Palmoplantar pustulosis-any tips for daily life?

Posted Tue 30 May 2017 12.19pm by McJu


I've recently been diagnosed with this horrid condition & could do with some practical advice on how to cope with normal activities.

This condition starts with small blisters (pustules) that feel like shards of glass, they dry up & peel which results in very flaky skin that gets caught on everything. Then it all repeats resulting in very sore hands & feet.

Never realized how much you use hands for until this, don't like asking people to undo stuff for me, or hubby doing all cooking etc.

Any help gratefully received as it is getting me down.


Posted Tue 30 May 2017 8.19pm by Lynne

Hi, so sorry you have this, I too have been diagnosed with this and am waiting to see a dermatologist in June. My GP has prescribed Zeroderm for the flakey skin and I am rubbing in Dermovate at night for the blisters. It has got me down at times as I have never suffered with skin problems before but joining this forum has helped.


Posted Wed 31 May 2017 7.38am by McJu

Hi Lynne,

Went to see nurse yesterday who called in my gp, was in tears throughout, gp was quite shocked at the deterioration since I came off dovubet, now on betnovate, fingers crossed.

Gp also going to write to hospital as when I rang to make apt they deferred me to another dr surgery....which would mean I would see the other dermatologist gp from my surgery at another surgery! Apparently the hospital keep cancelling their referrals.

This tipped me over the edge yesterday as hospital was my light at the end of the tunnel, so to find out I'd been fobbed off with another gp surgery was so disappointing.

Also discovered that the emollient I'd been using in the shower is also a moisturiser! They weren't able to offer any practical advice.

Sorry to hear you have it too Lynne, least we both know what the other is going through.

Gets somewhat frustrating as everything takes longer!

Wondering if I will have to change jobs as I escort visitors to our site, don't want to shake hands with people!


Posted Wed 31 May 2017 5.24pm by Lynne

I know how you feel, I was going to the Doctors at least once a week up to about 3 weeks ago as nothing was working. That is awful that you keep getting referred to different surgeries, I was lucky I have managed to get an appointment at the hospital within 8 weeks, the recommendation was to be seen within 18 weeks! but my GP marked it as urgent.

I am sorry that you are going through this, it is horrible.

I hope you don't have to change your job, have you made your firm aware of it.


Posted Mon 24 Jul 2017 11.26am by Kate


I was diagnosed (by biopsy) with palmar-plantar pustular psoriasis a couple of weeks ago . I'd had ugly lesions on my left sole for over 2 years but no doctor would put a name to it. One told me it was rubbing shoes causing hard skin on my feet. Then it started on my hands. As the others say, it is very ugly and makes me not even want to put my hand out for change when I go shopping. Although I'm English, I live in Germany. The dermatologist here has suggested that it's a side effect of Plaquenil which I take for autoimmune hair thinning. He gave me a strong cortisone cream which causes a lot of burning and says that I should start UVA box light treatment twice a week for 4 weeks and if that doesn't work then he will give me acitretin. I read about Acetretin and the list of side effects sounds horrible and so am not keen. I am thinking of flying over to England in September to see a dermatologist privately. I'd love to know if anyone has any tips on keeping the palms soft, mine split and are very painful, the area affected covers nearly the whole palm. I use Aveeno, Bio-Oil and various urea based creams but they only work for about 10 mins. It's interesting that the other two who write here were also only recently diagnosed. Is there anyone who has had this longer? And does anyone have any experience with using a bluelight lamp at home?

Many thanks, Kate

Posted Thu 27 Jul 2017 11.55pm by Janw

Hi I know how you feel I've got it really bad on both feet and hands. It took 5 months before my gp referred me to hospital. I've had all the creams and steroid creams them light treatment which none never really made a difference. Then was put on Acitren which I've been on for over 4 months can't say it made a massive difference. Then yesterday at hospital was told to stop that then to start taking methotrexate next week, which I can't say I'm looking forward to taking. It just seems to be a no win situation I thought being diagnosed with MS was bad enough, but this PPP is never ending. I hope you get sorted soon and have better results than I have .x

Posted Fri 28 Jul 2017 10.24am by McJu


Recently been seen by another dermatologist who has turned this condition around for me. I'm now in cetraben ointment which can also be added to Bath, it looks like big pot of lard but melts with body temperature. Also steroid changed to mometasone furdate brand name elocon and within one week all my scabby blisters have peeled, skin no longer red raw & I can walk again without limping!

I wear cotton gloves all the time as stops me leaving a greasy trail, prevents the horror of holding a manly hand out for change & provides cushioning enabling me to touchtype still. I have found Skechers go walk trainers a god send as they have thick memory foam sole and are seemless, machine washable too!

Hope this helps?


Posted Sun 30 Jul 2017 2.16pm by Debinbris (edited Sun 30 Jul 2017 2.27pm by Debinbris)

Hi, I've had PPP for 9 yrs now. I have tried every lotion, potion and cream. Methotrexate, Actitritin, blue light and the only product that gives any comfort is plain Parafin. Soft white parafin. Keeps skin soft so you can at least walk. Buy it in the Chemist lasts months. Apply twice a day. Nothing else worked for me!

I was so disillusioned by the lack of useful help from specialists that I stopped seeing any for 3-4 years.

Last week I went back. I am now on a new product called "Cyclosporin" Google it! They have made huge advances medically. Now the docs need to get up to speed with them.

It seems to be working!!!! But Im not getting too excited until I see long term results!!

If this dosnt work, apparently next step is some drug introveniously administered.

Apparently will stop my body sttacking itself, as is yours.

Seriously Google Cyclosporin amazing!

Light at the end of the tunnel!! Woohooo.

Posted Mon 9 Oct 2017 8.44am by Sue P


Good morning & thanks for taking the time to write about your experience.

I describe my experience as my journey, it’s developing as I go along. Like you I won’t be beaten, Diet & looking after myself are my priorities. now. I am in a better place now after leaving my career of nearly 40 years.

I haven’t forgotten that awful place I was last year & that’s what drives me forward.

Love to you all & try & find a light to focus on & take little steps to move towards it.

Posted Mon 23 Oct 2017 3.10pm by Helen Evans


I was diagnosed with PPP at Easter by a dermatologist who I saw privately as didn't want to wait AT LEAST seven months on NHS. Of course, the person I saw privately (24 hours to wait for appointment) was same person I would have waited at least seven months to see :-)

I have "it" on my palms, thumbs, side of heels and underneath heels. Now got small patches starting on sideS of big toes.

I've also seen a chiropodist and spoken with a vet.

GP prescribed me with every ointment you've ever heard of. Vet said that none of these will ever cure PPP all they do is slow down skin thickening so that emollient creams work more effectively. Vet suggested getting a cream containing cold tar and hoping to collect a GP prescription this evening.

Chiropodist said much the same, although feet felt so much better after she'd removed all the hard, scaly skin. She suggested buying a large, good quality foot file and using as often as needed. It's also good for dealing with itches!! She suggested that you can over-moisturise (who knew!) and can use any good quality cream of your choice. Such a shame that we can't see an NHS chiropodist.

