Has anyone tried Juicing?

Posted Thu 25 Jan 2018 1.58pm by Wooie

I'm struggling like many of us!

I'm in a new-ish relationship and he is amazing, we finally spoke to each other after passing in the office every day in work for about a year. We met in May 17, moved in together in September 17 since meeting I came off Methotrexate in June 17 as my skin was clear enough for me to cope with. I came off also as things where moving very quickly between us, I knew if I was to become Pregnant accidentally it could be very bad and I didn't want to put us in that situation.

I've been clear from Methotrexate since November 17 since June 17 my P has been creeping back in December 17 I hit almost rock bottom. Having our first Christmas together kept me preoccupied but since the New Year I feel my P is worst then ever……. I am tempted for it to all go away with Methotrexate but obviously for health and good reasons my partner doesn’t want me to go back on the tablets. He is going through this with me and is helping me try every other possible route like adding and taking things out of our diet, we’ve spent about £60 on over the counter creams and coal tar lotions in the past 2 weeks.

I am at my lowest I feel like I can’t cope with the flare up and hate him seeing me without my clothes on also seeing me upset over it. No matter how much he tells me I’m the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen I can’t accept it, I feel hideous.

I’ve had flare up’s in the past (I was single for most of them) which resulted in me taking Cyclosporine then Methotrexate, I’ve had P since I was 7 year old and it’s not something I’ve learnt to cope with. I’ve tried all sorts, you name it I’ve tried it! So I’m at a loss as I know the one thing that will clear it is taking the medication that comes with serious health risks……..

I was just talking to a friend who told me to try juicing as her other friend clearer her P after Juicing, just wondering if anyone on here had given it a go… I’ll try and thing just to get back to my happy self.

1 Posted Thu 25 Jan 2018 8.08pm by Foxtrotboy

Have a look at this link below on YouTube. This guy, Dr Axe has some really good advice regarding Psoriasis diet.

Be careful of juicing. There are a lot of natural occurring sugars in juicing and sugar is the No.1 key thing you REALLY need to totally cut out..

I really do believe that Psoriasis is linked to something called ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’

He has a link on YouTube about that too.

I tried his suggestion in my diet and followed it to the letters for 12 weeks. My Psoriasis almost disappeared. I got very complacent and slowly the old sugary foods and processed fats crept back in.....

my Psoriasis came back with a vengeance !

Good luck


Posted Thu 25 Jan 2018 8.15pm by Foxtrotboy


There is a book called ‘The Good Skin Solution’ by Shann Nix Jones..

I’ve used a few of her goat products..... the creams and soaps.

Didn’t work wonders for me, but drinking the goat Kefir did really help.

It’s a bit expensive from her place ‘The Chuckling Goat.Com’ but I found a much cheaper alternative Kefir drink in the Polish section in Tescos. It’s all about restoring the gut and putting good bacteria back in by means of probiotic foods and drinks.

Kefirs, fermentented foods such as sauerkraut.

Posted Thu 25 Jan 2018 8.32pm by allan m

jason vale superjuice me on youtube could be worth a watch the is a book of the same name it gives you juicing ideas i found it reduced reddness if you can stick it out can be affective

Posted Fri 26 Jan 2018 9.34am by Wooie

Thank you for the info and tips,

I've never been one to jump on the bang wagon of juicing as I think its too much natural sugar, I haven't done any research on the benefits of juicing but when it comes to P I'll try and thing to shift a flare up.

Thank you once again, best wishes to all.


Posted Sun 28 Jan 2018 10.24pm by Sue P

Hi Wooie,

Please read the book mentioned earlier, it changed how I looked at P. Since then I’ve read several books about the gut. Dr M Mosley wrote a good one. I’ve recently read one that was mentioned in a previous blog called “How to treat PPP naturally”, by ASA Karrman.(P of hands & feet ).I’ve just started the 90 day plan, she recommends a green juice daily.All good stuff.

I too was on all those horrible tabs. & suffered terrible side effects.

My battle is ongoing but my mind is free, you have nothing to lose.

I did use the Kefir mentioned but now I make my own.

Good luck xx

Posted Fri 13 Apr 2018 1.50pm by Mary1968 (edited Fri 13 Apr 2018 1.56pm by Mary1968)

Hello Wooie

I am in my 50's and have had psoriasis my entire life.

