UVB unit for home therapy.

Posted Wed 10 May 2017 17.31 by Jackie

Hi, I have suffered from psoriasis for 13 yrs, It gets really bad on my joints so bad that I cannot bend my arms as my elbows are thick plaques!. I have given up on creams from doctors, time consuming and not pleasant to be greasy all day/night. Having had light therapy at hospital twice which cleared it after around 5 months 3 times per week never managing to go past the 90 sec mark as I burned. The hospital will only allow you to go once every year because of the risk of skin cancer, the waiting lists are really long and I found that it came back within weeks of treatment. So I have purchased a UVB unit for home, planning to do the same as hospital treatment, starting at 30 sec increasing it 10% if all is good. Its been 2 weeks now & I am up to a minute and the difference in my skin is amazing! gone are the thick plaques and it has been reduced to slightly pink and alot smoother. I can bend my arms without pain, no itch or skin flaking off. The unit was expensive but totally worth it, I have no doubts it will clear it up then I plan to only use the unit once or twice a week to keep it at bay. The doctors or dermatologist wont recommend this because of the skin cancer risk, but at 2/3 mins a week I am willing to take the risk to be clear. I just wanted to post to tell people of my experience with the unit letting you know that option is there. I have pictures of my arms I am willing to show but cannot upload a photo, If you would like I can email them to you if you want, This unit has been a lifesaver to me and I hope you know that if all else fails this has really good results all be it at a price. I hope to have this unit for many years and be psoriasis free with the treatment at home. I hope this benefits some of you in your search for relief from this condition.

Posted Thu 11 May 2017 19.46 by Shambles

Hi. Are these beds like the sunbeds,or is it like the philips uvb light you hold in your hand Colin

Posted Thu 11 May 2017 22.05 by Jackie

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 21.08 by cmc

Hi, I was going to purchase one of the hand held ones are they as effective?

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 21.22 by Jackie

As far as I know its not suitable if you have it all over your body as it only covers a small area. so would be very time consuming.

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 21.25 by Jackie

Just to update everyone. I have been using it every other day since I purchased it, My psoriasis is nearly cleared. a small bit on my elbows these were really thick plaques, but all other patches have cleared I am delighted with it.

Posted Sun 11 Jun 2017 21.56 by Summer

Hi I received my bed Philips 9 tube tl01 bed about 3 weeks ago, the dermatologist would not refer me to the hospital, basically i wasn't covered enough, this was last year, I did my research and found the bed on line, I asked the dermatologist and showed him the Philips bed, he told me this is the tube the hospital use, begging of this year my skin had a nasty flair up, I was not going down the rout of referrals, it takes far to long, so I looked in to buying the bed, I did read up a lot befor I bought it, I am absolutely amazed at the results, the doctors told me I had had a virus, which I had had a nasty cold, she told me I had had a break out of tear drops, (I also do suffer with psoriasis) , which were all over my back and arms, this spring there was no way I could were a t shirt, I use it every other day, for 70 seconds on the front and 70 seconds on the back, Iv been on it 13 times, I was advised to start at 30 seconds and add 10 seconds on, I'm hoping in the next few times I will have a break form it, and see how I get on, it was a lot of money £1360 I was very sceptical if it would work, but I can honestly say, it has, im amazed at the results, and so are the few people who I should my skin to prior to purchasing the bed, if you need any more advice, please ask, I hope this helps you

Posted Wed 12 Jul 2017 23.57 by tracey

Hi Jackie and Summer, I too have purchased the 9 tube TL01 tube sun canopy and can't wait for it to be delivered, will report on how I get on, hoping I will have the same results as you, I am currently covered head to foot with plaque. Going on holiday Sunday, so hopefully won't be mistaken for a big fish when swimming in the sea Lol.

1 Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 13.32 by Jackie

Hi Tracey. I am psoriasis clear, The bed has been amazing for me, I am currently only using it 2/3 times a week just to keep it at bay. I have been using the body shop hemp cream moisturiser as well as I dont like the creams the doctor prescribes, I find that to be the one that works for me & my skin. I hope you have the same results, it is slow in the beginning it took me a couple of weeks to notice the difference but 8 weeks in and I am clear. Good Luck, Enjoy you're holiday.

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 15.38 by Summer

Hi Tracey I'm sure you will get brilliant results, had my bed may16th, Iv used it every other day in total 16 times, starting at 20 seconds and adding on 10 seconds till I go to 80 seconds, front and again on back, People who I had show my arms to before the bed, can't believe the results I have had, my body is now clear, I'm sure it will come back, then I will ha e to get back on it, hope you too get great results, & im sure the sun will be a great help Enjoy Summer

Posted Fri 21 Jul 2017 12.23 by Glaro

Hi all, Where do you buy replacement Phillips Tl01 uvb tubes?

