Fundraising ideas

There are many ways to fundraise for the Psoriasis Association. Any way that you raise funds and awareness will make a difference and help people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Ways To Fundraise

General Ideas

Charity Run

You might want to get involved in a local 10K, half-marathon or even set yourself the challenge of running a marathon. The Psoriasis Association is able to sponsor your spot at the London 10K or London Marathon subject to a minimum donation.

Set up a Facebook fundraiser to encourage your supporters to tune in and make donations.

Pub quiz

Head over to your local and host a quiz night and ask attendees for a donation to take part. You can also opt for virtual options and host your quiz via Zoom or Facebook Live.

Teach a class

Do you have a talent such as drawing, painting or playing an instrument? You could hone these skills and help others learn something new by making tutorial videos or livestreams and asking people to make a donation in return. Similarly, you could try setting up a yoga class or creating exercise tutorials.

Plan a games night or tournament

Organise a live games tournament with your friends through Xbox live or PlayStation Network and ask for donations from players. Why not try to get your team to the top of the league on Fifa or see who has the best skills on Call of Duty?

Other Ideas

Organise a fundraising event

For foodies

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You could arrange a themed meal night and ask all your friends to bring a dish based on the cuisine of a particular country and make a small donation to join in. Or if you are a cookery show fan, and would like to make it competitive, you might want to plan a ‘Come Dine With Me’ challenge, where you and your friends plan a dinner party each and then vote to choose whose night was the best! Other popular choices for foodie fundraising include tea and coffee mornings, yummy afternoon tea, a cheese and wine night, the list goes on!

A different kind of race

Not all races need to be physical. If you feel like you have the need for speed, but running or cycling aren’t what you have in mind then you could get your friends together for Go-kart racing or virtual car racing? Everyone who enters pays a small fee to go toward donating to the Psoriasis Association! Alternatively you may want to arrange a ‘marathon’ where people are sponsored to take on a challenge for a set amount of time, such as a knitting marathon.

Fancy dress

Kids love fancy dress days at school, and it is a fun way to raise money and raise awareness within your kids' school. There are many themes you can dress up around- one of our favourites is dress as your parent’s day!

Charity gig

If you are in a band, or you are musically inclined you could organise a charity gig to raise money! The money for tickets could go towards donations for the Psoriasis Association, and you would get to show off your musical talents. If you weren’t blessed with vocal ability, then turn it into a karaoke night and get everyone else to do the performing.

Celebrate a special occasion

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or even a wedding, why not ask friends and family to make a donation to the Psoriasis Association in lieu of gifts and cards?

For the fit and adventurous

Running and walking

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Do you run for fun or to keep fit? Are you looking for a new challenge? A sponsored run could be great fun. You may know of a local event that you could join, or go to

Find a Race and search for an event.

Maybe, you would like to walk? Not all of us are runners but many of us enjoy a walk in the countryside, especially in the summer months. There are lots of organised walking events. To find a walk in your area you can visit Ramble On. Increasingly, country parks and Forestry England sites set up marked walks for the public to follow and indicate the distance to be covered. Why not do a sponsored walk at your favourite park or forest, or what about a coastal walk?


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Cycling is an excellent way to get fit and to keep healthy with regular exercise. There are numerous cycle rides maintained by local councils in their parks, and cycle trails through the national

Forestry England sites.

If you would like to enter an organised cycling event near to you or around the UK check out UK Cycling Events or British Cycling.

Obstacle courses

Obstacle course events like Tough Mudder or The Wolf Run are held all over the UK, and involve racing through difficult terrain, such as woodland, water and mud to complete an obstacle course! So if you would like to test your physical strength, stamina, and determination, this might be the challenge for you!

Personal challenges

Sponsored silence

If you are known for being chatty then this would be a real challenge, why not ask for donations in return for 24hrs of you keeping quiet? This is a great one to try with kids as well, however maybe try an hour rather than the full 24!

Give Something Up

Are you known for your addiction to chocolate, or coffee, or maybe you are obsessed with social media? If so how much would your friends and family pay for the entertainment of watching you struggle to give something up for a few weeks or a month?

Donate for a Dare

Have you got a particular fear that you have been trying to get over? Maybe you are terrified of heights, or petrified of spiders and would like a little encouragement? We are sure that all of your friends would love to sponsor you to see you face your fears, whether it is a bungee jump, holding a tarantula, or even eating your most hated food!

Gaming Gameathon

If you spend time gaming anyway, then why not put your talents to good use and be sponsored to game for as long as possible? If you play online, then get your pals together and arrange an online marathon and see how long you can keep playing for!

If you still need more inspiration why not get in touch with us? Email us on or call 01604 251 620 to request your free fundraising pack.