My daily regimen for the last three weeks has been:- for feet - morning: quick soak in warm water with salt and blob of hair shampoo with coal-tar (I use T-Gel); dry feet and add moisturising cream; cover as much of PPP as I can with dressings (or cotton socks). Moisturise hands. Moisturise hands again at lunchtime. Evening: remove dressings (cotton socks) and any excess moisturiser remaining; get to work with the foot file (carefully, of course) and be pleasantly surprised (or worried!) by about how much dead skin comes off. Quick soak in warm water, salt and shampoo and moisturise. Socks til bed-time. If you use an prescribed ointment, I imagine that this would be the best time to apply it as warm skin will absorb better. Treat palms with foot file and moisturise. If I wake in the night for a pee, then moisturise hands and feet and back off to sleep. For me, any product containing lanolin is fatal - well no, it won't kill me but you'll know what I mean :-)

Although it is time-consuming, my hands and feet feel less sore and look less shocking. I too have lived in Skechers Go Walk trainers since Easter but am determined to be back in boots by the end of October.

Posted Tue 24 Oct 2017 8.29am by Jane p

I have had this condition for 4 years now have tried every cream going light therapy acetertin methetotrexate I have now been given ciclosporin but after reading the side affects (only after experiencing severe headaches and blood shot eyes ) I have stopped taking this after a week as I am now to scared to take it !!

Has anyone suffered bad side effects with this drug

I am going to guys hospital in November to see a specialist so will leave any medication till I have seen them

Posted Fri 10 Nov 2017 8.19pm by Charlene841
Hi, I’ve been a sufferer of PPP for 10 years.

Hi all,

I’m new to the site and have had PPP for 10 years. Tired everything to no avail, like everyone seems to find. Not so long ago I was prescribed Fucibet, which is a tropical corticosteroid cream with antibiotics. I was advised to use this for 2 weeks. While I followed the advise, I found that all the horrible flaking, pustules and itchy went, my hands looked ‘normal’. I stopped using this 2 weeks ago and have found its back with a vengeance and made the fingertips crack, so much so that it’s very painful to write, per my animals to eating difficult. I’ve seen a dermatologist who I found to just fobbed me off.

While im not taking anything to help this or applying any prescribed creams, I’m just using Palmer’s cocoa solid butter to keep moisturised and this is helping to keep the flaky supple to not hurt when they come off, as well as keeping the skin moisturised.

I do hope you can find something that works for you. We all know how this can be debilitating. We stand strong together.

Posted Fri 5 Jan 2018 7.46pm by Malin

Hi everyone dealing with this horrible condition Palmoplantar pustulosis!

For about six years ago I got my first blisters in my palms, and then I went to see a doctor and she diagnosed me with Palmoplantar pustulosis. She gave me antibiotics and cortison. That was the worst thing I could give my body. I collapsed inside, the antibiotics killed all my good bacteria in my stomach and my health went down and my hands and feets were misrable. Sometimes I couldn’t walk on my feets and my hands were so sore. After four years I started on a diet, candida diet. And my health came back, I felt strong and all my palmoplantar pustulosis were completely gone for 2 years. In autumn 2017 it came back... because I had started to fail my diet, I ate gluten, dairy products and so on. And I realized I had to go back to where I was before with my diet. I stopped eating the bad stuff and it took 1 week and all the blisters had dried and underneath them was healthy skin!!! I’m so happy, because it works! :) My diet is easy but hard on the same time: I don’t eat gluten, dairy products, sugar, arthificial sugar, E-substances, fast food. I eat food made from scratch, vegetables, clean food, fruits and so on.

A woman named Åsa Kärrman has written a book about her way to recovery: ”How To Treat PPP Naturally: Put Your Palmoplantar Pustular Psoriasis In Remission And Get Your Life Back In 90 days”.

I’m an living example for that ”wrong” food can make the condition worse but also that ”right” food can heal Palmoplantar pustulosis!

I feel for you all and I wish you all good luck!

Posted Sat 13 Jan 2018 10.06pm by Sue P

I’ve just finished reading the book that Malin mentions. I’ve read several books on the subject but the main thread seems to be the same. Whilst reading it it made sense to me so I’m giving it a go. What’s 90 Days, I’ve just spent 104 weeks visiting the Dermatologist & got nowhere so what have I got to lose !!! Will keep you posted

Posted Tue 23 Jan 2018 2.48pm by amanda_Dev

Hi All

I have had PPP for just over 16 years now on both feet and both hands. There have been years of remission but for whatever reason it comes back and when it does it comes back with a vengeance.

I definitely agree with those who say diet plays a huge part as the longest i have been symptom free is 6 years and during this time i stuck to a very restricted diet. Which involved no protein, carbs, gluten and most definitely alcohol however I had other side effects to the diet i.e losing my hair which made me go back to eating normally. I still restrict myself to a certain extent by limiting certain foods and alcohol as this plays a part in exacerbating the symptoms but sometimes for no rhyme or reason it just explodes.

At its worse I couldn't walk and couldn't touch anything without wearing the cotton gloves and was restricted to being home all the time, as someone else has said Sketchers are great as they provide a good support for the soles and you can wash them as i have to moisturise my feet constantly throughout the day. During the night I apply cream and apply latex gloves to my feet to keep them soft so I don't itch or catch on the bed. It looks ridiculous but it makes a difference I swear ! I also wear rubber gloves when doing any kind of washing/cleaning as chemicals can make it worse and dry out the skin and if there is one thing which really gets to me about this condition its the itching !!! No one who doesn't suffer this can possibly understand just how bad this can be but i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy !

Anyway, the things which have helped me over the years are not the prescripted drugs but clean living, sunshine (not PUVA as that does nothing) , the sea and no stress.

Posted Sun 27 May 2018 10.56am by Tflake

Hi everyone ,

Iv had PPP for five months now and its been hell ! So i take my hat off to the people who have had it much longer. Iv used every steroid cream / ointments offerd to no affect . Iv had to go private as the NHS has been awful so far . I got more information and compassion in one hour with the private dermatologist then i have with four Gps and two NHS dermatologist in 5 months. A month ago i decided to change my diet as i thought it may make a difference and it did . Just cutting out white bread , potatoes, dairy and red meat and i noticed a real difference , specially the itching and pain ! . I also use virgin coconut oil in the bath which gives much relief to the dryness and flaking. At work i use dermavate ointment . Slap loads on then cotton gloves and then vinyl gloves on top ,

My feet are not improving as much as my hands but like a few have said sketchers are the way to go !! They have been a god send as im on my feet all day .

Just wanted to ask if anyone has any thyriod problems ? as im boardline and i was told it could be linked .

Posted Sun 27 May 2018 6.41pm by McJu

Hi all,

I started this thread about a year ago & thought I would share what I've discovered so far. I can only speak for what has worked for me and am not medically trained.

Dr's whether NHS or private have been pretty much useless. My friend who has had lifelong eczema and AS has offered lots more practical advice! Mometasone is the only steroid cream to touch it, but use sparingly, no more than fingertip amount for each foot & share for on hands. Only use for a few days when blisters appear then stop.

