Capturing Research Impact

Researchfish is an online platform that allows researchers and funders to collect and track the outputs from research projects that they have been involved in.

Why are we using Researchfish?

Researchfish allows us to see the outputs from our whole research portfolio and the wider picture of the impact of funding these research projects.

We are only able to fund research due to the generosity and fundraising efforts of our supporters. It is therefore important that we can demonstrate how their donations have been used, the progress of the research we fund, and the impact that this research has had. This is not just about the results from the vital research you conduct, but also the wider impact that you have – from engagement activities to influencing policy and practice - all of which could have an impact on their day to day lives.

In addition, it is important that we assess the outcomes of our research portfolio to ensure that our research strategy is allowing us to use our funding to have the biggest possible impact on psoriasis research. The data from Researchfish will allow us to do this.

How do I use Researchfish?

If you are a Psoriasis Association grant holder, please see below for details on how to use Researchfish. For further information, please contact Researchfish at or see the Researchfish support section below.

Researchfish invitations

If you are a Psoriasis Association grant holder you will receive an invitation email containing a URL. Whether you already have a Researchfish account or not, you will need to follow the link included in the email to allow the grant to be added to your account. After clicking the link, Researchfish will give you instructions on how to activate your account, or take you to the log in page if you already have an account.

Research outputs

You can add research outputs to your grant at any time during the year. Outputs can range from publications, further funding, and engagement activities, to Intellectual Property, influencing policy, and many more. Please read through the list of common outcomes on the award page and include the outcomes in the relevant sections. For further guidance on the outputs that can be recorded and the section in which they should be recorded, please click here. Also, please ensure that the outcomes are relevant to the specific award that you are in the process of updating.

If you hold a Psoriasis Association PhD Studentship, please also include any outputs that have resulted from the Psoriasis Association Outreach and Travel grants. These additional grants are only available to Psoriasis Association funded PhD students and so the outputs should be counted as part of the outputs from the main PhD Studentship.

Submission period

Whilst you can add research outputs to your grant(s) at any point in the year, the Researchfish report for each grant must be submitted to us within a set submission period. Please note that only the grant holder can submit the report. This can be done by clicking ‘Begin submission process’ on your awards page, checking that all the relevant outputs have been added and ticking the box to confirm this, agreeing to the terms and conditions, and then clicking ‘Submit to funder’ or ‘Proceed to next award’.

Can I add a team member or collaborator?

Yes, grant holders can add team members, such as PhD students, and collaborators who will then be able to add research outputs to the grant. Instructions to do this can be found here on the Researchfish website.

This function is especially useful if you are a grant holder of a PhD Studentship as the student may be able to expand on some of the research outputs, such as Engagement Activities or Next Destination. However, please note that team members and collaborators are not able to submit the Researchfish report on your behalf.

Researchfish support

For more information about using Researchfish, please see the Researchfish user guide. There is also a Help and Support section. In addition, you can contact Researchfish via Live Chat or Email.

Researchfish and Annual Reports

Annual reports are still required for all research grants funded by the Psoriasis Association. However, we will endeavour to ensure that there is no overlap between the two so that relevant information only has to be submitted to us once.

As impact from a research project can often take years to come to fruition, we will continue to ask for data to be submitted to Researchfish for at least two years after the grant has finished.