Guttate Psoriasis

Posted Sun 30 Apr 2017 10.35pm by Twinkles

Hi, I'm recently experienced my first outbreak of guttate psoriasis at the beginning of March after a throat infection. Initially prescribed Cetraben but went back to GP as it was spreading and itchy and prescribed Dovobet. GP has said I can only use it for 4 weeks. It helped but was still getting new spots everyday. There are spots on every part of my body. Nearly 2 months on, I've just had another throat infection last week and on antibiotics, really hoping I don't get another reaction. I've stopped the Dovobet as had used it for 4 weeks and I'm now getting more spots daily, getting redder and itchy again. Cetraben doesn't really help. Been referred to dermatologist but letter suggests at least a 26 week wait.

Anyway I wondered if anyone knew how long I should have a break from Dovobet before I go back on it as it did help but did not clear it completely?

Is there anything I can use in the meantime when I cant use Dovobet?

Also has anyone had a throat infection since first getting guttate and not had a flare up or is it inevitable?

Posted Mon 1 May 2017 3.09pm by SoniaR

I'm currently experiencing my fourth outbreak, all of them followed strep throat, I can only speak from personal experience but these four throat infections are the only ones I've had and obviously I've suffered with guttate psoriasis with each but like I say that's just personal experience ๐Ÿ˜”

Posted Mon 1 May 2017 8.13pm by Twinkles

Thanks for that Sonia its helpful to hear from others, I don't know anyone else who has it. I'm probably waiting for another outbreak then sadly, on top of the first outbreak. It happened a couple weeks after the throats infection started last time. Has anything helped you manage the outbreaks?

Posted Mon 1 May 2017 8.59pm by SoniaR

I've been very fortunate in the sense that my first outbreak was in 1999 following strep throat then I didn't have another one until 2007! Again following strep throat and then I had strep throat last year and again the guttate psoriasis followed a couple of weeks later, however this time has come a lot sooner from my last outbreak and it hadn't cleared up properly from the last outbreak so I seem to have it even worse this time round!! I'm very fortunate because I'm undergoing phototherapy at the moment but I've only had a couple of sessions so it's not done anything yet, I'm having uvb which I've had before and to be fare it didn't really do a great deal, so I then went on to have bath puva which was brilliant!! It didn't completely clear it but enough so I could show flesh again lol!! I've used betnovate the last couple of times which works for a while but then I think my skin gets used to it! I do feel your pain it's a horrible thing to have and you just want it to go but unfortunately there's no quick fix! I've also used dead Sea salt in my baths and coal tar, I didn't notice any significant improvement but I think you have to stick with it and I just get so disheartened!! I've found that aloe Vera gel really soothes the itching and I keep it in the fridge so it's extra soothing! I also have type 1 diabetes which is also an autoimmune disease so this probably doesn't help me ๐Ÿ˜  I hope you manage to get some help to control yours and hopefully get rid ๐Ÿ˜˜ the next time you get the hint of a soar throat ask your Dr to take a swab to confirm strep throat and then hopefully you'll be able to get on top of it before things get too bad again xx

Posted Tue 2 May 2017 9.17am by Jude_603

Hi, I am 35 and on my second outbreak of guttate both occurred after nasty throat infections. First one only occurred last year had never had any form of psoarisis to that point!

I have never been so frustrated. I found after two weeks in Corfu last year and then two months of phototherapy I was completely cleared.

The major battle is actual getting seen and referred. I paid privately to see a dermatologist the first time as my wait was going to be 20 weeks!!! This time I am really struggling as it is worse than last time. I have found doublebase gel really effective. I was wondering if anyone has had tonsillectomy to prevent the throat infections as I actually don't think I could go through this a third time?! Xxxxx

Posted Tue 2 May 2017 12.31pm by SoniaR

I wondered the same but apparently there's not enough evidence to prove it does make a difference because I believe you can get strep throat even without tonsils but please don't quote me on that it's just what I've read! I find this time of year particularly hard as it's starting to warm up and yet still walking round in full winter attire just to keep covered up!! I hope you get some help very soon x

Posted Tue 2 May 2017 8.06pm by Twinkles

It is such a long wait to see dermatologist! I think the GP thought it would be gone by the time I was seen but it's worse than ever although no sign of an appointment yet either. It sounds like phototherapy is needed although even that doesn't seem a quick process. I'm with you on the cover up. The long sleeves and trousers be harder in warm weather. I get self conscious as it's on the backs of my hands and my feet so even trying to cover up doesn't hide it all.