Don't bother with emollients, as I discovered from this sites newsletter there is such a thing as over moisturing! Avoid all chemicals, so long bubble baths! I had to get a cleaner in to do housework....every cloud & all that! 😜

Dead Sea salt in the bath did help, until the psoriasis got under my toenails then it just killed! Have just been referred to podiatry as my nails are thick & horrific!

I no longer wear gloves. Blisters are only occasional, yet last October I was debating getting a mobility scooter as could only stand for brief periods & walk no more than 5 mins max! Don't bother applying for PIP, apparently not being able to stand/walk/grip/cut/chop is not reason enough! However according to my Occ Health is does qualify as disability. Don't be a martyr, fight for reasonable adjustments & take time off if you need to.

In short, now I largely neglect my condition (apart from trimming dead skin....cos it catches on everything!), when I get a blister flare up (last one triggered by alcohol), then I apply small amounts of steroids for a few days & hope that's all it will take!

Drs can't tell me how long it will remain like this (in the main I go straight to peel stage & largely miss out the blister stage of the blister/peel/repeat cycle). Without the blister stage & without the excess steroid treatment I feel I have some semblance of my life back!

Yes my flip flop & nail polish days are over as my feet (& hands) look like they've been dipped in acid & my nails are grim, BUT that's nothing compared to where I was about 7 months ago!

Good luck ladies (lets face it, it's another thing that mainly affects us females) & invest heavily in Skechers!



Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 7.31pm by Connie

I am grateful to read your experiences. I have PPP for 4 months. Dermatologist, ER doctor, Allergist then Rheumatologist who did DNA markers in blood work. Meanwhile I searched the web and compared photos and learned what it was before the tests confirmed it. I have Alopecia totalis for 35 years, it’s is an auto immune condition that causes total hair loss, PPP is another auto immune condition. When you have one auto immune condition, a second one is more likely to appear later. I experienced the painful cuts in my feet that felt like stepping in razor blades with every step. I tried every cream available and found one that worked. Aquaphor. It’s over the counter so available anywhere. I buy big containers and then a tube for my handbag.. It takes a week for the cuts to heal by applying the cream multi times a day. When it stops feeling like razor blades and more like stepping on nails you know it’s improving. Very thick cushion slippers help with walking. I applied Aloe leaf to the cuts by removing the skin of the leaf and making slices in the aloe so it released its gel. Putting my feet on frozen gel packs helped with the pain and inflammation. Then apply the Aquaphor and cotton socks. You must spend time daily tending to your feet. Just have to do it. Can’t let it get out of hand. I do long lukewarm feet soaks with Epsom salts. Love the ones with scents. Dry and cream my feet the loose cotton low socks. Cut the band in a V so not tight. The next day, the thick skin will be ready to come off. Go gentle. Do this every other day till you remove all the thick overgrowth of skin. 3X a day cream your feet. Your hands multi times a day. Keep cotton socks on them . For dress shoes use cotton liners. Once you remove the thick skin it’s easier to manage your skin with the Aquaphor cream. Stress seems to be a trigger. I’m going to try the diet suggested. Makes sense to me. So glad not to feel alone in managing this. By the way, I’m allergic to most all medication and NSAIDs so I only have the option to try natural stuff. Reading how the medication hasn’t worked reassures me that I didn’t lose out on some medical breakthrough solution. The Rheumatologist was honest and said there is no medicine only management of symptoms.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 1.22pm by Lorna

Hi everyone, I had palm psoriasis for about fifteen years & told by specialists that it is a life long condition, that the skin on my hands grew 10 times faster than anywhere else & just keep using all these creams !!

Well about a year ago my hands were split & bleeding so I got an emery board & worked on the thickened skin to remove it then used sorbolene cream.

I kept doing this when my hands started to thicken or crack about every week at first then less often.

Now my hands are absolutely normal!!

I ALWAYS wear gloves when cooking, washing up, gardening, cleaning etc etc just in case.

It has worked for me so I hope I can help someone else with such an easy remedy.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 9pm by SheilaM

Does anyone else have burning of their feet and hands with this condition, hands are really itchy at the moment not sure if I'm over moisturising. Really not sure what to use on hands, waiting to see gp again just had uvb on feet and then hands flared up. No follow up with dermatologist is this normal?

Posted Wed 20 Jun 2018 9.10pm by Amandae

Hi. I agree this is an awful condition to have. I have had psoriasis on my hands now for a year. I was referred to a specialist in august last year for uvb treatment but the waiting list was so long that during the wait my psoriasis got so bad that I couldn't stretch my hands out. I eventually ended up with cellulitis. After a couple of courses of antibiotics this was cured but my hands were still bad. I got an earlier appointment at the specialists who recommended accetretin. I started taking this in January. It helped a little. Shortly after I started the uvb treatment which was working OK. I could stretch my hands out for the first time in months. When I got to treatment times of 4 minutes though my hands couldn't take it. The accetretin was blamed for this as it is light sensitive. My hands are now worse than ever. I am probably going to take mexodrate now. Appointment next week. Fingers crossed!

Posted Wed 20 Jun 2018 10.09pm by SheilaM

Hope something works for you at moment my hands are peeling beautifully gone back onto do obey as fucibide seemed to make worse see what go says may start coal tar again as that worked for me years ago . Cotton glove certainly seems to help protect!!

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2018 1.57am by Connie

I found a wonderful cream that helps the layers of skin peal. It’s non perscription and you can find it anywhere online. Amazon, Walmart, lots of places. Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Moisturer. It contains 2% Salicylic acid and Zinc. It calms the insane itching, reduces the redness (nice surprise) and moisturizes. You can apply it 4X a day. On my feet after 2 days the thick skin began to peal off. My hands overnight looked so much better. Cuts were healing. When you first apply it it stings hard for a few minutes then the relief starts. The sting is only initially and stings mostly on my feet. Apply only a thin coat. It spreads easily. I also applied it to the spots and scales on my legs. By morning they were less red and healing. Best of all the insane itching was soothed. For $10 it was a great find!! Hope you can find it online. I feel hopeful at last. :D

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2018 5.05pm by SheilaM

I will have a look for this not sure if we can get in uk sm

Posted Fri 22 Jun 2018 5.50pm by Joe woods

All I have psoriasis on my hands and feet I have seen a dermatologist for three years now and tried everything from Methatraxate pills to injections creams and more pills nothing they have given me worked. I am in constant pain and feels like I am walking on broken glass most days when the cuts dry up I am in pain with a dull ache almost like someone crushing my feet. My mental health is suffering and I feel constantly depressed with the pain. Anyone any hints or advice to help I am in agony

Posted Wed 27 Jun 2018 10.21pm by Sue P

Hi Joe, sorry it’s taken so long to respond to your post but I had problems with my password.

I can totally appreciate the pain you are going through & the situation you are now in.

I myself have been through the same, with no answers, I have lost my job of nearly 40 years & was rock bottom.

My turning point was when I said no more & took control of my treatments. I refused further meds. stopped the steroids & everything else they tried to get me to take. None of it worked !!! My Dermatologist who was great said that ‘ hands & feet are the hardest to treat & sometimes don’t respond to the treatments.

