Apply for a Research Grant

The Psoriasis Association will consider applications that have clear relevance to its aim 'to promote and fund research into the causes, nature and care of psoriasis and to publish and disseminate the results of that research'. Our 2022 grant call received 9 PhD studentship applications of which 2 were awarded, giving a success rate of 22%.

Research Grant Call 2023

Underpinning all of the Psoriasis Association’s work is a steadfast commitment to funding research and disseminating the results of that research. We launched our PhD Studentship grant in 2007 and have been proud to continue our support of early career psoriasis researchers since then. We are currently supporting 14 PhD studentships at their various stages.

While our commitment to funding research remains as high as ever, for one year only the Board of Trustees have taken the decision to concentrate wholly on our existing commitments and to pause their investment into new additional PhD studentships. This means that our next PhD grant funding process will now start in September 2024. There will not be a call for new proposals in 2023.

We will be continuing our funding commitment to the exciting Biomarkers of Systemic Treatment Outcomes in Psoriasis (BSTOP) programme which will progress during 2023 and are looking to potentially fund some smaller research projects with one off grants next year.

Virtual Session on Applying:

In September 2022 we hosted a free interactive virtual session on Psoriasis Association PhD Studentship grant applications. The recording of the session can be found below along with FAQs from enquiries we have received:


All grants are assessed by the Medical and Research Committee of the Psoriasis Association, alongside external reviewers. There is a Conflicts of Interest policy in place to manage the Committee.

Please get in touch with the Psoriasis Association for any further information.