Good luck Sonia with the phototherapy hope it starts making a difference soon. Hope you get seen soon Jude xx

Posted Thu 4 May 2017 9.36pm by Abbiesilver89

Hiya, signed up to use this forum tonight as i really need advice or just to know im not on my own! Always had psorasis (very minor) however in the last 2 months i have been absolutley covered in what appears to be gullate psorasis. It is everywhere. Cannot believe how much and quick it has spread. I was ref to dermatologist but like many of you have said the wait is a long time, going private at the end of this month so i am hoping and praying that whatever they suggest works quick. As a young woman its completely knocked any confidence i had.. psorasis sucks:(

Posted Fri 5 May 2017 10pm by Twinkles

You most definitely are not on your own. It's understandable that it's affected your confidence especially if like me you don't feel you can wear short sleeve tops or skirts/dresses. I feel like everyone is staring at my hands and feet but people say they don't notice. Not sure if they just saying it or I'm just more aware of it and think everyone else is too. Hopefully private appointment will be a success and you get rid soon. Do you have to pay for all the treatment too if you go private or just to see dermatologist? I'd consider going private but read treatment may not be a quick fix sadly so worry it'll be really expensive. Good luck with appointment. Be good to know what treatment they recommend and if it works. Wish you well x

Posted Mon 8 May 2017 8.30pm by Abbiesilver89

Thanks for your reply.

I feel like the conditon is worsening day by day and with nt final university exams looming, i think thats making it a whole lot worse :(

I have to pay for the initial consultant appt. 180 pound, not sure on treatment but at this private hospital NHS patients can visits i just want to start the ball rolling.

Cant stop scratching everywhere and its all bleeding:/ aahhhh

. Anyone who has had treatment- are you scarred from the psorasis at all?


Posted Mon 8 May 2017 9.21pm by SoniaR

Aw bless you lovely, I'm really itchy this time round and it drives me crazy ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I wouldn't say I've scarred from past bouts but the pigments in my skin have been a slightly different colour - where I've had light treatment and I've tanned as the psoriasis goes the patches are paler than the rest of my skin in some areas but that's with guttate psoriasis which is obviously very wide spread and more spotty than plaque psoriasis! I guess it's different for fdifferent people ๐Ÿ˜• I'm currently having uvb light treatment and just feel so fed up at the moment because I'm sure it's still coming out but I know I'm lucky to be receiving this treatment and I just have to be patient! I hope you can get the help you need soon xx

Posted Thu 11 May 2017 2.53pm by RR2691x

My first 2 outbursts came after a throat infection where I was given light treatme t. Third outburst came from no where and was given methotrexate which cleared it, but came back not long after.

4th outburst came from no whete. Currently covered in spots and am using dubovet. Haven't been told I can only use it for 4 weeks, just that I can only use it once a day.

Seems to be the same time of year for me, is this the case with anyone else??

I have a holiday coming up which usually ends up clearing my skin after sitting in the sun but is awful embarrassing standing in a bikini with spots everywhere!

Glad I'm not the only one! Thanks guys.