I accepted the condition & was determined to look at alternative options.

I looked at diet, read loads of books & tried to become healthier all round. I make & drink goats milk Kefir daily & have implemented dietary changes. There have been ups & downs, my feet are better than they were but they still crack & bleed daily & can be very painful. My hands are a lot better at present. Each night & sometimes at lunchtime I soak my feet for 30 mins in foot spa, then cover in Aveeno moisturiser which I get on prescription & then wrap in clingfilm & leave on all night. They’re great in the morning but start deteriorating by the afternoon. This enables me to do as much as I can earlier on & be thankful of the improvement. My spirits have lifted so much.

I don’t know you’re situation, age etc but please don’t give up.

I hope this has helped a bit, I wish I could do more.

Take care

Posted Fri 6 Jul 2018 3.30pm by Joe woods


Many thanks for your response, I am 43 keep very fit and healthy I am a member of our local mountain rescue team and do lots of cycling so really enjoy being fit.

I have had an appointment with my dermatologist who says that she now wants to test me again to see if I am elegiac to anything even though she has done this before and results are negative. I have pretty much gave up with them now anyway as they don’t help. I read about changing my diet but was told that it was nothing to do with my diet from my dermatologist.

I am depressed fed up and so down and se to be searching and getting nowhere.

Any way thanks for your advice

Posted Sat 7 Jul 2018 10.07am by Amandae

Hi all. I went to my specialist appointment last week expecting to be put on methatraxate but one of my blood test hadn't come back. My doctor then called another doctor in who specialised in hand psoriasis. She advised that ciclosporin was the best option as it works quickly. My hands were so bad that they took photos to use for medical studies. I have now been on the ciclosporin for a weekand my psoriasis has cleared up. They are still dry and look a bit plastic but I can do normal things and my hands look nearly normal. I soak my hands in oilatum when they get too dry and follow with cetraban. The only problem is this tablet can't be taken long term so I hope it stays away when I stop taking it. So far only side effect is really swollen ankles but that could be the heat! Hope everyone can get a bit of respite from this awful condition but I would recommend the ciclosporin.

Posted Sat 7 Jul 2018 7.16pm by Connie

Hello all,

I am grateful for your postings. I come here and read so I don’t feel so alone and freakish with this condition. My skin has been perfectly clear and soft all my life. I never experienced teenage acne. So this horrific condition was the last thing I expected to deal with.

I’ve been keeping up with the Aquaphor cream, and it has prevented cracking. I generously apply it multi times a day, wear socks and gloves if I cook or wash.. or when watching TV or using the keyboard. I think massaging my feet and hands has helped them feel better.

I decided to try a new approach since I’m allergic to most medications. Acupuncture. I’m a real sceptic but had nothing to lose. I arrived Extremely nervous, got dry mouth, then overheated and needed her to lower the AC and a fan. The needles weren’t such a big deal. 30 min later I woke to hear a soft alarm outside the exam room. Yes! Woke! I fell asleep! I’ve had 2 treatments so far. I paid in advance for 10. Reduced rate and I wanted a reason to commit to this. Today I woke to no pain in feet and hands, no new cuts, light pink instead of red fiery skin. Applied my Aquaphor and gloves and have renewed hope. Let’s see where this goes.

Added Tumeric to my diet. Also ginger and pineapple for their anti inflammatory properties. Drinking my 2 large cups of coffee still but added green tea decaf with pomegranate the rest of the day. Green tea is also anti inflammatory. Please share what things you are trying.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 1.37am by Connie

I am hoping this post will be the first day to freedom from PPP. A physician friend has been researching on my behalf and learned something that could explain how and why I got this. First, I never fit what is described as the profile for PPP. Researchers say that 95% of persons who get this are heavy smokers and heavy drinkers. I do neither and never have. So I just figured I’m in the 5%. Another profile is obese. I need to lose a few pounds but I’m not obese. So again, I said, either way, I have this horrid painful affection. Now the news. The on Rx medication I take for 3 years is a beta blocker for heart A-fib and high blood pressure. My pressure is controlled with a very small dose of Atenolol, 25mg am and pm.

So yesterday my physician friend discovered there is a link between beta blockers and PPP. The allergic reaction shows between 4 to 48 months. It takes a while for your body to react to being allergic or toxic to the beta blocker and what the beta blocker does. My cardiologist put me on a channel blocker, Ditiazem, generic, been around a long long time and proved safe.

Let’s see if this is the explanation for how I got this. Now that I know I googled Atenolol and beta blocker with the words Palmar Plantar Psoriasis and find all kinds of related reading. Also, on the drug side effects listed as a minor side effect is rashes and effects similar to

PPP. In addition to beta blockers, NSAIDs, non perscription pain meds Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Naproxen ( Advil and Alere) will bring this on. Here is from the Journal of Clinical Dermatology explaining drug induced PPP.

If this truly is an allergic reaction to the beta blocker then that means once it goes away then it will not return once. I am full of hope.

Do your research of any medications you take.


Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 4.46pm by SheilaM

Shall also check this out as I have been on naproxen for many years, will talk to my gp never considered any of this as I have always had psoriasis and thought it was all linked!!

Sheila sm

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.36am by Connie

1 Posted Sat 28 Jul 2018 5.44pm by Connie

Update on previous posting 2 weeks ago:

Since my doctor took me off the beta blocker Atenolol and switched me to a calcium channel blocker for A-fib, my skin has improved incredibly! No more cracks, no more pain, thickening skin growth has significantly slowed. The inflammation in my feet has reduced so much that my sneakers and slippers are way too big, they flop, unwearable! My hands feel normal but still have areas bright pink. At this rate of improvement I can predict that in 2 more weeks this horrible and painful condition will be gone! Bold statement for sure. I’m going to try to post some pictures. Truly horrific and embarrassing pictures of what I’ve been dealing with on my feet and hands. Emotional and physically it’s been difficult. I’m so grateful not to feel alone in this. Your posts have inspired me to keep searching for an cause. Thank you for your posts!

Posted Sat 28 Jul 2018 7.46pm by Sue P

Thanks Connie,

I’m in the bath at the moment feeling sorry for myself. This bloody condition is always there & impacts on my daily schedule. Never mind it has been worse, feet now easing, candles lit & listening to Ed Sheeran.

Thanks for your input & I will look at your link, great to hear your positivity.

I’ll keep smiling x

Posted Sun 29 Jul 2018 8.14pm by Cattango


I just read your past two messages and need to know more. I’ve been on Atenelol since I was 21... now 34. About a year and a half ago, I developed what looks like little sores on the tip of my tongue. I had a biopsy done, and all that came back were inflammation markers. With the ongoing sores, my right hand would produce small blisters, forming in a cluster, eventually breaking and peeling my skin away. I now have this a raw patch that extends from the left side to the middle of my right hand. I’m currently on 25 mg of atenolol and 40 mg of Diovan. Please let me know dropping atenolol has helped you further. I want to believe this could be the answer I’m possibly looking for.

