UVB unit for home therapy.

Posted Wed 10 May 2017 5.31pm by Jackie

Hi, I have suffered from psoriasis for 13 yrs, It gets really bad on my joints so bad that I cannot bend my arms as my elbows are thick plaques!.

I have given up on creams from doctors, time consuming and not pleasant to be greasy all day/night.

Having had light therapy at hospital twice which cleared it after around 5 months 3 times per week never managing to go past the 90 sec mark as I burned. The hospital will only allow you to go once every year because of the risk of skin cancer, the waiting lists are really long and I found that it came back within weeks of treatment. So I have purchased a UVB unit for home, planning to do the same as hospital treatment, starting at 30 sec increasing it 10% if all is good.

Its been 2 weeks now & I am up to a minute and the difference in my skin is amazing! gone are the thick plaques and it has been reduced to slightly pink and alot smoother. I can bend my arms without pain, no itch or skin flaking off.

The unit was expensive but totally worth it, I have no doubts it will clear it up then I plan to only use the unit once or twice a week to keep it at bay.

The doctors or dermatologist wont recommend this because of the skin cancer risk, but at 2/3 mins a week I am willing to take the risk to be clear.

I just wanted to post to tell people of my experience with the unit letting you know that option is there. I have pictures of my arms I am willing to show but cannot upload a photo, If you would like I can email them to you if you want, This unit has been a lifesaver to me and I hope you know that if all else fails this has really good results all be it at a price. I hope to have this unit for many years and be psoriasis free with the treatment at home.

I hope this benefits some of you in your search for relief from this condition.

Posted Thu 11 May 2017 7.46pm by Shambles

Hi. Are these beds like the sunbeds,or is it like the philips uvb light you hold in your hand


Posted Thu 11 May 2017 10.05pm by Jackie

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 9.08pm by cmc

Hi, I was going to purchase one of the hand held ones are they as effective?

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 9.22pm by Jackie

As far as I know its not suitable if you have it all over your body as it only covers a small area. so would be very time consuming.

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 9.25pm by Jackie

Just to update everyone. I have been using it every other day since I purchased it, My psoriasis is nearly cleared. a small bit on my elbows these were really thick plaques, but all other patches have cleared I am delighted with it.

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 9.56pm by Summer


I received my bed Philips 9 tube tl01 bed about 3 weeks ago, the dermatologist would not refer me to the hospital, basically i wasn't covered enough, this was last year, I did my research and found the bed on line, I asked the dermatologist and showed him the Philips bed, he told me this is the tube the hospital use, begging of this year my skin had a nasty flair up, I was not going down the rout of referrals, it takes far to long, so I looked in to buying the bed, I did read up a lot befor I bought it,

I am absolutely amazed at the results, the doctors told me I had had a virus, which I had had a nasty cold, she told me I had had a break out of tear drops, (I also do suffer with psoriasis) , which were all over my back and arms, this spring there was no way I could were a t shirt, I use it every other day, for 70 seconds on the front and 70 seconds on the back, Iv been on it 13 times, I was advised to start at 30 seconds and add 10 seconds on, I'm hoping in the next few times I will have a break form it, and see how I get on, it was a lot of money £1360 I was very sceptical if it would work, but I can honestly say, it has, im amazed at the results, and so are the few people who I should my skin to prior to purchasing the bed, if you need any more advice, please ask,

I hope this helps you

Posted Wed 12 Jul 2017 11.57pm by tracey

Hi Jackie and Summer,

I too have purchased the 9 tube TL01 tube sun canopy and can't wait for it to be delivered, will report on how I get on, hoping I will have the same results as you, I am currently covered head to foot with plaque. Going on holiday Sunday, so hopefully won't be mistaken for a big fish when swimming in the sea Lol.

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 1.32pm by Jackie

Hi Tracey.

I am psoriasis clear, The bed has been amazing for me, I am currently only using it 2/3 times a week just to keep it at bay. I have been using the body shop hemp cream moisturiser as well as I dont like the creams the doctor prescribes, I find that to be the one that works for me & my skin.

