Dead Sea Spa hotel experiences?

Posted Tue 3 Sep 2019 11.44 by ncg3237

Hi, I have provisionally booked the Dead Sea Spa hotel for 3 weeks in November, thinking it was a good deal but I have been reading reviews and it sounds a bit horrifying - the main problem I have heard is they x-ray your bags going into the hotel to stop you bringing in food from outside, and seeing as they charge for water and the restaurant is expensive it seems a bit of downer. Has anyone had any experience with this hotel? Other hotels seem much more expensive and I am on the limit of my budget. I am also worried I may get very bored, there does not seem to be much around there. Are there other alternatives to staying directly on the dead sea?

Posted Sun 8 Sep 2019 12.16 by Jillykin

Hi, I'm travelling to Israel in a few weeks and taking in the Dead Sea as part of the trip. We're travelling independently and I was shocked when planning the trip by how small Israel actually is. It's possible to travel to either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv by bus for the day if you get really bored, otherwise you could visit Masada or cross into Jordan to take in Petra. Bus travel is cheap, and according to a friend who has just returned also fast, safe and reliable. As far as treatment goes and the benefits of staying on the Dead Sea itself, I'm at a bit of a loss to be honest. I'm only staying a couple of days, so any benefit to my skin will be minimal and incidental. I'm wondering though, will I be able to go into the water? I'm getting conflicting advice online.

Posted Thu 17 Oct 2019 22.15 by Kiwi1957

Possibly a little late to respond given that you made a provisional booking and therefore may well not have gone ahead with it.... If it is the Dead Sea Spa Hotel in Jordan that you are asking about...I stayed there for a few days some years ago, again based on my limited budget for the area. Yes, X-rayed on the way in (I thought for security). Good room, great breakfast options and so close to to the sea & mud. Out of interest and now reading some on-line comments, I contacted the hotel and was advised that food & beverages from outside the hotel is not allowed for all Dead Sea hotels. However, another nearby hotel has just indicated that eg crisps and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed (though not foods that contain eg milk, yoghurt or meat). I had enquired about getting to the resort area by public transport (bus) from the airport- needed to change bus stations etc...decided to pay for a direct taxi to get into the sea and sun more quickly. Definitely worth the money (regulated at the airport with fixed prices). Book a return trip at the same time or take the business card to call later when your departure details are finalised. Hotel arranged return taxi was almost double the price. If looking for 'excursions' perhaps also check some of the nearby hotels and ask about trips offered. Or find a local taxi driver who can take you back to some of the areas you passed through from the airport. Or enjoy the solitude of the desert/sea.

Posted Thu 28 Nov 2019 21.27 by Dibbs

Not a reply about the hotels etc but would buying Dead Sea salt and soaking in baths of it help? No good for me as I have a wet room!

Posted Fri 29 Nov 2019 09.00 by ncg3237

Thanks for the responses. After reading loads of material about the benefits of the Dead Sea and the particular "type" of sunlight there, and in particular an American study on the benefits of sunlight on Psoriasis I came to the conclusion that it is mainly the sun which helps Psoriasis. So infact it does not matter where you go as long as there is plenty of sunlight. So I went to Thailand (Koh Chang) instead, where there was plenty of sun and sea (not as salty though!) and spent just under 4 weeks relaxing. I came back almost totally clear (elbows, knees and shins). How long I will be in remission I don't know, but a quick trip down to southern Spain may well be all I need next time to keep on top of it.

Posted Wed 4 Dec 2019 07.36 by scarletsmummy

you will get just as much benefit from spending 3 weeks on a cheaper sun holiday , it's the sun that helps these hotels advertise as curing all but if that were the case health services would be sending patients there as it would be cheaper than years of medication

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