Thank you,


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 1.58pm by Jo

Hi everyone,

I have had PPP for about two years now and it was triggered by taking Humira for Crohn’s disease. I came off the drug 9 months after I started it as the PPP on my hands and feet was so bad. After about a further 5 months the PPP calmed but I was still applying diprosalic 0.05% everyday but at least could walk and wear normal footwear but I still had plasters on my hands covering the cuts. I was then diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and put on infliximab for this which has given me psoriasis all over my body now as well as the PPP which is disabling me. I have been having phototherapy for 3 months which has helped the psoriasis on upper body but nowhere else and have been taken off infliximab. I also have just had a months course of coal tar with steroid which has made my feet so sore and painful I can’t stand for longer than 10 mins. Has anyone else experienced this?

It has also now spread to 6 nails on my fingers all my nails on my toes. I soak my feet twice a day and moisturise with diprobase cream and wrap them in cling film at night after applying diprobase ointment and also still use diprosalic 0.05% when the blisters appear.

However after all this my feet and hands are just not improving. The itching, redness and scaling just will not improve and I have no idea where to go from here as my life is consumed by this condition. Has anyone out there had a biologic called Secukinumab? And did it help

Any advice would be greatly received as I don’t know where to go from here to treat what I have.


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 2.55pm by McJu


Please scroll up & read my post of 27 May 18.

I too have PPP in one fingernail & toenails,

Do not apply steroid daily as it thins the skin and when you are in cycle of bluster peel repeat...well like you say can't stand or walk for long.

Buy Skechers memory foam shoes or trainers they do help a lot!

I now don't use moisturizer emollients or steroids & my condition is so much more manageable, can go on long hikes, stand as long as I want. Doing this has by and large stopped the blistering, I just go straight to peel stage, but feel I have my life back!

I feel your pain sweetie & no how down this shitty condition can make you, but try stopping "treatment" lets face how much worse can it get? So glad I did!

Hope it improves soon.



Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 2.58pm by McJu


Do you know you are only allowed phototherapy 5 times in your lifetime?

Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 3.18pm by Jo

Hi McJu,

Thank you for your advice about stopping everything, funny as that is exactly what my fiancé said earlier today.

Can I ask you what normal moisturiser you use if you don’t use emollients? I have been using Aveeno on my body but doesn’t seem to work so well on the feet.

And no I didn’t know about the amount of phototherapy you could have. Interesting!

I think it’s a vicious circle as I am stressing about the condition which is probably making it worse.

It’s nice to know that I am not alone and looking on this forum just makes it that little bit easier and everyone understands.

Thank you


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 4.38pm by SheilaM

Hi I also use the avens on my hands and feet but I use the daily moisturising lotion, rather than cream I find it better. But also use diprosalic 0.5 at night and flexitime 10 percent in mornings have found derma silk gloves, I was buying cotton, really useful at night after ointments my GP prescribed after I told him I was buying Cotten gloves. Much more under control and not getting the awful splits at the moment. Have also had one lot of uva but had another years ago when my ordinary psoriasis was really bad, but that not bad at the moment, good luck.

Posted Sun 12 Aug 2018 4.54am by Connie

Hi all!

It’s been one month since I stopped the beta blocker. No NSAIDs. So, do you want to know?? I’m so pleased with the progress. I am feeling happy again. I honestly was deeply depressed over being hopeless and disabled in my feet and hands. It was impossibly painful to walk because it felt like razor blades in my feet. I couldn’t touch anything, not even water because my hands felt like shards of glass in them and the skin tore so easily. I couldn’t do anything without gloves.

So stopping the beta blocker was the right thing to do. It took 3-1/2 years to become toxic so it’s going take some time to detox.

But my hands and feet do not hurt, My feet are no longer swollen. Water doesn’t hurt! I can walk around and touch anything. You’d have to look to see the pinker spots on my hands. That’s the inflammation. So what I’ve been doing is having acupuncture once a week, drinking detox tea, and in the morning I put 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the mother in a glass of mineral water with Honey. Sorta tastes like spicy ginger ale. All that is to detox. Then for the inflammation I take Curcumin. You can find in a health food store. Read about it. The science behind studies supports that it reduces inflammation. That’s the biggest part of this darn condition. All the symptoms are a result of inflammation. It took me months to know that. So the cure is stop what’s causing it, detox and reduce the inflammation. The cream that helps me survive is Aquaphor. I had to put it on about 25 times a day to reduce the pain and soften the cracks. Now three times a day is enough. I was feeling so hopeless and now I feel so happy and hopeful. Honestly the loss of hope is as bad as the condition. You just gotta believe there’s an answer for you and you can beat this! Big hugs to all of you! XO

Posted Sat 18 Aug 2018 7.44pm by PussOff

Hi Connie, it’s interesting what you’ve discussed re beta blockers and I’m so glad you have mentioned this in this forum. I was taking beta blockers around the same this condition started on one foot. However, I was probably only taking them 2-3 times a week. The last time I took some were a month or so ago. Do you know how long they take to leave your system? I’m having PUVA treatment atm but it’s not helping and the immense itching phase has started again. I’m guessing my next hope is medication but I’ll be reluctant to take it for fear of having YET more side effects! I just wonder if when the beta blockers are out of my systems i May have a better chance of knocking this condition on the head.

Also just wondering if anyone has had it and have gotten rid of it and their skin has gone back to normal, even if it’s only for a few years?? I can’t see the skin on my feet ever getting back to normal and it’s making me feel very depressed.

Thanks in advance.

Posted Sat 18 Aug 2018 8pm by Cattango


I’ve been off beta blockers for almost a week now. I haven’t seen any changes yet with my hand, but I’m also going for allergy testing this week to see if something might be triggering my condition. Need to be off beta blockers for proper allergy testing. My symptoms are possibly eczema/psoriasis on my hand, joint pain, and tongue sores. I plan to keep this board updated with my progress.

Posted Sat 18 Aug 2018 8.07pm by PussOff

Cattango, thanks for your reply. It’d be great to hear how others progress. I will not be taking beta blockers again and my PUVA treatment is due to end in a couple of weeks and it’s only until after this that I can see the dermatologist again, which could be in 4 months!! I can’t wait that long :(

Posted Sun 19 Aug 2018 3.17am by Connie

Hi PussOff,

I’ve been off the beta blocker for 6 weeks. But I am actively trying to detox. I’m getting Acupuncture twice a week to detox. Also daily take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the mother and honey in mineral water. I’m only drinking mineral water since it corrects your body’s Ph to be more alkaline. My constant dry mouth ended. My skin is feeling more moist. Drinking one cup coffee in am then detox tea at other times. I was tested for all allergies and nothing turned up. Drinking plenty of water is important to detox. Plenty of sleep. Very important is not to let this discourage you and lead you to feel hopeless and depressed. It’s horrible and painful and I went down that dark path. Stay hopeful. This is reversing. It’s slow. Inflammation does damage you see and damage you can’t see. It takes time.. I’m seeing the inflammation reduced. I’m taking Curcumin for the inflammation. Also eating foods that help like pineapple and blueberries. Note changes with your phone camera, make notes. It’s hard to measure changes from memory. Photos are a great way to document your changes.