I hope you have the same results, it is slow in the beginning it took me a couple of weeks to notice the difference but 8 weeks in and I am clear.

Good Luck, Enjoy you're holiday.

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 3.38pm by Summer

Hi Tracey

I'm sure you will get brilliant results, had my bed may16th, Iv used it every other day in total 16 times, starting at 20 seconds and adding on 10 seconds till I go to 80 seconds, front and again on back,

People who I had show my arms to before the bed, can't believe the results I have had, my body is now clear, I'm sure it will come back, then I will ha e to get back on it, hope you too get great results, & im sure the sun will be a great help



Posted Fri 21 Jul 2017 12.23pm by Glaro

Hi all,

Where do you buy replacement Phillips Tl01 uvb tubes?

Posted Fri 21 Jul 2017 2.16pm by Summer

Hi Krag87

When I have to replace mine, I shall go to MBS that's where i purchased it, I think they are around £70.? Per tube.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 2017 6.15pm by Fruitbat1

Hey you,

So pleased that you have good results, but have you seen the new Philips blue light therapy unit ?????? No nasty uva/uvb rays and results have been amazing !!!!! I have just bought one on a 90 day free trial so i will keep you informed of its results hun x

Mel Wilde

Posted Sat 22 Jul 2017 2.58pm by TomT66

Hi everyone this is the first time on. I'm a 51 yr old male ive suffered with this awful condition for about 7 yrs now ive tried all the creams oils moisturizers etc the only thing that worked for me was the uvb treatment that was through the nhs unfortunately my P returned but for the 2 or 3 months after the uvb treatment I was P free such relief even for a short time I felt "normal" it was great. Ive recently ordered the uvb lamps to use at home and can't wait till its up and running

Posted Sun 23 Jul 2017 4.13am by Jackie

Hi, glad you decided to purchase the lamps. I have had great success with my bed. I haven't used it for a few weeks and I have a few bits on my elbows, dont want to use it if I dont really need to but with the moisturizer I use it reduces it too. Its all about finding out what works best for you...... The light treatment will help though, hope you have the same results, keep us updated.


Posted Mon 6 Nov 2017 8.28pm by Simon - 64 from Dorking
Had it for years but survived!

Hi All,

I bought http://www.treatpsoriasistl01uvblamps.co.uk/index.php/3 (Philips 9 tube tl01) and started treatment on the day it was delivered - 28 Sep 2017. I have had moderate to severe psoriasis (head to toe; back, front and sides) for just over 30 years (I am 60). I had hospital based UVB treatment several years ago which did work well but was really inconvenient - a one hour round trip every two days for a treatment measured in seconds anybody?

My dermatologist (at the time) was not a fan of UVB treatment and he discontinued my (NHS hospital) UVB treatment in favour of methotrexate which worked when I took it - but I could not cope with the "zero alcohol" regime that came with it and I reverted to "creams" which (for me) did nothing but "keep the weeds down".

I only recently discovered that machines using "hospital grade" UVB tubes were available for home use. At hospital, I had used a "walk in" unit (four sides treated at a time) but such a unit (even if I had space for it) was very expensive. I went for the above unit (also quite expensive) which I use "standing up". For each session I calculate the total time due for "both sides" (i.e. start low and add a bit more every time until you hit the max for your skin type) and I do a quarter turn every 10 seconds (a bit like a vertical hog roast) protecting my face which is thankfully not affected (of course also wearing dark goggles and socks over my "man bits" which other gentlemen who have had hospital treatment will know all about). It always makes me laugh to imagine what people would think if I suffered a (co-incidental) fatal heart attack when so attired!

I keep a record of exposure and being "skin type 4" I was happy to "start low" on 28 Sep 2017 (at "40 secs per side") and "go max" on 28 Oct 2017 (I use the machine every other day).

