Dead Sea Bathing and Natural Remedies

Posted Mon 13 Feb 2012 11.26am by jules47
I have serious problems with itching skin due to P

Morning. I'm a new member so comments may be in the site somewhere. Having had little success with ointments and scalp treatment over recent years I am wondering whether I should try the Dead Sea! And/or what experience others have with herbal/natural treatments?

Posted Tue 14 Feb 2012 3.28pm by jackie
It is in on my salp and parts of my body. Sometimes it does upset me especially on the scalp.

I have started to use dead sea remedies and their moisturisers for my face are really working. i now use their face wash and their body lotion too.

Posted Wed 15 Feb 2012 7.10pm by PrisK
I have had psoriasis for over 17 years now. I once was covered on more than 75% of my body, tried many treatments...and just stopped everyth

Hi Jules, I have tried Dead Sea products for years and only really found it was helping on my scalp if I was doing masks regularly. It was not treating my psoriasis though, just making the itch more bearable. I also had a chance to go to the Dead Sea and spent hours "in" the water, with mud everywhere...and same thing, it made it easier for a while - but then I was also on holidays and in the sun so how could I know that it was the Dead Sea minerals working indeed? Each person reacts differently though, so you should give it a go, it can't hurt you!

Posted Thu 15 Mar 2012 4.47pm by geep2310
it makes my life a misery. i feel like an outcast and i cant even bare to look in the mirror anymore as it upsets me so much. i have large p

i used to suffer with severe p on my scalp, it got to a few inches thick at times! i was told to try 'aalgo', its finely grinded up seaweed so its like a powder. if you add a few spoonfulls into a bowl and add a little warm water and natural yoghurt, so its a thick paste, and then spred over the affected areas of scalp and then wrap your head in clingfilm(you look a little like a alien but its worth it!). After leaving this on for a few hours(the longer the better) the p then peals off in the shower when you wash it out. i did this for a couple of months untill it went, and it hasnt came back on my scalp since! hope this helps x

Posted Sun 8 Apr 2012 12.21pm by Mark
Had Psoriasis since i was 13 -mainly on either side of torso, sometimes on Scalp. A little elsewhere. Usual issues of embarassment with fla

Hi, I used Dead Sea salts and cream a couple of years ago. The Salt scub and bath salts are ok to a point, but can irritate sometimes. And thery are expensive. I got sold in a sopping centre. £40 all in if i remember. I posted a comment on the Moisturisers thread that you might find useful.

Posted Fri 27 Apr 2012 2.35pm by cathob
Ihave psoriasas on my scalp on my arms and legs.

Hi I have used the dead sea salt in the bath I found it softens the scales and after applying my ointment works quite well but after a while it dont work as well so I moved on to the sea weed products.

Posted Fri 27 Apr 2012 2.56pm by Mike P
Reasonably mild at present. Mainly affecting elbows, calves and forearms

Back in the seventies my grandmother went to the Dead Sea and it did her the power of good. That said, she believed it was exposure to the sun rather than the Dead Sea that did the trick. What I can say is that her condition was really bad went she went there and upon her return all her symptoms were virtually gone.

Posted Tue 1 May 2012 12.33pm by saintsfan

Haven't been but know plenty of people swear by Dead Sea trips and become regulars. Whether it's the sea/sun/or being relaxed among people who look the same and don't stare who knows, as long as you find something that works for you. There's also a clinic in the Canaries, Clinica Mirak, I think or something similar. I visited an Italian spa town some years ago and waters and muds worked a treat. Then again, any sunny holiday which also involves salt water works for me. Haven't had much joy with other herbal/natural treatments. Tried chinese herbal teas but had terrible reaction to it (and skin cleared as soon as I stopped taking it!). Did invest in seeing a nutritionist. Helped with well being generally but also skin has generally been more manageable since doing so. An old fashioned simple diet with minimal alcohol seems to suit my skin best. Hope you find something to suit. I'm sure there's something in the simple act of taking control and being proactive about treatment options which has a positive effect on our wonderful skin. God luck!

Posted Sun 13 May 2012 5.01pm by Ronall
At age of 27 was patient of Dr Dick Coles. At one stage was 80% covered and could find no relief. Also affected by Psoriatic Arthropathy.

