Feeling like a freak

Posted Fri 25 Jan 2019 10.05am by Belfast billy

Nothing seems to work and it's all over my body from my head to the soles of my feet . Depression doesn't begin to explain my feelings .

Posted Fri 25 Jan 2019 10.39am by victoria

Hi Billy

I have it on my scalp, and thought i would reply to you, i know it is hard and it has upset me to know you are depressed it is awaful, I do know what depression is it has nearly killed me over last 5 years and it will not help with the psoriasis at all, Bily try i know how hard it is to relax as best as you can even if you try a computer game to take your mind of things failing that get a large gigzaw puzzle have a nice deep soke in the bath with very little chemical in maybe the doctor can give you something for the bath, get out and start the gigzaw on a large table or floor were ever you are comfortable concentrate on doing that at least it will sway your mind from the depression and hae some mellow music in the back ground, i could brake my heart for you keep your chin up and may the lord above bless you, in my prayers this evening

Yours Sincerly Vitoria UK

Posted Sat 26 Jan 2019 3.42am by anneshrew

Billy, I have also felt this way for a long time, and am so sorry to hear you're feeling the same :( I hope you can take comfort knowing you're not alone in this - and closer to you than you might think! - From a fellow Belfastian

Posted Sat 26 Jan 2019 5.02am by Belfast billy

I can't even work my phone às it's a touch screen

Posted Sat 26 Jan 2019 9.15am by victoria

Hi Billy

How awful for you. I wish I could give some words of advice to you. Boil all drinking water and keep in glass bottles in fridge for a start, you need something to bathe in please consult GP this is not good at all . The central heating is making my scalp worse but what do you do freeze . Try and get out in garden bit of fresh air when you can. Feel for you and Anneshrew god bless you both in my thoughts


Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 12.25pm by Belfast billy

Thanks for all your kind words fellow sufferers

Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 2.06pm by Becca

Hey Billy have you been referred to a dermatologist?

When mine was all over I bathed with emollient in the water which was prescribed but I believe you can buy it in most pharmacies. These eased the itching and the pain.

I also received twice weekly UV treatments at the hospital. This cleared up my psoriasis nearly completely. If you can't get prescribed this then some trips to the sun bed would probably work a treat.

Hope you get some relief soon

Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 7.27pm by Sarucia

Gosh your an amazing bunch of people!! Psoriasis is such a difficult thing to live with...I have psoriasis on my scalp and have baldness from it...things that have massively helped are: low or no central heating, no alcohol, cutting out meat and dairy... Putting Sweet Almond oil on my scalp for 30 minutes before using nizarel shapoo/ t gel...and the biggest surprise has been Body shop Ginger Conditioner..totally soothes my scalp and itching minimal...I would recommend. X

Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 12.10pm by Scoobyw

Hi Billy,

I am 43 and too am covered head to toe (around 70%) and it has become unbearable to work, sleep and socialise. The anxiety, stress and depression I feel is immeasurable! I teach and play music but cannot begin to think about facing people in public or in work.

My flare up started in September 2018 and had knocked me for six, still waiting to be seen by my local hospital, they have said mid April, just sit at home covered in hydromol cream which does very little.

I find it painful and uncomfortable to wear clothes so I sit in shorts at home. I sometimes drink to excess which helps with the pain both physically and emotionally, however only in the short term.

My teaching is part time and will soon end as I can’t work and they are demanding a fit for work meeting which I physically cannot attend, I live in Newcastle which is a Universal Credit area so no chance of support there, feeling close to the edge!

There is not much light at the moment.

Posted Sun 10 Feb 2019 11.38pm by Vickie

Try biological med's they were the only thing that worked for me had head to toe as well now only hands and feet also have PA. I know the pain your in both physical and mental, I've been there have had for over fourth year now and through it all I tried to stay up and know one day will be better than the last took a long time to find what would work for me. Keep your chin up and don't give up on the fight God put you here for a reason, mine was for my son. You will find your reason to. Come out of the darkness and into the sun life is and can be so good you will see just try. Stay strong and I am praying for you

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