As of o6 Nov 2017 (nearly 7 weeks in) my skin is "near normal". You can certainly still see where the psoriasis "was" (the skin is relatively dark - but it is flat and smooth) and some patches "persist"; relative to the rest of my body they are not yet quite "flat and smooth" - but they are not "scaly or flaky" either.

I did notice some "itchiness" a couple of weeks in but this did not bother me because I had experienced this before (during NHS treatment). It soon passed (for me).

My core regime (not that I don't wash at other times) is to have a long, hot shower every other day and scrub off all the dead skin (mercifully less every time) and wash my hair with (coal tar based) shampoo:


I then do the UVB thing and apply (coal tar based):


I have no connection with any of the above suppliers - over and above being a customer.

It can't be cured but I wish you improvement...


Posted Tue 5 Dec 2017 10.47pm by Noel

I am interested in your posts Simon and Tracey. Are you both in the belief that exposure to UVB for 70 seconds until the psoriasis disappears. No further increase in exposure times and every other day. I have just got the same unit and would be happy to follow this routine. Have these timings increased and have the psoriasis diminished in this course if treatment.

Posted Tue 3 Jul 2018 9.47pm by lwrightuk

Are any of the original posters still live on this forum?

Posted Tue 3 Jul 2018 9.53pm by Jackie

Yes I am.

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 6.57am by Summer

Yes I am.

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 8.23am by tracey

Still here x

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 6.04pm by lwrightuk (edited Wed 4 Jul 2018 6.05pm by lwrightuk)

Evening all,

Many thanks for coming back and replying to the original post.

I'm new to this forum, so hello!

I have suffered with Psoriasis since my early teens. It's taken a while for me to accept and understand that I am suffering from an auto-immune disease, there is no cure (at the moment) and that it is simply 'part of who I am'. There are times where I still struggle, just like everyone else.

Over the past few years my condition has gradually become worse. I have previously (up until last week) been prescribed Exorex Lotion (and along with full body moisturising), which initially controlled my condition.

Since December 2017, my psoriasis has become the worst it has ever been, especially on my legs. At times it was very painful.

I've had numerous appointments with my doctor who just upped the amount of Exorex used daily.

Fast forward to last week, another appointment but with a new doctor. Exorex has been replaced with Diprobase and Dovobet. Funnily enough, since stopping the Exorex I no longer have pain. I honestly believe that I was having a reaction to the Exorex! 4 days in and I can see results.

I know that Dovobet is a very short term solution due the steriods so I am researching light therapy.

I'm just wondering how you all have been getting on with your 'self treatment' since your original posts? Are you still using your beds?

Jackie: How was your experience with Skin Matters Bristol - would you recommend?

Summer & Tracey: Where did you purchase your bed from?

Any help or advise you could share with me?

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 9.08pm by Summer

Hi lwrightuk

I had my bed from Much Better skin MBS the guy was very helpful over several phone conversations. The bed has helped my skin a lot, Iv tried not to use to so much with the better weather we have had, Iv no regrets buying it

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 9.53pm by Jackie

Hi I had a great experience buying mine with Skin Maters delivery was on time & guy was really helpful.... I am clear thanks to the bed, I also use hemp cream from the body shop and found it to be great... I must stress if I didn't use the bed for a month or so it dos start to come back. it not a cure but it certainly help keep it at bay.

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 10.18pm by tracey

Hi wrightuk,

Like you i have suffered from psoriasis since my teens, i am now 56, so many years, and have tried everything going from creams, puva, acetretin, methotextrate etc, and all of them came with side effects!!!

Last year i purchased from much better skin their uvb narrowband canopy for £1,360.00 as i was covered 80% of my body with psoriasis. Within 4 months i was 100% clear and continued to use the bed once a week to maintain.

I discussed this with the hospital, whose supervision i have been under for many years and they understood my reason for self treatment because of the side effects i obtained using acetretin, which cleared my skin, but made my hair fall out, and methotextrate, again cleared my skin, but was causing other problems to my liver and bloods. So took the self help route of purchasing the uvb unit which again worked.

