Phototherapy for Psoriasis

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 10.19am by Chesterboy (edited Wed 14 Feb 2018 10.36am by Chesterboy)

Hi all, I’m knew to this site and was looking for advice regarding my daughter who’s had a bad flare up. The Psoriasis started when she was around 7 with a flare up of guttate psoriasis. This subsided to plaque psoriasis on her trunk which has sort of been mangable with creams. In Nov 2017 (she’s now 14) she had a throat infection and a real bad flare up of plaque and guttate psoriasis, head to toe. We’ve saw the dermatologist who gave more cream which sort of helped. We then decided to try home UVB therapy. We’ve had little advice from the distributor, as to how long to stand in front of the lamp. It says to start between 30 secs - 60 secs and increase next time by 30 secs and so on. The first time, we weren’t sure if she should do 30 secs back then front or rotating, as I’ve heard the hospital lamps are all around the body? So for now we’ve be gaging the times ourselves and she’s been rotating in front of the lamp. I would like advice on timings from anyone and should she rotate? Also after about 5 sessions her psoriasis has got bigger and redder, in places it wasn’t before we started the light. Is this normal?

I would love anyone’s advice and she’s so self conscious and as a mum I just want her confident again....

We are in the UK

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 11am by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

Uvb can work,however it can give sunburn. It needs to be monitored carefully. In my experience it too made my psoriasis worse. It may be a difficult decision due to work scenarios for you and your wife but do try a NHS solution.

Uvb can make you feel ill...try a hospital first?

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 11.38am by Chesterboy

Hi, thanks for replying. Unfortunately the waiting list is too long, that’s we opted for home therapy as she won’t go to school. Her normal skin is fine, not sunburnt, it’s just the psoriasis that is redder.

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 12.10pm by ClearskinPls (edited Wed 14 Feb 2018 12.11pm by ClearskinPls)
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

Ok maybe a home therapy will help. Obviously this condition is upsetting your child. And yourselves So maybe a uvb unit at home can help her. Research the minutes of uvb . I presume she is too young for internal medication.....however when I was young; a good hot sun holiday definitely helped me...sun is the cure in my opinion, and I think it may work? It staved off my psoriasis for years by regular sunshine, it came back when I was 38, but the holidays kept it away until then

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 12.15pm by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

If the skin is getting redder I think the uvb could be aggrevating it.. it happened to me

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 2.44pm by Chesterboy

Thank you for replying and sorry for asking so many questions so was it only your psoriasis that became red or was your normal skin too? It’s just that I’ve been reading on here that some people say it does become worse before getting better? Did you just stop your light therapy? What happened then?

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 4.08pm by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

You can always ask me questions!!!

Uvb can be very raw, I've done it now 3 times....1st was successful. The other 2 times caused sunburn. But its unfortunately only a respite from psoriasis. As for getting worse before it gets better; if it goes madly red in my opinion it will not go away. After uvb I then went on to ciclosporin, which has pros and cons ...

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 4.31pm by Chesterboy

Thank you. When you say sunburn, was your normal skin burnt too or just the psoriasis?

Just trying to work out if what I’m seeing is normal, it’s not sore.

She’s only 14 so she’s too young for anything else.

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 5.45pm by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

Uvb affects all the skin so apart from psoriasis red patches the other skin will be affected. It depends on the skin, my skin is olive so I could take it. Its a difficult choice because you want to sort this out.

If your family lineage is fair or red. I would advise with caution, if its olive , you can have a good go at uvb

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 5.49pm by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

The skin however will get sore anyway from uvb .... but a youngster at this age ...its a big problem I understand.

Have you looked at food and vitamin D?

Posted Wed 14 Feb 2018 by joey
single mum with two boys, cleaner and home schooler! completely crazy as you would imagine!!

