The Psoriasis Association was founded in 1968 by Dr. Dick Coles – a Consultant Dermatologist at Northampton General Hospital.

Our Head Office is still in Northampton, although our work is carried out throughout the UK.

Dr Coles was keen to enable people with psoriasis to come together to talk about the condition, and so from the initial group he set up in Northampton, a network of groups around the country were formed. The primary aim of the groups was to offer mutual support, but fundraising, initially for the Research fund, also took place.

Keen to carry on Dr. Coles' legacy of offering people with psoriasis somewhere for mutual support, we are pleased to offer our online forums where you are welcome to discuss all matters psoriasis related.

Since our foundation in 1968, we have awarded millions of pounds in research grants. For further information on projects that we have funded and current research programmes, please visit the Research section.  

Members can receive a copy of the Constitution (rules) by getting in touch with the Chief Executive on 01604 251 620 or by email at mail@psoriasis-association.org.uk