Posted Thu 11 May 2017 4.15pm by SoniaR

That's really weird mine always start in April!! Just as the weather starts to warm up a little! And I appear to be the only person walking round covered up head to toe lol! I've had to go on holiday covered in spots and you're right it's embarrassing but does it the world of good! Mine has never cleared up completely after my very first outbreak but has been under control enough for me not to be self conscious - hopefully I'll get to that point again! I'm sorry other people are going through what I am but is nice to know I'm not alone!! Xxx

Posted Fri 12 May 2017 11.47am by Bamboosgirl (edited Fri 12 May 2017 11.48am by Bamboosgirl)

Hello everyone, I have registered today as I am now on my 3rd bout of Guttate Psoriasis. This one is worse than the others and I am totally covered from head to toe. It is all over my face which is very embarrassing. I am a mature student nurse and it is on my arms and now one of my hands has some break outs too! I wont be able to go on placements with it as the arms below the elbow need to be bare. I am so distressed with it. I too think it has occurred at the same time of year which is a very interesting fact. I have been referred to Dermatology but the response could be a long time before an appointment is given. I cant bare the itching, it is horendous. I have tried homeopathy which didn't work. The doctor has given me antihistamines that don't work. I am at my wits end with it. It concurred after Strep throat infection each time, this time was about 7 weeks ago, the spots started to appear about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Stress doesn't help and also the warm air as I too cover up everywhere I can. I had my tonsils out years ago so have it them removed will not help stop the strep throat infections. How long am I going to suffer with this before it disappears? Can anyone help me please?

1 Posted Fri 12 May 2017 12.41pm by stowens

I have had very bad long term experiences with Dovobet and would highly recommned avoiding it at all costs. I have had Guttate psoriasis since I was 15 and over the years had various outbreaks with at points it covering most of my body and moving to my face. I have always used Dovobet on my body and it has helped temporarily relieve it but long term it just comes back. I had a case last year where I started getting small patches on my face, I stupidly took to applying Dovobet to these areas and on my body, again it relieved the patches till it got to a point where I run out and it wasnt really working. Fast forward a few weeks and my skin started getting worse and worse to the point where my eyes were surrounded with Psoriasis and were swollen. It looked like an allergic reaction and I couldnt work out what had happened. I read and saw things online where people have had withdrawal symptons to Dovobet. I then worked out that this is what had happened as there was no other reason for it being so bad. After not touching Dovobet and just applying Coconut oil and Cocoa Butter every day to soothe my skin and ate alot healthier my skin cleared to having one or two small patches on my whole body.I had a similar thing the year before but at the time I put it down to hayfever (silly i know) but never for one minute thought that the ointment would cause such a bad outbreak. I now wont touch Dovobet ever again, I am currently experiencing an outbreak due to having Tonsilitus and am dealing with it and am taking antibiotics to cure the infection but wont revert to steroid ointments as I know what will happen. My advice is to relax, keep soothing the patches, cut back on sugar and coffee and start taking Acidophilus 5Billion capsules, I take 3 a day and this keeps the bad bacteria levels down which from research have found that is one cause for guttate psoriasis and can really help, it will take time for any flare up to go down but please from experience do not use Dovobet it will only suppress the Psoriasis and will come back even worse.

Posted Fri 12 May 2017 7.38pm by Bamboosgirl

Thank you, that was very useful, I have not used dovobet, just oilatum. Though I was given steroid tablets for 1 week with no effect. Maybe that ha made it spread worse. I am worried about my face as I do have some small and growing patches near my eyes. What food did you eat?

Posted Fri 12 May 2017 8.06pm by stowens

I understand completely how you feel since my outbreak last year I have had a small one under my eye that won't go, as of last week I have a couple more on my eye lid which is unfortable. The best thing I have found is coconut oil but not too excessive and it's natural. I basically cut out sugar and certain carbs like potatoes bread so wheat and gluten and ate more fish and vegetables. I think it helped but time was more of a key thing to the recovery, it's a real frustrating thing, I have been so happy for 6-7 months with hardly anything and since I was ill last week it's just erupted and it's amazing what it does to your mood etc. Try and stay positive that's what I'm doing right now and try not too stress. I find having Epsom salt baths really relieves my skin too.

Posted Fri 12 May 2017 8.37pm by Twinkles

I've found that within 2 weeks of stopping Dovobet my skin was worse and terrible itching so it definitely looks like it helps short term but not in the long run. I've started using it again cos can't bear the itching and my hands and feet get so red, not found anything else that helps yet! Really want to see dermatologist... sick of it now!

