PSA- Ball of feet pain and swollen middle fingers

Posted Sun 25 Nov 2018 7.47pm by James

Hi all, going to see the rheumatologist for the final plan tomorrow to get on methotrexate. I am on naproxen’s at the moment but only take one every couple of days which sorts the pain out. I am wondering if anyone has ball of feet pain with both middle fingers slightly swollen but can’t straighten fully or make a fist? Could this just be tendonitis? The pain in feet only hurts when walking. I have had this for 7 months. I am on my feet 6 days a week. Many thanks for any info..

Posted Sat 1 Dec 2018 2.29am by wendyloish

Hi James,

I have noted that no-one has responded to your post. This seems to affect some people who put up posts, so I want to respond. The reason you have not got a reply may simply be because no-one has symptoms that match yours.

Best I can do is say that I have had heel pain some years ago which my GP at the time put down to wearing away of the "cushion" in the heel with age. Funny thing, but after a year or so it disappeared. My conclusion - he was either wrong, or I was doing a Benjamin Button imitation.

About the swelling in the fingers, I get sausage toes, particularly on my left foot. but it appears I have brachydactyly, little fingers and little toes. The swelling (along with my whole left foot) is symptomatic of psoriatic arthritis. But by now your rheumatologist will undoubtedly have cleared up most of you questions anyhow.


Posted Sat 1 Dec 2018 11.45am by psomeg

Ive had heel pain for the past few months, I'd put it down to other factors though, I'm a chef so I spend a lot of time on my meet, I might mention it to my psoriasis doctor when I see him in a few weeks.

Posted Sat 1 Dec 2018 10.23pm by James

Thanks for the reply Wendy and the master chef.

Can’t seem to find anybody with ball of feet pain with psa which seems strange.

I might be the only one. This is where all the pain is, I rested for a week once but got worse.

I have seen the PA DR and he has taken me off naproxen and I have started on —

prednisone 15mg a day

Methotrexate 15mg a day

Prednisone for 6 weeks to see what happens and methotrexate forever he said.

Taken my 1st methotrexate this morning so see what happens.

Thanks all


Posted Sun 2 Dec 2018 4.27pm by James

Hi all, any one on prednisone for psa inflammation , been on 15mg a day for 3 days but pain in feet has got worse, any ideas??



Posted Sun 2 Dec 2018 7.23pm by wendyloish

Hi James,

If I were you I would give it a bit more time to work. Did you ask the doctor how long before you might expect an impact from the medications? Perhaps you could track what other people on the forum have said about your medications. I know corticosteroids take up to a week to impact. I guess the inflammation has to subside, rather than disappearing immediately. If it was me and I had not had improvement after a week, I would go back to the GP. This is assuming it takes time to get another specialist appointment.


Posted Tue 4 Dec 2018 8.52pm by wendyloish

Hi James,

A thought has occurred to me. Years ago (like about 20) I had a problem with pain in my feet which was centred on the balls of my feet. It would get really bad after I had been walking for some time, but would be relieved if I took off my shoes and walked barefoot. It was at that time that I abandoned women's shoes. (I already only wore flats.) Men's shoes we wider, and since only wearing them the problem has not recurred.

So I ask the question, is the pain possibly related to your shoe width? I know shoes that felt ever so comfortable when I put them on would with enough walking become an instrument of torture. Do you have the same pain when you go barefoot?

The above may not help, but it might be worth a look.


Posted Tue 4 Dec 2018 10.25pm by James

Hi Wendy

I got some extra wide shoes a while ago because I think my feet have got wider, when I squeeze me foot it hurts also but not as bad as it was. sometimes the pain goes to the sides of feet all so.

when I walk barefooted its still the same really but no pain when feet up, also the back of heels hurt. I had a mri scan years ago on my right inner ankle as it was slighty swollen and they said it might be tendonitis but cant see anything on scan.

Just wondering if you cant make a fist with a couple of fingers or straighten properly will that inflammation go away on the meds?

Thanks for the info again


Posted Wed 5 Dec 2018 1.33am by wendyloish

Hi James,

Sorry I cannot help on the last question. I am controlling (more or less) my symptoms with diet, and I am not on autoimmune medications. I am still getting some swelling in my left foot (with sausage toes), there is still some around my knees and ankles, but the pain is under control and my mobility and joint dexterity have improved a lot. The diet I am on is called FODMAP. It eliminates inflammation causing foods. Originally designed for gut inflammation, it had proved with me to have body wide anti-inflammationary effects. It might help. But it takes time to have an impact (about 10-12 weeks).

About making a fist, I am not the one to ask on that score either. I have very small fingers and toes. Google searches show it is called brachydactyly. Fist making was never much of a priority for me anyhow.

And while I think about it, I believe your feet do spread with age.


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