Posted Sun 19 Aug 2018 2.47pm by PussOff

Thanks, Connie

It’s when the cycle starts all over again after having thought it was getting better that makes this condition so hard to deal with. The itching / soreness has begun again and I just feel at my wits end now! As I’m sure you understand. I do however need to drink more water. My diet is not bad, but making little adjustments can only help I’m sure. I’ve never heard of Curcumin so will check it out. Thanks for help. I’ll update any improvements. All the best with your ongoing fight to get rid :)

Posted Sun 19 Aug 2018 4.54pm by Connie


Yes, you said it exactly! It’s the day to day management that wears on your spirit. That’s when we have to have an outlet like this forum to express what we are dealing with without having to look at the faces of friends that need an explanation from the beginning every time they ask. We here all get it.

As far as day to day management we all find things that work. I bought lots of pairs of these thick cushions house slippers that eased the pain which I can best describe as feeling like razor blades in my feet. And this cream that I would apply about 30 times a day during my worse times. Aquaphor. Here’s a link to it.;_trkparms=gclientid%3DSpoRpX_ryNbQdzjY55OQS9xZWTBAA4ADcxo5_P0KWmVGM7I7mVVyXUnYSl-yLKEy&_trksid=p2489528.m4324.l9588

I apply it to my hands and feet. I buy boxes of nitrile latex free gloves and change them often. I put some in plastic bags and keep in my car, handbag, etc.

Making good choices in food and avoiding things we know aren’t beneficial. And some kind of exercise. At my worst I couldn’t walk or touch anything. But just moving to music you love is enough to make you feel wonderful. When you can, dance. Sounds nuts but feeding your spirit is equally important as feeding your body. Find your joy. It will sustain you though this and keep believing that you will overcome it.

Posted Sun 19 Aug 2018 5.01pm by Cattango


Was the Beta Blocker, atenolol giving you any sort of joint pain? This is something accompanied with my PPP along with tongue sores. Went to an ENT for the tongue and was told it’s inflammation. My PPP seems to only slightly get better, but the joint pain and tongue sores come and go.

Posted Sun 19 Aug 2018 8.19pm by Jed

Hey everyone, thanks for sharing your experiences on this forum. I was diagnosed with PPP about 5yrs ago, it was pretty severe, I had to be hospitalized. It was unmasked by humira that I was given to try and treat a rheumatoid arthritis flare up. I ended up getting 3 types of psoriasis all over my body, apart from my face, until I was put on weekly 50mg Enbrel shots, alongside diet changes, no drinking, no smoking.. Eventually everything chilled out and I would only get occasional flares that would be tempered with topical steroid ointments. This was in Australia, now I live in the U.S. with a significantly less compassionate health care system.

My hands and feet have been flaring up again, my diet is not so clean as before, stress is higher, I don’t see as much sunlight, and I’m currently working as a baker that has moved over into artisan bread 🙄 ...I know. My hands are constantly in contact with water and flour. And I have not been in contact with a dermatologist since moving here. But, I wanted to share my experience as I randomly found a over the counter topical treatment that helps. I still was regularly applying the steroid ointment 2-3 times a day, but I had the 3 day cycle of calming skin to blisters under the surface. Until while I was on vacation with a friend and my feet were so bad I was in pain and having trouble walking, I desperately grabbed this cream at a big supermarket/department store. I had relief in days.

The cream is called ‘ Psoriasin - problem skin formula - cream with botanicals & vitamin D3.’ In combination with regular moisturizing and application of a barrier cream ‘gloves in a bottle’ plus wearing actual gloves while working, I have found signicant relief! I recommend checking it out. I have an upcoming appointment with a dermatologist but until then I’m very grateful this is helping.

Posted Sun 19 Aug 2018 10.06pm by PussOff

So true, Connie! Good to know I’m not the only one at least. And reading other people’s experiences and remedies help.

Posted Tue 16 Oct 2018 6.36pm by mjbwembley

Thank you to everyone on this forum. I was diagnosed last week after 5 month of struggling to walk. Thank you for advice and the knowledge that I'm not alone.

Posted Sun 21 Oct 2018 9.42pm by Dianne Ashcroft

Hello PA forum team,

I am a podiatrist, I only joined this group today as next week is international psoriasis awareness week and I wanted to see if could help spread awareness by writing about it on my social media channels and website. I thought what better place to get inspiration from but a forum specifically for it? And you definitely have inspired me!

Im utterly stunned to see so much on PPP, I have seen it in my career (I wont say rarely, but it is fairly uncommon in a standard clinic setting). So to come on hear and read all your stories is amazing and great to see how you help each other.

One of my colleagues, Ivan Bristow is a specialist podiatrist in skin disorders and he wrote this blog on PPP which you might find a helpful read. :-

hope you find it helpful

thank you Dianne

Posted Sun 2 Dec 2018 11.08am by Niki

Hi lovely people, I've had ppp since my menopause started (yay! As if menopause wasn't enough to cope with!) It started in a fairly minor way and just affects my palms and the arch of my feet. The pustules often seem to appear in patterns. They're quite minor on my hands, mostly, and worse on my left foot. I found that putting plasters on the pustules allows them to become massive and that bursting mine when they're still 'active' doesn't help. Also that exfoliating leaves painful craters in my skin, although of course,I still do it because there's no other option. Sea swims, though gorgeous and therapeutic, didn't help mine much.

I self diagnosed as first doc didn't know what it was, but just offered cortisone, which I'd had to use for skin allergies in my teens, so didn't want again, now I have doc who recognises it but again prescribed coal tar (leaflet in box said under no circumstances use with ppp) cortisone (leaflet said may cause ppp) and parafin moisturiser. I used moisturiser only but it didn't seem to do much. I've found that organic Aloe Vera gel really really helps lately, very soothing if kept in the fridge, it takes away all the redness although I think I'll start using organic coconut oil too as I still need a moisturiser.

I'm a stupid smoker but haven't managed to address that yet.

I found a research paper which was difficult to understand but did suggest thyroid issues - parathyroid hormone? And disturbed calcium homeostasis? None of this means much to me so I'm intending to ask my doc about it, I'll tell you what I find out.

In the meantime I've recently cut out gluten, which has improved how I feel generally but no change in ppp yet. I'm hoping to see a dermatologist who will have an holistic approach as surely this isn't just skin related..

I've recently seen a great response from applying turmeric locally to an inflamed wound so wonder if I apply it to the ppp would it help? If I can cope with having bright yellow skin along with the ppp!

I also drink kefir daily.

My gut feeling is that I must be able to affect this disease with how I live my daily life, and with the constant barrage about the impact our daily demands are having on the people and environment worldwide, I've decided to just eat locally, minimum processed food etc.

I've read that scientists speculate that ppp isn't related to psoriasis.

Who knows.

Loads of love to you fellow sufferers, thanks to you all for commenting too, We're not alone in this., if we pool our findings maybe we can find a way out of it. Thanks again x

Posted Mon 3 Dec 2018 11.30am by SillyTilly

Hi all!

