Also Very New to Psoriasis

Posted Mon 11 Nov 2019 9.29pm by Greytop

I am certainly what can be described as a "Newbie" and so ignorant that I had never heard of the condition until a couple of months ago that is. I seem to have developed it at the age of 70. I wouldn't say it was bad but have plenty of spots on my lower legs, arms and a few on my buttocks.

I don't know if it is a coincidence (certainly doctors seem to think so) but it only started after having a shingles vaccination for the first time, you get the vaccination on the NHS from the age of 70. The condition started within days of the vaccination.

The doctor has put me on Dovobet, which seems to suppress the spots until they just become red patches, but as soon as I stop the treatment then the spots re-emerge.

I found this site by accident and I find it really helpful. Also reading some of the cases I also realise how relatively minor my condition is compared with many who post on here.

Keep up the good work.

Posted Thu 5 Dec 2019 10.57am by TomCel

Hi Greytop.

There are lots and lots of creams you may get to try, none cleared things up totally for me but it's the first treatment that you get given.

I had a number of creams on the go at ones and found that mixing them up from time to time would help.

You don't really get told, well i didn't, that moisturising is a huge help. Moisturise and use the creams initially and see how you go.

There are plenty more methods of treatment you may be given ;)

Posted Tue 17 Dec 2019 3.18pm by Greytop

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your comments.

My Doctor also gave me a huge tub of hydrating gel with vitamin D for moisturising . though not sure that it helps any. At the moment I am just persevering with Dovobet and really only need to apply it once very two days to keep it at bay.

I am still convinced that my shingles vaccination brought it o,n as it started within a couple of days after having the vaccination.

Posted Tue 17 Dec 2019 4.09pm by TomCel

Hope things work out for you.

It's been about 20 years now on various treatments for me.

On biological injections now, hope that "works"


Posted Wed 18 Dec 2019 4.21pm by charmarr

Hi Greytop.

I am the same age as you.I developed Psoriasis when I was

In my late sixties.

My consultant told me it is very unusual for someone of our age to suffer from it.

If it gets worse get your GP to refer you to a Dermatologist.

I am on Methotraxate at the moment and it is working well.

I tried several creams but they did not help.

Posted Fri 10 Jan 2020 10.17pm by Janie c

Hi everyone

I’ve had psoriasis since I was 6 and I am 47 now !! I’ve always used creams for it but I am wondering if I should maybe start the tablets/ injection am going to see the consultant next month for the first time in years should I bring it up will they try and fob you off and what’s the best moisturiser to use .



Posted Sat 23 May 2020 1.46am by Londoner

Great that you're taking control of your own health! You may want to also look into learning a bit about Allergic Contact Dermatitis, as I've been definitively diagnosed with also. If that might be an issue for you, you would need to speak to your GP to push for a referral to a dermatologist/allergist for patch testing for chemical allergens. I have just posted my own story about my experiences with the same on the "Treatments" discussion page of this forum. Good luck!!

Posted Sat 23 May 2020 8.23am by TomCel

Hi Janie

I've had psoriasis for 20 years and the number of visits to doctor andhospital appointments is vast!

Creams, tablets, light treatment, stronger tablets, pen injections and last but not least, biological injections are all tried on the path to rid me of my psoriasis. So, your visit to the specialist might begin on a similar route...

The biological injections seem to be doing the trick, although it hasn't been the wonder drug I was hoping for. Sunbathing during these crazy times has helped more 🙂

What I didn't get told until quite late on my journey is the importance of moisturising! You seem to know this. More moisturising the merrier, although I don't like the initial slipperyness, it soon dries a little. I get a prescribed moisturiser, Epaderm.

Hope this and your visit to the experts helps 😊

Posted Sun 24 May 2020 8.58am by Jen

I found a change of diet helped and I bathe in dead sea salt. What moisturising cream plus vit d do you use? Mine started in my late 50's, I think stresses kicked it off but interested to hear maybe the shingles vaccine kicked it off. Mine does not itch and is mainly on my legs

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