Hi there, I'm sorry for your daughter, I was twelve when i was diagnosed with the same type of psoriasis as hers. I had uvb treatment but as soon as i stopped it as its only recommended for a short period of time - it came back worse and covered my whole body. I also now have uv damaged eyes called pterigiums (even though I wore eye protectors) so to be honest i would NOT recommend this. This was ten years ago, I am 40 now and nothing can take it away- no drug is worth the clear skin- I had ciclosporin and my kidneys failed and nearly killed me! It's a wretched thing to look at but your daughter can be healthy and happy with who she is and reduce her suffering by keeping her mind positive...not dwelling on looks alone ,as this affects confidence... ....there are worse problems unfortunately, at least we can walk and hear and see! (maybe for me ten more years!!)... ...all the best for her. I do feel for her.

Posted Thu 15 Feb 2018 0.06am by joey
single mum with two boys, cleaner and home schooler! completely crazy as you would imagine!!

And what I WOULD recommend is always exfoliating and use Epsom salts in bath followed by a natural oil moisturiser like coconut/olive. It has kept mine from scaling and flaking, but nothing stops the redness of it sadly.

Posted Thu 15 Feb 2018 6.50pm by Reidmr (edited Thu 15 Feb 2018 6.52pm by Reidmr)
49yrs old, born in Scotland, spent 20yrs working in London (as a lawyer for my sins!), before returning to Scotland 3yrs ago.

Hi - UVB treatment should ideally be closely monitored in a hospital situation. I had light treatment at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London years ago and the first session was 7 secs, then 14 secs the following week, etc. Even then, by the 3rd session my nose was got burnt - believe it or not, the nurses’ solution was a brown paper bag over my head!

I had plaque psoriasis when I was younger, but 6mths ago had a major outbreak of guttate and plaque psoriasis (top to toe). My local hospital has a dedicated Dermatology Day Unit and once you are in the system (ie. after seeing Consultant Dermatologist), I basically attended 3 times each week to get covered in creams, bandages, etc., plus twice daily routine at home. A few times, I was almost admitted when it became unstable. Thought it would never end, but slowly but surely it has started to clear up. But the key is lots of moisturising creams (soft yellow paraffin, etc.).

There are also steroid creams that can be used simultaneously (Dovobet, Clobavate, etc), but these must be carefully managed through the hospital. My Consultant did not propose any UVB treatment.

If you are experiencing a delay in getting to see a Consultant Dermatologist, then ask your doctor to request an urgent referral.

Failing that, you can always turn up at A&E and that will get your daughter into the system immediately. Widespread guttate and plaque psoriasis is deemed to be an acute/chronic condition. So don’t be afraid to demand urgent treatment!

Posted Sat 17 Feb 2018 11.49pm by inatick


I’ve been eating a half of a bitter gourd every day for over a year and my skin is clear of psoriasis. I wiz it up with half a banana, half an advo, and a quarter teaspoon of cocoa powder with a small amount of water, looks like a mousse. I have it for breakfast. and this mixture makes the bitter gourd bearable as it is really bitter.

Posted Wed 21 Feb 2018 7.14am by She
Hello! Am new to this site... My mother was born in Glasgow, Scotland.... I live in the United States.

Dear Inatick,

What is a bitter gourd? and "advo" ? I have been trying to detox my body and you are the first person to address anything natural !!! Thank you so much!

Looking forward to your reply!


Posted Wed 21 Feb 2018 4.26pm by Fsalah (edited Wed 21 Feb 2018 4.34pm by Fsalah)

Bitter gourd is a vegetable. I think advo is short for avocado. We eat bitter gourd in our cuisine and i believe some asian cuisines use it as well. So when abroad I've been able to fibd it at south Asian markets or chinese grocers.

Posted Wed 21 Feb 2018 4.33pm by Fsalah

I've had psoriasis for about 10 years. Started on scalp then Legs/back of thighs/elbows/knees/behind ears. Initially it was overwhelming. Then barely managed by topical steroid creams. Finally put into remission by UVB Narrowband light therapy. Definitely triggered by stress. Now it's back in small patches. I'm planning to try home device dermalight 80 with new non steroid creams and an oral medication. Any feedback or users of the dermalight 80?

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