I’m a fellow ppp sufferer and have been since Feb/March time this year. Both my hands and feet are affected and have both been in a constant flare of pustules since then. I’m under an NHS dermatologist who’s just referred me for light treatment after prescribing Enstillsar as a last steroid resort. My next at home try is the AIP protocol diet... though it’ll be hard with being a single mum on low income.

I’ve given up smoking, though I do still have a few social ones that I need to give up!

I’m on a ppp group on Facebook (the worldwide one with 1600 members) which is good for tips & tricks to help ease symptoms. (I’ve found daily 30 min ACV & Epsom salt soaks to help)

I’ve also read, in a lot of places, that they’re not sure whether to class it as a disease in its own right. As characteristics aren’t the same as psoriasis.

I hope you all find a treatment that works for you and that your symptoms ease soon. I know how hard day to day life can be with this. But we’ll all get there.

Have a look at the APRICOT & PlUM trials if you can. It’s an NHS funded research project into ppp and gpp. With clinics nationwide.

I hope to maybe see some of you in the support group if you’re not already there. There’s lots of information.


Sara x

Posted Thu 6 Dec 2018 11.12pm by Nancy

Hi everyone!

I was just diagnosed so I'm in the denial/ research stage. I'm so glad I found this site but I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty freaked out now. I was hoping to find the secret to making this all go away. I have a little on my feet but my hands are bad. I am a hairdresser who has had to quit working because of this. My life has taken a complete 180. I'm a 54 year old women who thankfully has an amazing supportive husband and family so in that way I'm blessed. I just have so so many questions! I want to go about the healing of this as naturally as I can. My Dr. is pushing Humira. I'm researching that now but everything I've read doesn't sound very promising. My Dr. said it would calm it down but not make it go away? She also said that when I stop giving myself shots it will come back? Does that mean I'll have to be on it for the next 30 years? UGH...

Here are some of my questions:

Are mostly women affected?

I also have ulcerative colitis. Do most of you also have it? I've only had 2 flare ups in 20 years and I'm not on medication for it.

I'm starting menopause, could that be a reason i have it?

Has diet helped? I've been gluten free for 8 years, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

I also have a rash all over my body, mostly my trunk, thats itchy. Is that normal?

Has anyones psoriasis ever gone away? Even for a short time?

I have a million more questions but I will keep researching.

Thank you in advance! Good luck to all of you out there!


Posted Thu 6 Dec 2018 11.15pm by Nancy

Also, thank you sillytilly I've just joined the facebook page!

Posted Sat 8 Dec 2018 5.56pm by Niki

Hi Nancy, apparently most sufferers are female, lucky us!! I'll go look up the fb group too, thanks to the lady who told us. I'm only doing natural remedies too, thankfully just my left foot is bad, my right, and palms are quite calm just now. I've booked in at docs on Monday to check my thyroid and calcium levels, will post the results here. I've found aloe Vera gel to be very soothing, I'm also freaked out by this, I believe mine came on around start of menopause but then I'd just had a triple miscarriage and so followed some years of high stress and depression. I'm 48 now and the depression has lately gone so I'm wondering if the ppp will calm down. Good luck to us all xx

Posted Fri 28 Dec 2018 7.25pm by Nana Sue

Hi everyone, I have suffered from PPP for 18 months on both hands and the right foot, ts horrendous at the moment I have the deepest split on my heel and several pustules on both palms. The itch and pain is unbearable with flare ups. I am under a Dermatology clinic and have had every Hydrocortisone cream on the market, but nothing has worked. Yesterday I spoke to a pharmacist who recommended trying an ointment called Cocois, it's coal tar, salicylic acid, and sulpher in coconut oil, Its normally used for scalp psoriasis and I applied it three times yesterday and I have to say there is a slight improvement at the moment, definitely eases the itching and seems to be exfoliating the ugly thick skin flakes. It's not cheap at £11.00 a tube, but I will pay anything at the moment to get some relief I will enquire if it is on prescription. This condition is awful and I am so relieved to know that I'm not alone with the condition, thanks to all of you for your advise and expertise, so glad I have joined this forum

Nana Sue

Posted Mon 7 Jan 2019 2.57am by Karla

Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed a year ago. after trying several topical creams, I have been on a monthly 2 injections of Cosentyx taken together 300mg. Cosentyz is an injectable pen similar to an epi pen. After 3 months, I was 90% cleared, and I had a very bad case of PPP on my right palm and both feet. Mid December, I believe the cold weather is a trigger I noticed blisters reappearing for the first time. I have an appointment with my dermatologist next week. I was so hopeful the injections would stabilize this disease, and now I'm not so sure. Luckily, I don't see the blisters multiplying as before when they first developed a year ago. Just wondering how many of you have tried injections??


Posted Thu 17 Jan 2019 5.50pm by daveym


I was recently diagnosed with PPP. I am a male, 39 years old, ex smoker now vaping. I have the most mild psoriasis just under the knee which is why my doctor associated this to what I have recently experienced on my palms and soles although I am inclined to disagree so just wanted to ask a few questions based on what I have experienced. My original psoriasis came up just below the knee when working off one knee over a constant period of time for 2 years. I was always on the same knee when working at very low surfaces so could always feel it rubbing. In hindsight I should of used a knee pad. When I left this job the area was red raw just below the knee and without noticing over time this ended up turning into a small area of plaque psoriasis that has never grown beyond the exisiting area.

Fast forward 3 years and I started getting small slightly red raised papules about 1mm in size in various areas on my soles of feet. They start tiny and brightish red and get a little larger in some areas. they can vary in size from a couple of mm and stay that size or from a couple of mm and over the course of a few days grown to anything up to 0.5mm. They remain circular but end up becoming a raised and hardish skin with often a smaller inner layer of flakey skin in the centre. Sometimes within a period of 2 weeks the whole thing can completely flake away and leaves the most minute scar although hardly noticable with no little or no reddening. Other occasions it takes far longer for the area to break away and fall off and might not come clean off but when it does it leaves a far redder area of scarring which takes a while to clear or in some cases has just left a circualr reddish scar.

In the last 2 months I've had 3 tiny dots come up on one palm and 2 on the other. They don't look far different to thoese on the soles as they grow over a few days but because the area of skin on palm is thicker the scarring is less noticable. One has completely flaked off and can't really be noticed but left the most minute pimple like appearance. The others have all slowly come away and just left some reddish scarring but these seem to get lighter by the day although none have completely cleared. If I wash my hands or they get wet the reddening is that much worse and is very noticable. My worry is I have that many areas on my feet I didn't want this to then suddenly appear all over my hands.

The difference to what i've read from others in this thread is these are not yellow in colour, not do they show any signs of puss or fluid, they are merely hard areas of slightly red raised circular skin. They are not itchy in any way and you wouldn't even know they are there. My doctor only mentions psoriasis because of the patch on my knee and associated it with this. Going on pictures of PPP mine don't have that appearance although PPP can show up in different manners at is an unusual psoriais unlike that on other parts of the body.

Can anyone suggest if what I have is similar in any way to what anyone else may have experienced? The only change I've suffered in recent months is above average stress levels due to certain issues in life.

thanks for any contributions.

