on the plus side at least I don't have roots anymore 😀x

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 10.18pm by Samsaint

Haha I'm just scared that it will sting and my hair will fall out 😕 Don't know if that would happen x

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 10.22pm by cathieanne

I'm certain your hair wont fall out.....before i did mine I thought if it stings I'll just wash it off. It will be fine....good luck x

Posted Thu 13 Apr 2017 10.57am by Ellisjay

A dark hair dye shouldn't irritate too much, but bleach might! My psoriasis isn't sensitive, I've had it for 13 years and have coloured my hair no problem x

Posted Sat 15 Apr 2017 9.43pm by madina_jade

I bleached my hair then put dye on top, it really stung however done no extra damage! the bleach stung, the normal hair dye didn't, I dye my hair regularly (once a month) and it's absolutely fine :)

Posted Sun 16 Apr 2017 8.56am by Mary

I've used semi permanent colours both at the hairdressers and at home. No stinging in fact if anything the cold dye on my scalp made my skin feel better. Good luck.

Posted Wed 26 Apr 2017 12.40pm by Metarie1985
Beauty standard ignorer, unapologetic P sufferer for 10 years, determined to stay positive!

I've used Garnier Olia permanent on bad scalp P and found it was pretty painless - it was a red dye but it definitely is lighter than my natural colour so there must be a lightening agent in there somewhere, yet no burn!

I think the thing to do is actually apply it when the scales are quite thick, if you try and remove them first you risk having open scraps on your scalp and that'll sting!


Posted Wed 26 Apr 2017 3.51pm by orangepeel

I take parecetomol before dying my hair (but never with any open wounds) and its usually OK

Posted Tue 3 Jul 2018 10.43am by Zacine (edited Tue 3 Jul 2018 10.47am by Zacine)
I'm a mother of 3, I enjoy computer games and development applications

Psoriasis can easily be mistaken for dandruff when your scalp is affected. Assuming it's the more common type of psoriasis where the skin looks red and the thickened skin starts cracking, it's the same as what I had (unfortunately I am affected all over). I'll tell you what I have done and I hope it will help.

I used to have it on my scalp - but not anymore. This is the shampoo I used: Click

The good news is it hasn't come back on my scalp since. But that could just be me. This shampoo worked for me, though it doesn't have a nice smell.

Nowadays, I only have it on my forehead (under my fringe) and over my ribs, stomach and a tiny bit at the sides of my back. I use E45 cream/lotion you can get from Wilkinsons, Superdrug and probably Boots too (if you're in the UK - I don't know american stores).

I did go to a dermatologist once and I got all these creams and ointments. They were effective, but they made my skin and hair really greasy so I found other options. The only name I can remember from the stuff from the dermatologist is Dobovet, which the ointment that goes on your body. But even though it shouldn't be applied under the hair (would be impractical anyway as it is super super thick and greasy-like), it would be the wrong strength for the scalp. I'm afraid I can't remember the name for the scalp application I had as I no longer have these medications (but to let you know, the shampoo and the scalp applicator were not used at the same time, so I know the shampoo itself worked. The dermatologist just wanted to be thorough as my psoriasis was springing up everywhere during my exams).We also have a Sparks Color Kit [url=][/url] which you can buy at wal-greens or hancock fabrics, sometimes also at walmart. It is an old product originally designed for dealing with the chapped underparts of milk cows, and my grandma has used it all her life on herself as a general ointment (she is 83) and so have i (im 29). It is a thick yellow paste that is part lanolin, part petrolium, and 1 chemical and comes in a green tin.

Posted Sat 1 Dec 2018 11.59am by OhNo_NotAgain?

I recently bought Regenpure shampoo from (10 days ago).

Posted Wed 2 Jan 2019 2.59pm by Becky90

I have psoriasis on my scalp and usually dye my hair red. I found an amazing hair dye in Holland and barret. It's more expensive then usual hair dyes but didn't hurt at all and the colour is amazing. It is permanent and the colour has lasted really well

Posted Thu 10 Jan 2019 3.55pm by Welshsha

I normally take a hayfever tablet b4 applying hair dye.

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