Posted Fri 21 Jul 2017 14.16 by Summer

Hi Krag87 When I have to replace mine, I shall go to MBS that's where i purchased it, I think they are around £70.? Per tube.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 2017 18.15 by Fruitbat1

Hey you, So pleased that you have good results, but have you seen the new Philips blue light therapy unit ?????? No nasty uva/uvb rays and results have been amazing !!!!! I have just bought one on a 90 day free trial so i will keep you informed of its results hun x Mel Wilde

Posted Sat 22 Jul 2017 14.58 by TomT66

Hi everyone this is the first time on. I'm a 51 yr old male ive suffered with this awful condition for about 7 yrs now ive tried all the creams oils moisturizers etc the only thing that worked for me was the uvb treatment that was through the nhs unfortunately my P returned but for the 2 or 3 months after the uvb treatment I was P free such relief even for a short time I felt "normal" it was great. Ive recently ordered the uvb lamps to use at home and can't wait till its up and running

Posted Sun 23 Jul 2017 04.13 by Jackie

Hi, glad you decided to purchase the lamps. I have had great success with my bed. I haven't used it for a few weeks and I have a few bits on my elbows, dont want to use it if I dont really need to but with the moisturizer I use it reduces it too. Its all about finding out what works best for you...... The light treatment will help though, hope you have the same results, keep us updated. Jackie.

Posted Mon 6 Nov 2017 20.28 by Simon - 64 from Dorking
Had it for years but survived!

Hi All, I bought http://www.treatpsoriasistl01uvblamps.co.uk/index.php/3 (Philips 9 tube tl01) and started treatment on the day it was delivered - 28 Sep 2017. I have had moderate to severe psoriasis (head to toe; back, front and sides) for just over 30 years (I am 60). I had hospital based UVB treatment several years ago which did work well but was really inconvenient - a one hour round trip every two days for a treatment measured in seconds anybody? My dermatologist (at the time) was not a fan of UVB treatment and he discontinued my (NHS hospital) UVB treatment in favour of methotrexate which worked when I took it - but I could not cope with the "zero alcohol" regime that came with it and I reverted to "creams" which (for me) did nothing but "keep the weeds down". I only recently discovered that machines using "hospital grade" UVB tubes were available for home use. At hospital, I had used a "walk in" unit (four sides treated at a time) but such a unit (even if I had space for it) was very expensive. I went for the above unit (also quite expensive) which I use "standing up". For each session I calculate the total time due for "both sides" (i.e. start low and add a bit more every time until you hit the max for your skin type) and I do a quarter turn every 10 seconds (a bit like a vertical hog roast) protecting my face which is thankfully not affected (of course also wearing dark goggles and socks over my "man bits" which other gentlemen who have had hospital treatment will know all about). It always makes me laugh to imagine what people would think if I suffered a (co-incidental) fatal heart attack when so attired! I keep a record of exposure and being "skin type 4" I was happy to "start low" on 28 Sep 2017 (at "40 secs per side") and "go max" on 28 Oct 2017 (I use the machine every other day). As of o6 Nov 2017 (nearly 7 weeks in) my skin is "near normal". You can certainly still see where the psoriasis "was" (the skin is relatively dark - but it is flat and smooth) and some patches "persist"; relative to the rest of my body they are not yet quite "flat and smooth" - but they are not "scaly or flaky" either. I did notice some "itchiness" a couple of weeks in but this did not bother me because I had experienced this before (during NHS treatment). It soon passed (for me). My core regime (not that I don't wash at other times) is to have a long, hot shower every other day and scrub off all the dead skin (mercifully less every time) and wash my hair with (coal tar based) shampoo: https://helloskinshop.co.uk/products/artnaturals-argan-oil-shampoo-473ml I then do the UVB thing and apply (coal tar based): http://stores.ebay.co.uk/marketingnewyork/?_dmd=1&_nkw=mg+217 I have no connection with any of the above suppliers - over and above being a customer. It can't be cured but I wish you improvement... Simon

Posted Tue 5 Dec 2017 22.47 by Noel

I am interested in your posts Simon and Tracey. Are you both in the belief that exposure to UVB for 70 seconds until the psoriasis disappears. No further increase in exposure times and every other day. I have just got the same unit and would be happy to follow this routine. Have these timings increased and have the psoriasis diminished in this course if treatment.

Posted Tue 3 Jul 2018 21.47 by lwrightuk

Are any of the original posters still live on this forum?

Posted Tue 3 Jul 2018 21.53 by Jackie

Yes I am.

Posted Wed 4 Jul 2018 06.57 by Summer

Yes I am.

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