I have had cancer twice in the past 10 years and my dermatologist wanted to try me on stelara which they did 6 months ago, this again had kept me 100% clear and at the moment no side effects which is great and the treatment only involves an injection every 12 weeks and bloods twice a year.

So now considering selling my unit for 1000.00 if anyone interested?

The unit was a godsend and i loathe to part with my safety net. But have to be realistic as at the moment just sitting doing nothing when it can help someone else.

Only been used for approx 150 mins, less than 3 hours total. I have all the paperwork and instructions from much better skin and receipts from last July


Posted Thu 5 Jul 2018 5.17pm by lwrightuk

Hi Summer and Jackie,

How often per week do you use the sunbed for?

Posted Thu 5 Jul 2018 5.20pm by lwrightuk

Hi Tracey,

That's good to hear that you have now found a treatment which works.

How often did you use the sunbed per week for?

Posted Thu 5 Jul 2018 7.53pm by Summer


In the winter my sink isnt such a problem for me, long sleeves trousers etc, it’s the summer months that bother me, so I would go on my bed 80 seconds on front turn round and do

80 seconds on my back, 3 times a week, I’d do that for 3 /4 weeks

Then just managed it as and when,

I would never let it get to bad, I just monitor it, pop on and off still it calms down, I counted up the times last night, since I had the unit may 2017 I have used it 75 times I don’t think that’s so bad, for the results Iv had, But we have had some lovely sun this last month, that really helps me.

Posted Thu 5 Jul 2018 8.28pm by Jackie

I used it every other day to get rid of thick plaques ,then usually 2/3 times a week for a minute on each side just to keep it away.

Posted Thu 5 Jul 2018 8.31pm by Jackie

Tracey put it on ebay, they go quickly. just put a buy it now price on. I was willing to travel to get one, but got outbid.

Posted Fri 6 Jul 2018 9.55am by lwrightuk

Hi Summer,

So for you... 80 seconds front and back controlled it for you?

How did you know where to start from and when to stop - time wise, or is it simply starting low and building the time up - making sure you don't burn?

Posted Fri 6 Jul 2018 9.56am by lwrightuk

Tracey: Where are you located?

Posted Fri 6 Jul 2018 11.47am by tracey

Southsea, near portsmouth, hampshire

Posted Fri 6 Jul 2018 11.54am by lwrightuk

Tracey: I'm just about to leave to work... I'm on the night shift today :-(

When I get home tomorrow, I'll have a look and see if it would be feasible for me to drive down and have a look at your canopy. I'll need to look at my roster, days off and whether the distance is feasible to drive.

Posted Fri 6 Jul 2018 2.47pm by tracey

Lwright, no worries....but just to let you know, i am going on holiday monday and won't be back until 27th July 😄

Posted Mon 30 Jul 2018 10.41pm by Simon

Hi Tracey,

I'm a guy in his 50's whose suffered since I was 14 with psoriasis. If you still have your unit for sale and no one else has jumped in I'd like to consider buying it please?

thanks, Simon

Posted Mon 6 Aug 2018 10.29am by Nikki

Hi all, I'm also looking to buy a unit so if anyone knows of one coming up for sale please could you let me know?

I've had several sessions of uvb at the hospital - brilliant result - but it's like 3 hours a day with travel etc 3 X week, I just can't do it again!

Thank you.

Posted Mon 6 Aug 2018 12.14pm by tracey

Hi Simon,

Yes i have, just got back from holiday so not done anything about selling it.


P.s. i live in Southsea, nr. portsmouth, Hampshire

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 4.32pm by Simon

Hi Tracey,

If it's still available and you want to sell please email me on 9797.88@gmail.com and we can make arrangements. I'm in Buckhurst Hill, about 2 1/2 hours drive.



Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 6.48pm by tracey

Hi Simon,

Just to let you know, i have sent you an email



Posted Wed 15 Aug 2018 11.01pm by ChrisBaker

Hi Nikki,

In response to your message on the 6th, i have a Philips 9 tube UVB light canopy for sale. If you are still interested in buying one, please let me know. Before this treatment my psoriasis was terrible, however I am now clear and would recommend it to anyone. Fantastic product.


