Feeling like a freak

Posted Fri 25 Jan 2019 10.05am by Belfast billy

Nothing seems to work and it's all over my body from my head to the soles of my feet . Depression doesn't begin to explain my feelings .

1 Posted Fri 25 Jan 2019 10.39am by victoria

Hi Billy

I have it on my scalp, and thought i would reply to you, i know it is hard and it has upset me to know you are depressed it is awaful, I do know what depression is it has nearly killed me over last 5 years and it will not help with the psoriasis at all, Bily try i know how hard it is to relax as best as you can even if you try a computer game to take your mind of things failing that get a large gigzaw puzzle have a nice deep soke in the bath with very little chemical in maybe the doctor can give you something for the bath, get out and start the gigzaw on a large table or floor were ever you are comfortable concentrate on doing that at least it will sway your mind from the depression and hae some mellow music in the back ground, i could brake my heart for you keep your chin up and may the lord above bless you, in my prayers this evening

Yours Sincerly Vitoria UK

Posted Sat 26 Jan 2019 3.42am by anneshrew

Billy, I have also felt this way for a long time, and am so sorry to hear you're feeling the same :( I hope you can take comfort knowing you're not alone in this - and closer to you than you might think! - From a fellow Belfastian

Posted Sat 26 Jan 2019 5.02am by Belfast billy

I can't even work my phone às it's a touch screen

Posted Sat 26 Jan 2019 9.15am by victoria

Hi Billy

How awful for you. I wish I could give some words of advice to you. Boil all drinking water and keep in glass bottles in fridge for a start, you need something to bathe in please consult GP this is not good at all . The central heating is making my scalp worse but what do you do freeze . Try and get out in garden bit of fresh air when you can. Feel for you and Anneshrew god bless you both in my thoughts


Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 12.25pm by Belfast billy

Thanks for all your kind words fellow sufferers

Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 2.06pm by Becca

Hey Billy have you been referred to a dermatologist?

When mine was all over I bathed with emollient in the water which was prescribed but I believe you can buy it in most pharmacies. These eased the itching and the pain.

I also received twice weekly UV treatments at the hospital. This cleared up my psoriasis nearly completely. If you can't get prescribed this then some trips to the sun bed would probably work a treat.

Hope you get some relief soon

Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 7.27pm by Sarucia

Gosh your an amazing bunch of people!! Psoriasis is such a difficult thing to live with...I have psoriasis on my scalp and have baldness from it...things that have massively helped are: low or no central heating, no alcohol, cutting out meat and dairy... Putting Sweet Almond oil on my scalp for 30 minutes before using nizarel shapoo/ t gel...and the biggest surprise has been Body shop Ginger Conditioner..totally soothes my scalp and itching minimal...I would recommend. X

Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 12.10pm by Scoobyw

Hi Billy,

I am 43 and too am covered head to toe (around 70%) and it has become unbearable to work, sleep and socialise. The anxiety, stress and depression I feel is immeasurable! I teach and play music but cannot begin to think about facing people in public or in work.

My flare up started in September 2018 and had knocked me for six, still waiting to be seen by my local hospital, they have said mid April, just sit at home covered in hydromol cream which does very little.

I find it painful and uncomfortable to wear clothes so I sit in shorts at home. I sometimes drink to excess which helps with the pain both physically and emotionally, however only in the short term.

My teaching is part time and will soon end as I can’t work and they are demanding a fit for work meeting which I physically cannot attend, I live in Newcastle which is a Universal Credit area so no chance of support there, feeling close to the edge!

There is not much light at the moment.