Posted Fri 12 May 2017 8.46pm by stowens

I have been down every avenue believe me, I did the methotrexate and it made me very sick and all it did was suppress it, I know it's hard but the only way your body will heal itself is by stopping the dovobet because at the moment your in a vicous cycle and it is so hard to break it but long term your skin will only get worse. Dermotolgists only have treatments at the moment which are the drugs and steroid which suppress it they won't fix it. Natural is the best way I have found I have had it for 10 years now and also have had to deal with bad acne too but you just have to stay strong and be positive

Posted Sun 21 May 2017 8.38pm by Bamboosgirl

I have been using Vaseline with Aloe Vera petroleum jelly on my face over night and the Vaseline Intensive care with Aloe on my body. It really has kept the patches from taking over on my face and has eased the itching on my body. The redness is fading on my arms. I am not sure though if this has anything to do with the hydrocortisone cream I found from a previous attack that I tried in desperation once. However, my arms do seem to be reducing. It could just be a time thing too. It is so hard to determine what is actually working. My legs however, still have big dark red patches, some joining with others and look horrific. My back is more scaling because I cant reach some of it to put the cream on, however does look less red too. Let's hope things are looking up and it is slowely disappearing. I just wanted to tell anyone interested that using the Vaseline petroleum jelly (lip therapy small round tin) with Aloe Vera had definitely helped. When I did not use it, my patches on my nose and eyebrows etc did start to re-appear. Using it again took it down again.

Posted Mon 22 May 2017 2.33pm by Stacy mason

I have had psosriasis since I was 15 and have had all creams and moisteriser the doctor has gave me but nothing works best thing is if u get to see a dermatologist u want cyclosporin it works within two weeks but u only get the tablets for 6months then they will try u on different ones don't have light treatment if they offer it u it clears u for a week and then it comes back for the shower or bath use Oilatum shower u leave it on a min and then wash it off it stops itching and neutropenia moisteriser keeps it hydrated for 24hrs aloe Vera sends mine even more itchy and comes out in a nettle rash I've heard averno moisteriser is good but send mine sore and itchy again let me no how u get on if u ever want to talk I'll give u my Facebook

So u can message me if u want

Posted Mon 22 May 2017 3.33pm by Snickers

I've had psoriasis for over 10 years. My whole body was covered in flakes and huge psoriasis patches to fight which I used dozens of creams, lotions and when I bitterly realized that none of them alleviated my condition even at the slightest, I just gave up trying. I was very desperate. About 2 years ago my dad bought me this Psoeasy cream along with the lotion and after a 3-week use 80% of my body psoriasis symptoms were gone! Those products are incredibly effective in psoriasis treatment and since they helped reduce my symptoms which, as I thought before, couldn't be reduced with anything, I'm certain they'll do a great job with yours, too.

Posted Mon 22 May 2017 5.41pm by Bamboosgirl

Thank you for your help. Does the treatment for Psoriasis change if it is the Guttate form that I have ?

Posted Mon 29 May 2017 10.01pm by happy


Thankfully I think healing the intestinal lining works generally to clear psoriasis.

Damage to the intestinal lining (following antibiotics, gluten etc.) allows unwanted substances to pass from the intestines to the lymph and bloodstream, which the body tries to get rid of through the skin.

Healing the intestinal lining involves

i) removing / stopping pathogens that damage the lining,

ii) avoiding foods that cause damage to the lining, and

iii) taking foods that heal it.

i) Depends on the individual and types of pathogens. Garlic is generally helpful against many of them, herbs such as oregano and thyme can help and other things such as nigella seeds can be helpful. Senna (small doses only to avoid griping) and Psyllium (in plenty of water) can be helpful.

For ii) vegetables are supposed to be good - particularly leafy vegetables, and seafoods are generally good, whereas meat and sweet foods are not good to have while healing the intestines. John Pagano's experience was that nightshades (tomatoes, tobacco, eggplant, white potatoes, peppers, paprika) should be avoided as well as shellfish. John Pagano's diet suggestions in general are good with some modifications (for instance dairy is allowed by John Pagano, but this may damage the intestines in some individuals, John Pagano recommends taking olive oil regularly, but this could also result in intestinal damage, also it may be better to avoid wheat entirely for some time, even for those who are not celiacs, and wine (as with other alcohol) should also be avoided).

