Posted Mon 10 Jul 2017 11.18pm by AH

I'm almost 18 and just developed horrendous psoriasis in my scalp, and honestly it's taking a toll on my self esteem(being a female who enjoys make up and hair) and i do not know a thing about it, google is not helping. I am making a doctors appointment tomorrow but I can't cope with not knowing.

First, I have been told (NOT by professionals) that if I scratch my scalp where the psoriasis is, then touch a part of my body such as my arm, I will develop it there. Is this true? After being told this I am almost constantly washing my hands or sanitising them.

What should I be asking for from my doctor?

I work with children and as we all know children say things how they see it, and even though there is no malice in this I am scared that if it does spread how I've been told, that I will no longer be able to work due to embarrassment.

What are things that will calm/help my psoriasis heal?

HOW do I control this itch!! I can't sleep, I can't be somewhere in public without having this constant nagging itch. It is ruining my life

I am feeling so alone and worried that this is going to spread to my face, it's such a small superficial thing but after suffering from exzema for 17 years I do not want this on top. I'm feeling really alone in this as I don't want another thing to ruin my skin (scarring from ezcema has mottled my back in brown patches and my arms in permanently red/ different coloured patches). I don't know what to do or how to react. I am worried that this is going to affect my life, and I know it's just skin, but deep down I'm absolutely dreading to start another battle with a skin condition.

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 9am by thin-skinned
Irascible septuagenarian fed up with the psoriasis constantly at me :wink:

It's good that you have a doc's app as he/she will assure you that P cannot be transferred by your fingers. There are various treatments and again your doc will be able to determine what will be best for your situation.

Hang in there and try to be as positive as possible as stress can often make the P worse.

Good luck and come back to let us all now how you got on at your doc's app.

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 3.18pm by AH

They had no appt available hoping for one tomorrow as a specific doc was not here... my hair where the P is is now crusty as if I've had fizzy pop poured on me :( how do I stop this and what is it ?

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 3.32pm by thin-skinned
Irascible septuagenarian fed up with the psoriasis constantly at me :wink:

If you are unable to see your favourite doc, then Capasal coal tar shampoo will help to some extent. It's not a cheap product (between 7 and £9) but used daily can show some improvement after about 4-6wks use. Its not exactly sweet smelling but then again not unpleasant either and does need to be worked well in and left before a good rinse off.

It keep my scalp P free and I use it daily to ensure my head stays P free .. my doc prescribes it for me and being retired my scripts are of no cost to me.

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 3.35pm by AH

Is there anywhere I can buy this? I'm not fussed about the smell at all or even the price I just want to calm it down as the crust is visible on my hair :(

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 3.59pm by thin-skinned
Irascible septuagenarian fed up with the psoriasis constantly at me :wink:

It's made by Dermal Laboratories and should be available from any chemist OTC.

It might also be available in large supermarkets with a pharmacy.

Posted Sat 15 Jul 2017 10.12am by Chaniece (edited Sat 15 Jul 2017 10.13am by Chaniece)

Hey! I've had scalp psoriasis for about 6 years now. Being a girl I feel your pain! As said above try and get a coal tar shampoo, ask your GP to prescribe it because when you start treatments that need washed out you'll use a lot of it. Depending where you live there's lots of places you can buy it if you're in the UK try boots they sell poly tar which has a higher coal tar % than capasal. When you speak to your GP try and get referred to a dermatologist. If your scalp is quite scaly then oil is your best bet first to remove scaling otherwise treatments won't be able to penetrate through the scales. I go to day unit quite often for cade oil treatment my hair is so long and thick it's a nightmare to apply by myself. Cade oil smells horrendous but it's worth it for the results. After scaling is removed I use dovabet gel. It's amazing, I use it on my forehead too and it clears it up so quick. It's got a steroid in it as well so that helps with the itch!

I hope you find something that works for you!

Posted Mon 17 Jul 2017 0.31am by HelenJ77

Try selsun shampoo. Its £4/ £5 from pharmacy. I've had scalp psoriasis for years. It will weep and bleed if itched. It also flakes like dandruff. Try a moisturiser around ears/hair line. Also coconut oil has worked in the past. Good luck x

Posted Mon 17 Jul 2017 10.19pm by AH

Thankyou all so much for the advice!! I saw my doc today and I have a skin infection which is quite severe, I've been given flucloxacillin (double the regular dose for adults) and Asaphyl (?) shampoo. My hair is currently falling out in the back of my head and surrounding areas so a bit worried about that.. Thankyou again for all ur support I have felt so much better reading your replies xx

Posted Sat 22 Jul 2017 2.09pm by Sea Fossil

I am 69 and developed P at 51, therefore tried about everything!

I use Pears transparent soap to wash my hair and massage into my scalp rinse then put on Tresemme conditioner which stays on whilst I wash the rest of my body. It does not cure the P but keeps it under control. I have also had succes with Aloe Vera gel, AVOID hair dyes!

I have just completed a UVB session and I am virtually "P free"

unfortunately the light does not get to my scalp. Polytar works fine but not good for long term use. My practice of meditation and mindfulness is the most single helpful factor in controlling "P". However an holistic approach is the only way to control P by this I mean treating the body as a whole and paying attention to diet, fitness, and general wellbeing. Alchohol is the worst offender with smoking a good second place. I bathe in dead sea salt purchased from The B&M chain or Home Bargains, I have also bought it from Asda. Just addto my bath water. After bathing I use Epimax emollient which I find excellent. Be wary of so called super herbal remedies! They are expensive and really just a con. There are plenty of aids you can find in the woods or at the bottom of your garden. Nettle tea for inflammation, Tumeric is also good and aids digestion. A post under Psoriasis Experience topics is worth reading. Good luck.

Posted Sat 19 Aug 2017 4.26pm by Joxx

I lost more than half of my hair with scalp psoriasis, started with 2 small patches and spread completely to cover my scalp. Ended up with big bleeding sores and constant flakes and skin in my hair I honestly thought there was no hope, the only thing that ever helped was sorion shampoo from amazon, everyone's different but I noticed the difference in one wash and I'm now clear, not cheap but worth a try x

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