Posted Sun 10 Feb 2019 11.38pm by Vickie

Try biological med's they were the only thing that worked for me had head to toe as well now only hands and feet also have PA. I know the pain your in both physical and mental, I've been there have had for over fourth year now and through it all I tried to stay up and know one day will be better than the last took a long time to find what would work for me. Keep your chin up and don't give up on the fight God put you here for a reason, mine was for my son. You will find your reason to. Come out of the darkness and into the sun life is and can be so good you will see just try. Stay strong and I am praying for you

Posted Wed 20 Feb 2019 1.56pm by Karenlouise15
I used to be so confident and outgoing but now a shell of my former self due to psoriasis

Aww I really feel for u Billy , I’m covered in it and I feel so self consious and embarrassed about it I work for the nhs and daily I get asked “ ooh what’s that on ur arms n hands looks nasty “ by patients , it’s massively affected my social life and I can’t see me ever having another relationship again as I feel like a leper. Have u had puva treatment I started that last year 3 times a week for a while and it did smooth the patches but the burning and itching was bad so had to stop it I’m seeing my dermatologist end of March and going to ask about biologics.

Hope ur ok x

Posted Wed 20 Feb 2019 5.14pm by Lou

Hi I feel just like that mine has really flared up, and trying to put cream on only the effected areas is a nightmare,not enough hours in the day 😪 all round my ankles are so sore I’ve just made one bleed where it was itching so much.. wish my appointment with the dermatologist would hurry up.

Posted Wed 20 Feb 2019 8.20pm by Belfast billy

I've had all the creams and light therapy now am on acitretin last resort it seems can't sleep cause of the constant itching soles of my feet bleed the only place I don't have it is my face don't want to go out or go to work and can't remember the last time I laid with a woman life certainly can't get any worse

Posted Thu 21 Feb 2019 5.20pm by Matt1972

hi billy.

I have tried light therapy and acitretin too. I suffered all over my body apart from my face. All over my back, legs, arms. The acitretin should work to a point, but it did take some time. It makes things less red.There are a few side effects such as mood swings, dizziness and sickness. My dermatologist put me on Cyclosporin about 12 months ago. It has worked incredibly well. last summer I wore shorts and had my shirt off. I know however this is something that the dermatologist has said I will be unable to take long term. The main problem is monitoring blood pressure, and it has made my joints ache. I have got down to the lowest dose, and a few patches have returned, but nothing like what I was in 2017. When you next see your dermatologist hopefully going on this may be the next step for you. I am due back in march, so they may change my medication then, but I can recommend cyclosporin.

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 9.05pm by Shazz

Billy. I live in Belfast too. I hate my psoriasris. Soles off my feet has to be the worse.

I'm being referred for light therapy. I could go on and on about my psoriasris, maybe talking helps. Like you I'm so glad its not on my face.

I don't know if we can but you ,I and anneshrew are from Belfast. Meet up , compare psoriasris and chat, compare what works or doesnt

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.18pm by Belfast billy

I'm from Belfast but l live in Norfolk England but if you want to visit I do have plenty of room x

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.24pm by Shazz

Billy. Do you not have pills to help with itching? Dermatologist gave me fexofenadine hydrochloride. Helps when I take them.

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.27pm by Shazz

Why did you leave Belfast?. You must have found love

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.29pm by Belfast billy

I found work

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.30pm by Shazz

I have never been to Norfork

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.32pm by Shazz

So? What work do yoiu do?

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.34pm by Belfast billy

I repair heavy plant machinery x

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.37pm by Shazz

Billy..... As 1 of my Belfast friends. We need to help and support each other. Hope you don't mind I referred you as a friend

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.42pm by Shazz

Billy..... Wow , you must be strong and fit

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.44pm by Shazz

Sorry. I'm not hitting on you. Prob old enough to be you mum

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 10.53pm by Shazz

Billy. My psoriasris has given my anxiety and like you , depression. Its ugly, and people always judge. Unfair. For years I did not want to meet people. Then, I thought I am not a leper. Now if anyone asks, I will answer

Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 11pm by Shazz

Being female, for me, hair loss is the worst. My hair was always my thing, well that and my nails. Then losing hair, ugly painful nails, both toenails and finger nails. I was at a point, I could not even take coins out of my purse. My friend had to help

Posted Sat 23 Feb 2019 6.26am by Belfast billy

Sorry I didn't answer I fell asleep I got work this morning till 12 o'clock and your not old enough to be my mum I'm 53 and its nice to have a Belfast friend x

Posted Sun 24 Feb 2019 5.28am by Belfast billy

Has my Belfast friend left me

Posted Mon 25 Feb 2019 6.26pm by Guernseygal
Late 50's just diagnosed with Palmoplantar

Hi Billy,

New to the forums, just diagnosed with Psoriasis (officially) this morning.