For iii) slippery elm bark in water and safflower in water (American yellow saffron) have been used with success by John Pagano (you can do your own research on other things - for instance things like nettle tea and oregano are meant to be helpful for instance).


Posted Wed 14 Jun 2017 7.10pm by gerry

Hi my names Gerry i'm 47 years old and ive just come across this forum, i'm on my 3rd outbreak of guttate in 27 years.The first one came when i was 20 i remember feeling ill then a week later i started getting spots all over my body i went to the the doctors and he said i had scabies but it just got worse to the point that it was on my face,then 6 months later i finally got to see a skin specialist who told what it was ,he gave me eumovate which completely cleared it.The next time i got guttate i was 31 i had virus which left me bedridden then a week later it started all over my body but the eumovote didnt do anything until it had settled down and within 3 months it was gone.The 3rd outbreak started in April after i had the worst sore throat ever, after 4 weeks its all over my body,started applying eumovote after six weeks it started to disappear but last week got a bit of a sore throat now its returned and the eumovate is not making any differance !

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 11.09am by JulieA

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and looking for some help. My daughter who is 10 has recently been diagnosed with guttate psoriasis and I am happy to say we've managed to get on top of this as far as her skin is concerned. Our problem is that she has a really nasty patch in her hair, st the base of her scalp. It's not dry and flakey but very wet, weepy and unfortunately quite offensive smelling. We've used dovobet and this worked but as soon as we stop it comes back. We've had various creams and antibiotics but it still comes back. Have any of you had anything similar or can recommend any treatment to try? Thank you

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 11.50am by Livvyg

Does anyone know how to get rid of the light pink patches after the psoarisis is fading?

Posted Mon 17 Jul 2017 0.41am by HelenJ77

To JulieA.

Hi I'm new to this forum but wanted to tell u that they patch in your daughters hairline sounds like what i suffered from. It's linked to a form of scalp psoriasis. I had it behind my ears for 5 years! They were constantly weeping, bleeding or crusty and sore. I kept in touch with the GP about it but its like infected psoriasis. So your body has to work it out if its if someone is prone to cold sores or ulcers, etc. She did give me fucibet/fucidin at one point when they cracked and became more infected. The smelly patches are a sign of infection/ bacteria.

Good luck sorting it out. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Posted Mon 17 Jul 2017 0.49am by HelenJ77

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and this thread is my first post. I suffer with recurring guttate psoriasis. I'm 40 and on my 2nd helping, both after strep throat and 4years apart...i too do NOT have any tonsils.

I've been given dovobet steroid ointment, which has initially started to clear it but I'm waiting for the UVB treatment and an appointment with the nurse-led psoriasis clinic.

I had UVB treatment b4 about 20yrs ago for my 'normal' eczema/psoriasis (as I've had it since birth) and it did improve. I also found the psoriasis was more manageable during my 2 pregnancies. I've tried all creams and potions under the sun and as we all know, different creams work 4 different people at different times. I've had success with Aveeno but as a daily moisturiser it's no good in a crisis/flare up. I use dermol cream and hydromol in shower/bath.

I've read about avoiding "nightshade" veg and have kept food diaries in the past... its all trial and error. My normal skin routine was ok managing my plaque psoriasis until this guttate flare up... really annoying and gets me down.

Glad to have found this forum.

Need to get it back under control b4 holiday in a month!!!

Posted Mon 17 Jul 2017 12.03pm by JulieA

Thank you Helen, will just have to keep trying things and hopefully find something that helps!