Posted Sat 19 Jan 2019 2.47pm by Niki

Hi daveym, can I also suggest the facebook group as I've found people to be enormously supportive and knowledgeable on there, mentioning other, similar, skin conditions. I'm afraid I don't know much so can't help but good luck, hope it clears up, along with your life stresses.

Facebook group/page is called ppp palmoplantar p psoriasis worldwide support group.

Posted Sat 19 Jan 2019 10.36pm by Barb

I signed up today for this forum. I’ve had psoriasis for a few years. Today behind my right ear it just won’t stop weeping. It is very sticky and just won’t stop. Any advice on what to do to help it get better?

Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 9.20am by OhNo_NotAgain?

Barb, it does not sound like plaque psoriasis if it is sticky and weeping. I would suggest to go to your doctor to confirm if this patch is indeed psoriasis, what type and what is the best course of treatment.

Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 11.06am by wendyloish

Hi Barb,

I have done this to myself behind my ears (and in them) by persistent picking and scratching at the psoriasis affected skin. I found dabbing at it for a while with tissues will eventually slow down the weeping, then a good antiseptic like tea tree or even betadine applied night and morning for a couple of days. I scratch around, in and behind my ears every day. To stop the weeping, which I think maybe symptomatic of bacterial infection I have now got into the habit of applying an antiseptic cream almost as a preventative at least once a day. Have a go at my home remedy first, before you go see a doctor, as it is likely that you would end up with a course of antibiotics, and they are something that really need to be reserved for special occasions.


Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 1pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Wendy, hopefully a doctor will only treat what he sees, antibiotics would only be needed for something that shows evidence of a deep-seated infection, and in the UK Doctors will not simply prescribe them as a matter of course.

A wedding is a < special occasion >. This brings to my mind your recent post where you described yourself as a know-it-all.

Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 8.22pm by wendyloish

Hi OhNo,

I see that irony escapes you.


1 Posted Mon 21 Jan 2019 11.57am by KirstyW

I have been diagnosed by the dermatologist as having PPP. I have been getting treatment from my GP for Pompholyx for the past 3 years. The GP finally referred me to the dermatologist when the pustules flared up on my left foot and I needed a course of antibiotics. I have been booked off work since end of November and have not left the house as it has been impossible to wear shoes and socks due to the debilitating pain. I still have it on my foot and on both hands and will be starting PUVA therapy mid February. I am so depressed and tearful with this constant pain and itching and have been using various steroid creams for 3 years. Hope the PUVA works.

Posted Thu 14 Feb 2019 5.42pm by Soobaloo

I've had PPP for about 10 months and never had any skin problems before, it literally came out of nowhere. I've tried lots of creams, steroid and over the counter, Chinese herbal stuff and I even went on the pill at 46 as I thought it might be hormonal! The one thing that worked was Mometasone Furoate cream, prescribed my doctor. Applied at night, thin layer and wrapped hand and feet in cling film. Bit of a faff but it was a miracle. From my entire palm/foot covered in pustules/scabs/rash to absolutely clear and normal in about 2 weeks. It started to come back when I stopped using the cream after about 48hrs. So I'm now using the cream every other day to keep it under control whilst I wait for (potentially) light therapy. The cream isn't a long term solution but for me it was amazing. PPP is such a horrible condition and hugely life changing. The rash on my feet made it hard to walk and it was so embarrassing to shake someone's hand or hand over cash in a shop etc. I've been living in white cotton gloves for months, which makes people naturally ask what's wrong. I wear non latex gloves in the shower, use coal tar soap and try not to let any products near my hand, other than the cream, the soap or Neutrogena hand moisturiser (use it regularly). I feel for all of you that are suffering and I would recommend the mometasone (worked for me anyway). I'll post again if and when I try the light therapy.

Posted Thu 14 Feb 2019 6.37pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Soobaloo: a quick question, which coal-tar soap are you using? (and are you in the UK?)


Posted Thu 14 Feb 2019 8.29pm by Soobaloo

Wright's - £0.60 in Tescos today!! Not sure if it's helping to be honest. Of if it's actually Coal Tar or just fragranced, hard to tell from the label. But I've assumed it might be better than Nivea etc. The only thing that has definitely helped is the mometasone. Shame I can't add pics on here, the difference is astonishing.

Posted Thu 14 Feb 2019 9.01pm by Soobaloo

Oh sorry, forgot to say, yes I'm in the UK.

Posted Fri 15 Feb 2019 2.52am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sat 16 Feb 2019 6.16am by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Thanks, yes Wrights doesn't contain any Coal Tar any more, only the fragrance. I used Wrights Coal Tar soap when I was at University in 1980, and for a few years after that, and it helped my plaque psoriasis a lot.

I stopped using it for many years as I no longer needed it,. When I wanted it again I discovered the actual coal tar had been removed. I have not been able to find something similar since. Many over-the-counter products containing coal tar were removed from sale or reformulated some years ago. It was a huge shame (for me at any rate).

I was hoping that you might have found a viable over-the-counter alternative.

Posted Fri 15 Feb 2019 5.08pm by Niki

I was prescribed Coal Tar but on the leaflet it said that under no circumstances should it be used on our condition..... Dunno if it's true as they don't seem to know much eh but worth bearing in mind. Great to hear of your success Soobaloo.....

Posted Sat 16 Feb 2019 1.45pm by Itchy

Have had this ppp for 8 months and have had 7 steriod creams and umpteen moisturizers, light treatment did not work as I got polymorph light eruption now had bloods done and now to see if cyclosporine could be an option . Has any one had positive outcome from this drug . I'm so fed up at not been able to use my hands to do my craft work as they are so tender /crackedand sore

Posted Sat 16 Feb 2019 11.11pm by Jo

Hi everyone,

I posted on here on 10 Aug 2018 and after the PPP got so bad for me that I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks my dermatologist started me on a biologic called ustekinumab in September 2018. I now have 99% clear skin. No pustules or cracks but still a little dry which I use deprobase cream twice a day. which dies the trick and keeps it moisturised through the day. The redness is still there but this will fade with time.

I only need 1 injection every 12 weeks and have had no side effects at all.

I can not tell you how much this drug has given me my life back and I am completely back to normal.

PPP is one of the most debilitating conditioners that not many people seem to know about but it seems a lot of people suffer from it.

I just wanted to post and say that there really is a drug out there that works.


Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 11.23am by Guernseygal
Late 50's just diagnosed with Palmoplantar

Hi everyone, new to the forums, was only officially diagnosed on Monday, but was pretty sure this was what I had after a lot of research.

Interesting what Nikki said further up the thread about it turning up when she entered the menopause - me too!

Also tracing back to when my first flare up occurred also correlates with when I started taking blood pressure medication.

Currently my hands are not to bad, just a few scaly patches, but my feet - oh god my feet - also like Nikki my left is my worst and I fell like I am walking on broken glass all the time.

It has taken 6 weeks to see a dermatologist (and that was with health insurance) after my GP decided that is was not fungal - and told me just to moisturise and nothing else, so that the Specialist could see it untreated.

He has started me on a salicylic acid cream and Aveeno moisturiser for the next 2 months before re-evaluating treatment. I hope to god things improve before then, I have been battling this in one form or another since last October.

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