Posted Thu 26 Apr 2018 8.27am by Sandles

I have been prescribed methotrexate after being taken off acitretin die to severe side effects but have been to frightened to take it after the acitretin

I have tried herbalists, acupuncture , nutritionists and every cream on the market with no improvement i have had palmer planter psoriasis for about a year and now having trouble walking and doing anything with my hands. cannabis oil has been mentioned but cant get it in the uk

So methotrexate looks like it has to be

Has anyone taken it with no side effects ? Or wjat side effects has anyone had . How long has any one been on it long term ? And has the psoriasis returned after you stop taking it . Thanks -

Posted Thu 26 Apr 2018 10.32pm by souxies


I have guttate p but my mum has had plaque p quite severely for over 40 years. She started on methatrexate over 2 years ago and it has done wonders! she only has a few small patches now. Initially she started on the tablets but these made her stomach bad so she was given the injection instead. She has regular blood and liver tests ect and has had no side effects at all. She started on 12mg then 10 then 7.5 but was putback up to 10 as the lower dose wasnt effective. I would give it a try as you are closely monitored and yes there is an awful list of possible side effects but they may not affect you

Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 8.01am by Suzie
I have suffered for around 7 years and have it covering my back and front.


I've been on Methotrexate for about 5 years now with no side affects or problems. i have a blood test every 2 months and i'm completely clear apart from the odd bit behind my ears sometimes. :0) x

Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 1.59pm by wymlen

I am unable to use oral Methotrexate as it is an immunosuppressant. Have tried to find a topical gel with 1% methotrexate but so far no sucess. Has anyone use this?

Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 3.19pm by nina


i suffer with pustular Psorisas

I've been on Methotrexate for about 7 years now with no side affects or problems. i have a blood test every months and is not cleared i do not know what to do

Posted Thu 24 May 2018 4.42pm by Lizzie28

After seeing my dermatologist today I am now going to start on methotrexate. I've tried Acitretin which caused a lot of hair thinning, dry lips and poor nails. Then I tried Otezla but had to come off that as I spent most of my time sitting on the loo as well as suffering horrendous cramps which kept me awake all night. I have to try methotrexate because if it doesn't suit only then will I get moved up to the next level which I hope is biologics. The dermatologist said they have had good results using Consentys by Novartis. I've had a chest x-ray and bloods done today. Starting on folic acid as well as it's a good vitamin boost. Hoping it goes well - will start low dose - 5mg for 1 month; 7.5 for 1 month then 10mg for 1 month. Bloods done regularly - then it's back for next appt with dermatologist at end of August.

Posted Tue 29 May 2018 5.04pm by nina

hi , i have been on Methotrexate for 7 year , i visit my Dermatologist on 16/5/18 and they stopped all my medication and gave me Acitretin , look like it is working for me

my Psorisas getting much much better

Posted Thu 31 May 2018 2.14am by Immi


It’s great to see so many people with positive experiences with Methotrexate. I don’t in any way wish to put a downer on things, just feel you may want to hear from a bad experience. I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, and after a failed steroid injection directly into one of my knees, and naproxen not touching the inflammation, I was prescribed Methotrexate. My arthritic symptoms improved slightly, I no longer had problems with my hips, and my knees and feet were noticeably improved but still only around 30% useable. My psoriasis didn’t worsen or improve at all.

I was fortunate not to get any of the physical side effects, hair loss being my main worry, however, I had a drastic change in mental well-being. I was an emotional wreck, breaking down into fits of tears just because someone said “hi, how are you?” and some days the crying wouldn’t stop for 6 or 7 hours.

Thinking I was just not coping with my arthritis and the drastic change to my lifestyle due to the arthritis I was sent to a psychiatrist. He concluded that I’m stressed, I have signs of depression and understandably so, I’m 27 and my whole world has been turned upside down.

Due to my GP surgery closing and communication issues with my new one, I ended up being unable to get my prescription and after 2 weeks of not being on the Methotrexate, I was 100% mentally better. No more crying episodes, and back to my bright bubbly self (just still no skipping and jumping as my legs simply won’t allow it)

Having seen my Rheum Doc a few weeks ago, he and my psychiatrist have decided the best thing for me is to not go back onto the Methotrexate and I’m looking forward to starting some Biological treatment in the coming weeks.

Personally, I’m willing to give anything a try to attempt to live a normal active life again, and I would encourage anyone offered treatment from their doctor to give it a try. If it doesn’t work, at least you know and can try something else.

But just make yourself fully aware of the potential side effects, and prepare those around you for that, as it may be someone else who notices changes in behaviour etc whereas you’re more likely to notice any physical changes.

I hope everything works out for you, sorry for the essay haha

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 6.41pm by Toodlesoodles

One thing I'm curious about regarding methotrexate is how taking a dose of it once a week is able to keep your immune system suppressed all week until the next dose... how does that work? Does it continue working inside your body all through the week?

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 9.40am by Mclean316

Hi guys. I've been through quite alot of treatments for my plaque psoriasis. Steroid tablets, god knows how many steroid creams, Acitretin, methotrexate, light treatment and none worked. Away to try ciclosporin now.

I was on methotrexate for about 3 years and never had much luck, started with 5 tablets a week and ended up with the maximum dose of 10 tablets a week and it ended up playing with my liver so it was stopped. I often suffered from a little bit of sickness but that's all. Side effects stated are always worse case scenario but also every person is different as seen in the above posts. It's definatley worth trying as any meds given are closely monitored.

Posted Thu 14 Jun 2018 3.42pm by Essexgran
Lifelong symptoms but with recent severe widespread flare ups

Having burned on light treatment, I was put on METHROTREXATE. Sadly, it “burned” a section of my stomach lining ( agony) and I was taken off it. There followed 6 months on omeprazole until my stomach healed. Cyclosporine was mentioned as being easier on delicate stomachs until I mentioned my high blood pressure! However, I have a friend who has taken METHROTREXATE for two years with not a single side effect.

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