Posted Thu 16 Aug 2018 6.20am by tracey

Hi Anyone,

I also have a 9 tube canopy for sale if anyone is interested. I live in the portsmouth area. Email me tkholloway@sky.com for more information.

Thank you


Posted Thu 16 Aug 2018 3.17pm by Nikki

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your responses to my post above re looking for a treatment lamp.

I'm happy to say that I do now have one - woo-hoo!! Happy days!! and I look forward to clearing my skin once and for all. Certainly the hospital sessions were fantastic so I'm following the same protocol. Definitely recommend this treatment to anyone! 😊

Posted Fri 14 Sep 2018 11.52pm by Pete3k

Hi, I’m about to rent a 9 tune canopy from MBS . Should I continue using the Calcipotriol ointment and the Dermol 500 lotion the doctor prescribed as well using light therapy ?


Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 9.08am by ChrisBaker

@pete3k, stop using your creams. The UVB lights will be enough. Make sure the bed you buy has 9 Philips tubes. The other brands aren’t as effective. I bought mine from MBS and it’s fantastic. Good luck

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 9.17am by Pete3k

Thanks for the advice . I’m renting it as my psoriasis is mild but I have too many patches to use the Philips blue control advance . I’m thinking of renting it for 8 weeks , but im open to extending it if needs be .

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 9.21am by ChrisBaker

You’re welcome. If viable, I would suggest buying a unit as opposed to renting. Reason being is lift therapy is great for clearing it for a good period of time, BUT, it’s not permanent. It will come back if / when you have extended breaks. Buying will likely work out more cost effective in the long run.

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 9.24am by Pete3k

Buying is definitely an option I’m looking in to , the rental is to see how I get on with the canopy before purchasing it outright.

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 12.01pm by lwrightuk

My dealings with MBS have been excellent!

Such a professional company to deal with and the owner/employees make a point of making sure all of my questions were answered fully. No hard sell either!

I decided to go down the 'hire' route to begin with. I only started the treatment 1 month ago. Started at 40 seconds front and back, every other day, then have increased the time by 10 seconds. This morning I'm up to 1m 30 seconds.

Don't try to increase the timings faster than your body can handle. I took a week off as I burned my nose... picture Rudolf!

I've not noticed much of a change generally but understand that it could take some time before I see an improvement.

Good luck. Fingers crossed for everyone on this journey to clear skin!

Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 11.44pm by Shippers77

Hey everyone! I’m new to site and my P is back with a vengeance and more aggressive then ever before since having my daughter. Is anyone selling a uvb canopy as I can’t wait 3 months for my hospital appointment :(

My email address isjo.shipway@hotmail.com

Thanks all :)

Posted Tue 2 Oct 2018 6.11pm by Burk3

@lwrightuk Any update on if your home treatment began to work? Im tempted to purchase one of the mini units as 3 months to wait for my uvb referral is so long - just worried my psoriasis won’t respond to the uvb even though it did go away on my arms over summer due to the sun before coming back.

Just wondering if uvb has not worked for anyone?

Posted Tue 2 Oct 2018 9.45pm by lwrightuk

@Burk3 I've seen some improvement on the back of my arms and back where the psoriasis was not too bad.

My legs are another story... they seem to be worse. Now I don't know if it's because of the light treatment or because I have been very ill (unrelated to psoriasis) these past 3 months. I have been quite stressed and have put it down to that.

I'm persevering with the treatment and have just this week paid for another month.

I'm keeping everything crossed that at some point I'll start to see a change on my legs.

Posted Wed 3 Oct 2018 2.22pm by Simon


I bought my canopy from Tracey (who was great giving me all the information etc) on this site and I've used it 5 times for a couple of minutes each time and I have definitely seen some improvement. I think that knees and elbows might need isolated treatment.