I notice that you said part the way down the thread that you couldn't even use your smartphone because of psoriasis.

Can I suggest a stylus? you can buy them for a couple of quid on Amazon.

Also to help take your mind off the itching (oh hell and I relate)

download a free meditation app on your phone and try that?

Not trying to jump in and be a know it all, It is just that I have read a lot on these forums that meditation can help, and I work in IT

Posted Tue 26 Feb 2019 5.22pm by Tayans92

Hi I’m new to this group

I was recommended to join by my doctor and reading through all your comments seems like this is maybe my last resort

I was born with psoriasis and now at the age of 26 it’s at its worst, I can’t wear shorts, short sleeve tops anything showing skin.

Summer is so bad I don’t even leave the house.

I’m currently on uv treatment I’ve been using uv for years and it seems to be the only thing that works it’s doesnt completely clear it up but calms it down. I also use steroid cream umovate and that really helps a lot!!

I have such bad depression no one ever understands and I feel like when I talk about my psoriasis everyone must think oh here she goes again (when they really don’t think that) I just feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel anyone else feel the same? Xx

Posted Tue 26 Feb 2019 5.37pm by Scoobyw

Hi guys, sounds like everyone is having a really tough time in here!

I teach music freelance and have not been able to work due to the severity of the condition over the last 6 months so earning no money at all.

Has anyone else had or having this issue?

I am struggling to cope now financially as well as physically and emotionally..

some bad thoughts these days.

Posted Tue 26 Feb 2019 7.12pm by Belfast billy

I think everyone on here has deep bad thoughts but you gotta try to make sure they stay as only thoughts mate

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 5.29am by Shazz

Hi Belfast billy.

Omg you are same age as me... And no your Be!fast friend has not left you

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 5.38am by Shazz

Reply as and when..

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.39am by Belfast billy

Morning shazz x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.44am by Shazz

Good morning. How are you?

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.46am by Shazz

I would like to give you my email or mobile no. But inappropriate

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.47am by Belfast billy

Am ok just having a coffee and getting ready for work and how are you x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.51am by Shazz

I'm OK. No sleep. Feet hurting, but you know how that feels

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.56am by Shazz

OK. I might be blocked now. Shirlwoods@sky.com

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.57am by Belfast billy

Yes I do thick layer of skin that cracks and bleeds I soak mine in a bowl of warm water at night to soften them then loads of emollient and a pair of socks for bed x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 6.59am by Shazz

I put cream on and like you , wear bed socks

1 Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 7.05am by Belfast billy

What are your plans for today x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 7.19am by Shazz

Err. Waiting on call from universal credit. Phone Doctor. Phone sky. Get on laptop and apply for job I used to do. Text my friend. Aside from that, watch telly and clean house

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 7.23am by Belfast billy

Have you got wassapp on your phone x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 7.26am by Shazz

No sorry

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 7.31am by Shazz

You have my email

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 8.08am by Belfast billy

That's ok I was gonna give you my number just cause it's easier than email x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 8.16am by Shazz

OK..give it., only if you want

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 8.48am by Shazz

OK. Guess not

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 9.01am by Shazz

Take care

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 9.29am by Belfast billy

07463210367 is my number x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 9.34am by Belfast billy

It's difficult to reply to emails when I'm at work x

Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 12.04pm by Shazz

Texted you

Posted Wed 20 Mar 2019 3.44pm by susanc

Am also in the same position Billy, and it really really sucks. Does it seem like to anyone else that your psoriasis is all you think about? genuinely think about it once every ten minutes I reckon. hope everyone is ok, keep powering through

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