Posted Fri 28 Jul 2017 10.37am by Livvyg

Can anyone reccommend what to calm my GP down?? I currently have enstilar and dovobet plus dermol moisturizer

Posted Fri 28 Jul 2017 7.50pm by Itchy and scratchy

Why is it that if you get a flare up you are guaranteed to find it mirrored the other side of your body . Not I the exact some area but near has. I am convinced it has something to do with your tonsils. I was told by a family friend that her son had psoriasis and he had tonsillitis and had them removed m. Guess what his psoriasis disappeared

Posted Sun 30 Jul 2017 8.25am by mtomo


Im new to all this. Im 28 and I am currently suffering from a bout of guttate psoraisis. I first had psorasis 2 years ago, which cleared up quite quickly. However around a month ago I had a bout of tonsillitis which in turn brought about this guttate issue. Its all on my front, some in my back and arms. I have tried dovonex & eumovate, which has worked in the past, but.not so much now. Anyone help regarding remedies, and timescale please?

Posted Mon 7 Aug 2017 10.52pm by Livvyg

Has anyone had to go on holiday with guttate?? Also what did you take if you went to a hot country??

Posted Wed 9 Aug 2017 11.52pm by Sarah

I'm sick of this condition. Honestly got me on the bottom โ˜น

Posted Thu 10 Aug 2017 5.22pm by xloreleix - 27 from Pinner
Hi im 26 years old and suffered from psoriasis since i was 16. Currently enduring a battle with PPP and about to try acitretin

O sarah you poor thing no how you feel i cant even walk at the moment! Im on acretertin at the moment a week in faded a little and not as thick with skin so fingers crossed i can get somewhere just dont want it coming back when i go travelling!

Posted Sat 12 Aug 2017 6.03pm by andymiller101979

This was how mine started 5 years ago now i had a throat infection but the psoriasis has never gone and just keeps getting worse and worse.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2017 3.07pm by

Hi just been to the doctor who has given me prenisolone for my guttate psoriasis I'm covered came 2 weeks after a throats infection has anyone taken these pills and has it helped ... thankyou

Posted Thu 17 Aug 2017 1.10pm by Sheila54

I have had psoriasis since I was 3, in now 54. I was in hospital for 6 wks when I was 15 because it was so bad, itchy, painful. I had tonsillitis 4 wks ago and my psoriasis is as bad now as it was when I was 15. I went back to my Drs yesterday, have now got enstilar which I have to say was amazing for me the first time I tried it and asked dr to chase up a hospital referral that I have been waiting for 14 wks now. I am so sick of this condition. I have always had plaques, now after sore throat it's changed to guttate, tiny little pimple like spots all over my body even in places I have never had it before, can't wait to see dermatologist๐Ÿ™

Posted Thu 17 Aug 2017 3.06pm by

Hi been back to my drs as guttate psoriasis is getting worse and so itchy like you say it's everywhere , even on the bottoms of my feet which is sore after on my feet for 12 hours at work ... I'm also waiting for referel hoping to get some light therapy , it's getting me down so much and looks disgusting ... hope you have some luck Sheila ... all the best

Posted Wed 6 Dec 2017 10.40pm by Mal1989 (edited Wed 6 Dec 2017 10.42pm by Mal1989)

Hey I got guttate psoriasis for the first time around my 23rd birthday don't know what caused it to be honest it came up all over my body my arms seem to get it the worst luckily it went away completely within 2 - 3 months and it never came back until now 5 and a half years later. I've had it now for about 2 - 3 weeks and is bad as the first flare up really hope it goes away soon gettin depressed over it.

Posted Tue 8 May 2018 1.11am by Fantomas3 (edited Tue 8 May 2018 1.14am by Fantomas3)

I've just had my first guttate psoriasis flare up after strep throat. It's pretty severe so I'm examining my options. This article makes a lot of sense, so I'm going to try supplementing HCL. Also, I'm going to try supplementing more collagen to see if leaky gut is behind it. I will post my results.