I cleared it ten years ago with change of diet and vegetable juicing.

Stuck to the diet and juicing every day since, and maintained clearance that entire time.

it is not a permanent cure, since there is no cure. BUT it is plaque-free skin and that is good enough for me. It means I can wander around in shorts and short sleeves in summer, without being started or pointed at

Jason Vale has a Skin Deep / Clear Skin programme that can be downloaded for free off the internet. I can provide you with the link if you need it.

The other bonus of vegetable juicing, is fewer colds and flu in winter.

Works brilliantly (for me)


White processed sugar is terrible for my psoriasis. But don't worry about the natural sugars in vegetables. They are good for you. Yes white sugar in cereal and coke is bad. But in the juice, you get the natural sugars along with vegetable water, and all the vitamins and minerals from the veggie. We are talking veggie juice here and not fruit juice. All you need is a decent cold press juicer,

Hope that helps.


1 Posted Sun 15 Apr 2018 10.46am by Gaming Empty Nester

I bought Giulia Enders book 'Gut' on a business trip and so many of her observations and history resonated with my husband and I . We both have psoriasis, predispostion to sore throats and many other commonalities explained in the book.

Giulia also covers leasky gut syndrome. She became a reseasrcher following the inability of the alipathic medical teams to diagnose and heal the sores that appeared on her body.

It's really worth a read and Giulia ggave a 'Charming Bowels TedEx Talk which can be viewed here

http://bit.ly/2I95VOr Giulia Enders - Darm mit Charme

Posted Thu 23 Jan 2020 4.48am by Lornasa (edited Thu 23 Jan 2020 4.51am by Lornasa)
Hello, I'm Aria. I like cooking and reading books. Live in Manchester, UK.

"No matter how much he tells me I’m the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen I can’t accept it, I feel hideous." I understand your feelings but I think he doesn't lie. It's great when people love not for the appearance but for the soul. When I've recognized this with my partner I was shocked how much I missed. The juice diet helps to calm your skin down, you can find some here https://thejuicechief.com/juices-for-psoriasis/]. My favourite one is orange and papaya juice because it is very simple (I have only citrus juicer at home) and helps much. But don't drink juices a lot because sugar is our enemy.

1 Posted Thu 23 Jan 2020 7.22am by Mary1968

Lornasa. To clear psoriasis you need to drink juices a lot and daily. Aim for one pint a day. But vegetable juices like broccoli, celery, carrot, spinach, cucumber. Not fruit smoothies as per your papaya one. Also natural sugars in fruit are completely different to refined white sugar.

1 Posted Fri 26 Jun 2020 3.06am by Agnes

Hi, I was a licensed, working pharmacist in Canada and decided to change career path with my life. The point is I studied all about different medications and their side effects. The course of medications for psoriasis (except for perhaps immunoglobulin) all lead to greater toxicity and reduced immunity. Hence I never used any corticosteroid cream or anything prescribed by the doctor since my diagnosis of guttate psoriasis in 2007. I have tried to use diet and Chinese medicine in addition to cupping and exercising. There is one patch on my knee that kept coming and going but in the last 2 years, it has been very slowly getting bigger. I was very happy to come across Hanna Sillitoe's instagram and purchased her book and everything makes sense. You can see all the success stories on her instagram - (https://www.instagram.com/mygoodnessrecipes/?hl=en). Juicing and alkaline diet are the key. Focus on 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food. She suggested to avoid refined sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy and aim for vegetarian without nightshades (eggplants, tomatoes, peppers except for black peppers and potato). Then slowly add some of the food that you really want (hopefully more alkaline) and see if your skin reacts to it. Everyone is a little different, I find myself not reacting too badly to gluten or rice (acidic). The diet sounds daunting, but it is a process and a balance. I just wish that Western Medicine will present this option (watching the diet instead of slapping on the quick fix of cream) when anyone is first diagnosed since the diet change will take longer on people who have been on western medicine for longer period of time. You can go to Hanna's website and download the free food guide. I have started juicing the last month and the patch is slowly going away, not red anymore, it takes time for the skin (the gut) to heal. It takes longer for cancer drugs like methotrexate to leave your body. If you have supportive friends and family members, it is worthwhile to try it so that we can all be drug free because I know for a fact that all the western medicine can offer (may be beside immunoglobulin, which is painfully expensive) will lead to greater side effects down the road.

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