I originally had treatment at a hospital in a UVB enclosed unit and it was great, but the frequency I had to go for just a few minutes was frustrating so I opted for home treatment. I would check with your GP first though.

Posted Wed 3 Oct 2018 4.18pm by tracey

Hi Simon,

Glad to hear you are starting to see an improvement after such a sort time, each week you will se e more and more as you increase the time exposed under the light, it took about 12/14 week (so approx 36 sessions) for my skin to be clear.



Posted Fri 2 Nov 2018 9.01pm by Loulouweeze

Hi all

I have a uvb single canopy for sale if anyone is interested? Only used about 6 times as after purchasing I began my light treatment at the hospital and I have been clear for around 3 months. Having UVB treatment has been the only thing to ease the symptoms and although it’s not fully gone, it’s much more manageable and looks more like dry skin. If you are interested my email address is weeza.atkinson@googlemail.com


Posted Sun 11 Nov 2018 3.11am by Silverfox1703
I have bad plaque psoriasis on my legs which has responded to no treatments except uvb

I got a unit from skinmatters in Bristol but researched beforehand and the MBS units are the same.

I found my body cleared with 150 seconds each side twice a week. The legs and arms take much more (around 6 mins). So I do whole body for 2-2.5 mins per side then don T-shirt and shorts and do another 4 mins per side.

The leg clearance was much slower but is complete now. Other treatments were unsatisfactory for me and I did not want MTX or other chemical or biological treatments as my concerns are that the risks are higher than for UVB narrowband which appears to be the least risky form of phototherapy as well as the most effective for Psoriasis.

Prior to purchase, I had 2 hospital courses of treatment which cleared my body but stopped before full clearance of my legs.

I am therefore very happy to now have achieved full clearance and in maintenance mode.

Posted Sun 11 Nov 2018 12.25pm by Carljones640

Hi all ,just registered And thought I'd share some experience I've had with the philips narrowband 311nm tubes.

Had plaque psoriasis since I was 14

45 now , for years I had tried all different meds to no avail .

So I did my own research and bought a cheap double sunbed about 15 year ago

Stripped it down and stood both sides up so it's like a sun shower , then simply bought the tubes , at the time they where unavailable in this country so purchased from Scandinavia @ £53 each .

Well worth it at the time and I continue to use it for maintenance only with dovebet when I'm busy doing shifts at work .

For anyone wanting to save money go down this route , dont spend thousands from these companies , simply do it yourself .

For the poster from Merseyside ,I'm in birkenhead if you need any help rather than hiring and spending lots of money .

Was concerned about the skin cancer risks and was considering asking for consentyx but I've only got stubborn bits on legs so don't think I'll get it prescribed with being expensive .

Good luck with all those who respond to the UVB ,

Posted Tue 13 Nov 2018 11.18am by Silverfox1703
I have bad plaque psoriasis on my legs which has responded to no treatments except uvb

I think skinmatters and mbs sell them at £69 a tube anyway. The rest of the cost is a one off for the unit.

Posted Tue 20 Nov 2018 9.08am by RedDwarf

This ia a really helpful discussion, thank you so much.

I've just started hospital light therapy and after a week the spots on my back are noticeably paler and less bumpy. Legs and bottom very itchy though :(

Posted Thu 13 Dec 2018 3.34pm by Julie_Andrews

Hi, Jackie! I know your problem well. I also have a uvb lamp, which I use at home. I buy it here https://uvb-lamps.com/. The effect is simply amazing. My skin looks better after half a year.

1 Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 1.37pm by TT

Hi can someone please help. My son has come out in psoriasis after his army training and is now concerned it will affect his career. I would like to purchase a hand held one as he can trat himself whilst in camp has anyone ever used them and where could I purchase one from. He was given steroid cream but this has not really helped.