Posted Fri 11 May 2018 1.02pm by Aitch

HI all,

My psoriasis started to appear in between my toes about 3 years ago, I am 45 years old now, and my father had it for as long as I can remember, his never cleared up. He was very heavy drinker. Anyway It swiftly climbed up my shins, thighs, torso, ears, elbows and scalp. I became obsessed with the horrid condition, trawling the net for some miracle cure. I dabbled with steroid creams, but I really don't feel comfortable with them. I then went down the line of trying so many things for it, herbal, natural, bought a small Phillips blue TL01 light, dietary changes etc.....But I am now virtually clear. I know maybe this may not work for everyone, but none of what I am currently doing will hurt you either. So I concentrated on trying to make my body more alkaline, I reduced my alcohol & cheese intake, and completely stopped drinking milk, The first thing that enters my body each day is pure celery juice around 16 fl oz. , (just boil a whole celery chopped up and blend, keep it cool in the fridge) lasts for about 3 days. I then have a hot water with fresh lime juice, Lemon does the same. I try to have a serving of natural yoghurt with most of my meals. I also drink at least a litre of water throughout the day. I take 2 starflower oil capsules 1 in morning, 1 at night and 1 vitamin D3 capsule each day. I do use the light if any of the remaining scales look red. However My skin has cleared up amazingly I feel this summer I may go nuts and wear shorts again. I don't know why but I am certain the Celery juice is the biggest helper. I would love to hear that some of you guys try this and it works for you, It took about 5-7 months before I noticed the difference. Best of luck Aitch x

Posted Mon 14 May 2018 6.12pm by Fantomas3

Update: after just one week of cutting out all dairy, grains, nuts and nightshades, getting lots of sunlight and using L-glutamine and collagen daily (for leaky gut) my spots are quickly fading and light pink! This is truly amazing. I hope this help somebody else out there.

Posted Mon 14 May 2018 6.41pm by HelenJ77

I am on the third batch of guttate within 4 yrs... It was new to me, HOWEVER as a child I suffered with my throat and tonsils and had them removed but still on occasion get the sore throats and I have always struggled withe eczema and psoriasis and have tried all sorts of creams and potions and have seen dermatology and homeopathy many times for it. I would agree some of the best courses of action are light therapy and natural remedies. I am currently using a moisturiser made by "skin solutions" from Holland and Barratt and it seems to be working. It's only a small bottle and it's £13.99 but it's made all skin surrounding the plaques much softer and smoother and they've gone pinker rather than red. It is a very disheartening condition but avoiding certain food and the natural remedies would be my advice rather than steroids or methotrexate (members of my family are on that for osteoarthritis)... Good luck everyone x

Posted Mon 14 May 2018 6.42pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Fantomas3: it is possible that just one of your life-style changes has triggered this improvement - eg getting plenty of sunlight.

Posted Mon 14 May 2018 7.31pm by gemmajones


How often were you using dovobet before you stopped it the first time? I'm using it every 3/4 days now but worried if i stop it will come back!

Posted Wed 20 Jun 2018 11.48pm by RuthSnow

An experienced GP at my surgery diagnosed a fungal infection i.e. tinea or ringworm. I was treated with Terbinafine cream, then tablets, then Betnovate cream which I was also told to use in my ears for psoriasis.

Today, a locum at my surgery said it wasn't tinea on my body but psoriasis and I have Dovonex ointment and another cream not yet started. I'm hoping this works.

I will try more exposure to sunlight this summer when I can.

Posted Sat 7 Jul 2018 11.34am by Matt

If anyone has guttate psoriasis get ENSTILAR! Ask your doctor, it worked a treat for me.

Had strep throat and got guttate everywhere, face, shoulders, arms, legs, chest, stomach, scalp. Used Enstilar for 2 weeks everywhere except face and it cleared it up. Unfortunately you can't use it on your face so I've been using Elidel and Hydrozole (Elidel at night and Hydrozole morning and halfway through the day) which has taken a lot longer.

6 weeks into the first outbreak and right now only places where it returned a little bit is legs and back. If I see a spot returning I put Enstilar on.

Currently on my 2nd day with no visible spots on my face. I am very worried it returns though like it did the first time.

Just to note, as soon as I got my first outbreak I stopped drinking alcohol and stopped smoking immediately, cut down on unhealthy foods. Lived on chicken/veg or salad for the last 6 weeks which may have helped. Certainly alcohol and smoking though stop doing it

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