Hi Jules, I'm at the Dead Sea as I type this. I have suffered with the scourge since I was 27 and I'm now 66. Out of desparation I tried the Dead Sea in 2000 when I was 80% covered. I've never looked back. In short my Dead Sea trips have given me back the life I never had pre 2000. Eack time I return to the Dead Sea I go back with less psoriasis than I had before. I've also written a few articlews for the Psoriasis Association mag so they may still have them on file. If not then I'll be home on the 21st of this month and can give you full details. It's the only thing that works for me. Contact me by email if you want further details on If you include your home address I'll post you Dead Sea articles when I return. If you prefer then just your email address and I'll try and scan them into an email for you. If you talk to Gladys at the PA she know of me very well and may be able to get stuff to you earlier than the 21st. Ronall

Posted Tue 29 May 2012 9.50am by edinbvrgh (edited Sat 13 Oct 2012 8.40am by clarenzio)
At its worst, plaue psoriasis covered about 30% of my body and had a major negative impact on my life, with long periods of depression

Hi, I got back from the Dead Sea (Jordan side) on Sunday and am feeling evangelical about its benefits! Having been through nearly three years of conventional treatments for plaque psoriasis which covered about 30% of my body, all that happened was that my condition was getting progressively worse and spreading. In the 36 months before heading out to Jordan I had steroid creams (various) 70 UVB sessions at my local hospital plus 35 PUVA, tar dressings, dithranol, MTX for a short period until it was stopped because of a false alarm about my liver. Plus of course oceans of moisturisers. In all that only my first batch of UVB treatment showed a little improvement which quickly reversed, and MTX looked as if it might work, until the treatment was stopped, although it may now be a possibility for the future. After 19 days sun exposure and bathing in the Dead Sea I have returned home with a clear skin and can still hardly believe it. There was much debate among other sufferers out there if the Dead Sea bathing actually made any difference, my view was if it was there I was going to use it, and the mud. To get maximum benefit you have to follow a disciplined regime of progressive sun exposure up to 5-6 hours per day, and it would have been tedious were it not for the fact that I could see progress from day to day. Now I am interested to see how long the benefits last, like all things about psoriasis this varies widely, but I have seen research which says that average remission is 3.5 months, in any event I am reorganising my budget so that if I have to I will make two trips per year. The dog doesn't know it yet but she may soon be on Tesco Value dog food, after all a happy owner should make for happy dog.

Posted Mon 18 Jun 2012 4.05pm by Lesley
I have suffered with it for 30 yrs

Can anyone recommend a couple of hotels by the dead sea. I've had p for 30 yrs and have tried all sorts of topical, herbal,injection And pills. I'm back on methotrexate after having a stay in hospital :( I'm still suffering a very bad flare up. Any advice on where to stay etc would be fab. Thanks

Posted Sat 19 Jan 2013 1.13pm by bunnyanne3
My Mum has it on her hands

My mum uses this and it has helped her a lot.

Posted Thu 28 Feb 2013 3.48pm by at
plague psoriasis since 2008

I went to the Jordan side of the dead sea a few years ago for two weeks. It did not help at all. I spent a lot of money and was very disappointed. What I find is that sunshine on its own helps.

Posted Tue 26 Nov 2013 5.36am by joliakraymer
not yet

How does Dead Sea products Help My Skin?Does it works for everyone?Does it worth the price? Is It the same products with ( )? please send me more details a bout dead sea products. Regards. Jolia?

Posted Sat 26 Apr 2014 11.01am by Aussie Mike
Legs, elbows and scalp. Self esteem problems and would love to be able to be seen with my shirt off on a hot day.

I live in the Subtropical zone of Eastern Australia and the P only seems to grow where the sun don't go :-) For example in winter when I wear long pants the p builds up on my legs, then clears in the Summer. My arms are usually bare most of the year but the P is only on the elbows there and when you think of it that's the part of the arms that's always in shadow unless you are deliberately pointing the elbows at the sun. I'm starting to just coat myself with local sea water after a shower and letting it dry off naturally to see if that helps as well. Fortunately I live near the sea and can just walk down and fill a 10L springwater cube.

Posted Thu 5 Feb 2015 1.54pm by
Ive had psoriasis in many areas in my body

Hi Jules, I tried Dead Sea treatments but worked temporarily, then a friend of mine told me about an Autralian product called Soratinex and used it and within 3 weeks all Psoraisis cleared up. I had it in on my face and arms but now nothing. I bought it from this site: hope it helps you too. Good luck Mark

Posted Sat 8 Aug 2015 3.38pm by Margo19

Hi, try one of those natural herbs creams - they are very effective and no side effects or

Posted Tue 1 Dec 2015 11.21am by callagg
flames up from time to time.

An interesting fact the Victorians with skin aliments used to bath in seaweed. Maybe they were on to something! There is a psoriasis cream made of wild Irish Seaweed called Roscara that I liked.

Posted Sat 7 May 2016 6.54pm by irishgeoff

Have you tried roscara Psoriasis Cream ?

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