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 6.11pm by Summer


Google MBS (much better skin) give them a ring very helpful,

Good luck

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 7.05pm by TT

Thank you xxx

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 7.59pm by Jackie

Julie glad its working for you, I noticed I didnt need to use mine all through summer as my bed cleared it up totally, starting to get it cack on my elbows so will start using my bed again. xx

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 8pm by Jackie


if you read through the posts you will find a few suggestions of where to get uvb lamps, everyone seems to be having great results with the uvb treatment at home. xx

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 11.22pm by matthewprime


I have been suffering from all-over Guttate P for a year and treating with Dovobet(steroid cream) Exorex(Coal tar extract) and Epimax(moisturiser), and exposure to sunshine.

I have found Dovobet provides 24 hour relief from itchiness and reduces the redness, Exorex has no noticeable effect, Epimax is good for treating dry skin, and sunshine exposure makes no difference at all.

The condition seems to improve or worsen, or affect different parts of my body at random.

This week I had a consultation with a dermatologist for the first time. They reccommends:

1/ Switch from Dovobet cream to a foam called Enstilar ( I think) - also manufctured by Leo Pharma. It is apparently less greasy than Dovobet and 98% of patients prefer it.

2/ A course of UVB therapy at the local hospital which the dermatologist confidently repeated will "almost certainly" clear up the condition.

However, while waiting to hear from the hospital I have been reading this most excellent forum and I have decided to go with home therapy and get my own UVB canopy.

For anybody thinking of going for home treatment here's a summary of thoughts from this discussion and some web addresses that I found relevant.

The commercially available canopies from MBS (https://treatpsoriasistl01uvblamps.co.uk/product-category/canopies/) and Skin Matters(http://www.skinmattersbristol.com/products.html) have both good reports, are similarly priced and may even be the same product as suggested by another contributor. I noticed that the different models they offer have different combinations of the Philips narrowband UVB tubes and standard UVA (sun tan?) tubes which accounts for the difference in prices, with the most expensive models having 9 Philips tubes.

I have decided to save some money and buy a second hand sunbed and fit Philips tubes, which I found at £63 from https://www.psoriasiscare.co.uk/buy-philips-tl01.html

That should cost about £250 for the sunbed, and £600 for 9 tubes - so that's £850 compared to £1455 if I buy one.

I will post an update when there's something worth saying. If anybody has any thoughts I'd be glad to hear

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2018 11.40pm by Jackie

Hi Mathew,

Someone a few posts up did what you are planning to do, he said he was willing to give advice if needed. You wont regret the uvb therapy its the only thing guaranteed to clear it up, good luck on building your unit, please keep us posted.


Posted Sat 5 Jan 2019 6.16pm by Matty79

Evening all,

Is anyone selling a son canopy?

Thank you.


Posted Sat 5 Jan 2019 7.23pm by Carljones640

Look on eBay mate , ye not bothered about the tubes that are with it just get the canopy then new tubes and starters and away ye go !

Posted Sat 5 Jan 2019 7.24pm by ChrisBaker

Hi Matt,

I am selling a 9 Phillips tube canopy. Located in Norfolk.


Posted Sat 5 Jan 2019 7.32pm by Justinealexx

Hello all. I recently purchased a home therapy unit for my teenage daughter who is suffering terribly with her first ever and severe whole body outbreak of guttate p. She had an urgent dermatology referral from her GP in December. The appointment is on 18 Feb and she simply cannot manage until then. Especially as the prescribed steroids could only be used for 4 weeks.

We have just started UVB light treatment at home, 3 'zap' sessions in. One of 10 seconds and two at 15 seconds over a period of one week. She is fair skinned so taking it slow. The plaques have become quite red and intensely itchy, though the normal skin in between remains healthy in appearance, certainly not burned. She is moisturising thoroughly with aqueous cream and E45.

I've read that this reaction passes if we persevere with the UVB. It could also be due to stopping the use of the steroid creams. Has anyone else experienced this early UVB reaction and can confirm it's right to continue or offer any advice please?

Thank you.

Posted Sat 5 Jan 2019 9.35pm by Matty79


Could you please email me: mattyr79@hotmail.co.uk.

Norfolk is not that far from Oxford, nice day trip!


Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 2.24am by Jackie

Hi Justinealexx... yes this is normal, it will get itchy & red when the plaques dissapear, after a short time it wont be like that,I happened to me om my knees and the parts that were closer to the bed, now it doesnt bother me, in & out with no issues just better skin xx

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 3.20am by Justinealexx

Jackie, thank you. That's very reassuring. I hope you manage to stay clear xx

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 6.24am by ChrisBaker

Hi Justin, I’ve emailed you details of my light canopy. Please let me know if this is of interest.

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 8.31am by Justinealexx

Hello Chris, do you mean me (Justine)? Or was there a Justin earlier in this thread? I haven't received any email But we do already have a mini home therapy unit and just wouldn't be able to afford another right now. Thank you though.

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 8.34am by ChrisBaker

Sorry Justine, I got the names in the thread mixed up 😊 My message was meant for Matty79.

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 8.53am by Justinealexx

No worries 😊

Posted Tue 8 Jan 2019 9.11pm by matthewprime

I have a standard UVB tanning canopy sunbed for sale in South Croydon if anybody wants to upgrade it to a UVB treatment bed.

I was going to fit UVB tubes myself (see my earlier post) but the courier delivered 10 broken tubes, and in frustration I bought a new UVB bed.

Included are 10 sun-tan UVA tubes, starters plus I have fitted a more accurate timer than the standard clockwork mechanism which gives accurate and repeatable working times from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

Price £85. If interested send a message here and I'll send pictures.

Posted Tue 8 Jan 2019 10.45pm by Smitch

Matthewprime I was thinking off doing the same but have noticed the philips sun canopy sunbed takes 176cm tubes and the Lo1 tubes are 178cm? Did you find an issue with tube size on a standard bed?

Posted Wed 9 Jan 2019 0.27am by Carljones640

I had no issues when I did mine years ago , I just remembered buying new starters , the only thing I didn't do was clock up the amount of time that I have used , currently on 5 mins so need to purchase 18 new tubes at some point but best thing I ever did although I've been lazy recently and had. Flare up , so I'm getting back on it from tomorrow

Posted Wed 9 Jan 2019 9.50pm by matthewprime

Hi Smitch,

Re. Your question about the length of the tubes.

I have both Philips TL01 tubes, and standard "suntan" tubes from my tanning bed.

Both are 176cm without including the connector pins, or 178cm including the pins. You won't have any trouble interchanging the two types.

As an afterthought, if you are going to upgrade a sunbed to a UVB treatment bed then make sure it one that has 100W (or more) tubes fitted. That being the case it is sure to work with the Philips TL01 100W tubes instead.

Posted Fri 18 Jan 2019 12.23pm by Vicki

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either the hand held devices or the mini philips tripod lamp... I am not completely covered just elbows, knees and a few splodges of guttate on my calves and ankle so do not think that I probably need the full canopy ... Are these lamps anywhere near as effective as the full one ? Is there anyone that lives near Exeter in Devon that is either selling theirs or wants to make some money by renting theirs out ?

Thank you so much for reading !


Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 5.25am by Jeannette50

I think you need to talk to a doctor about this Vicki

Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 5.18pm by Jackie


The hand held units give good results too but can be time consuming as they only cover a small area at a time, check out what radius it does, if its only for small patches it would work, but every patch would need to be treated. Hope this helps


Posted Wed 23 Jan 2019 2.47pm by bazzerd
It started as a small patch on my shin 12 months ago..now covers approx 70% of my body..just started UVB light therapy..I am 54 and never ha

Hi everyone,

good to hear the good results from UVB, it worked brilliantly for me.

I had it myself twice at the hospital (30 sessions over 10 weeks each time)

So I decided to buy my own canopy from MB skin, with the nine phillips TL01 6 foot tubes)

approx 2 years ago, It has only been used for about 20 hours total, as my P

changed to erythradermic, and can't use it anymore. i'm on biologics now,

and cleared up a treat, would be happy to sell to a fellow sufferer for half price £700,

Based in Bolton, email bazzerd@hotmail.com.

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