Immunosuppressant Drugs & Covid-19

Posted Fri 6 Mar 2020 11.49am by HighLander (edited Fri 6 Mar 2020 11.50am by HighLander)

Hello folks

I have psoriasis and I am on the biologic adalimumab which is a known immunosuppressive along with MTX Acitretin, Ciclosporin etc

Official advice is to keep taking the meds unless you become unwell:

However the half life of these meds is long and by then it may be too late. I don't have an arthritic component so a skin flare although not much fun, won't slow me down too much. I am due by fortnightly dose tomorrow and am not sure whether to take it or not

Posted Sat 7 Mar 2020 10.31am by Sizzy

I do feel for you, it's a really hard decision. I was on humira for 4 years but come off it 1 year ago. I'm due to stelara but not sure I want to right now (you inject every 12 weeks!). I would discuss with your specialist nurse and make sure your place of work is aware you are immune suppressed to help with information. Good luck x

Posted Sat 7 Mar 2020 8.17pm by Dmort

Hi I’m the same. I’m planning to speak to nurse this week, I am on amgevita, which is the same, am due to take end of week and I’m really worried. I understand the importance of hand hygiene ect but if it becomes as widespread as it may then, it may be difficult to avoid this

Posted Wed 11 Mar 2020 5.51pm by HighLander

I didn't take my Amgevita last weekend. The helpline told me to continue taking the med, which I ignored. I should discuss with the nurses at my local clinic, but pretty sure they'll tell me it's up to me

Posted Fri 13 Mar 2020 9.56pm by Roger

I've been talking Embrel and Entanercept for over five years. Over the last few weeks I've been worried that I will be more likely to get Corvid 19 or not able to recover from it because my immune system was weakened. I was always advised to have the flu jab to avoid getting flu I'm going to take a break from Entanercept injections for the time being.

Posted Sat 14 Mar 2020 9.44am by Mac

Not take my meds for PsA because of the coronavirus hasn't even entered my head.

I had problems with my meds last year coming too a head at the start of December, and what an awful Christmas and up to the start of this month I have had had. There's no way i'm going through that again.

Having people such as your wife/daughter open simple things for you, not on your nelly. Plus there's things need done around the house, I have no time to let coronavirus interfere with a good thing.

I'm only starting to feel the affects of my new meds.

Posted Mon 23 Mar 2020 11.26am by Rooney

I've been on tremfya for about a 9 months... Was due to take my injection on the 3rd march... But didn't I'm. Coming up 11 weeks without it.

Posted Mon 23 Mar 2020 8.21pm by Freeserve

I’m on brodalumab. I just injected myself on Sunday. Am so worried that if I get covid 19. I will get complications. Shall I stop it? My doc said no just carry on. My psoriasis is already flared up by thinking about this. I was lucky to have the flu jab but didn’t have the pneumonia jab. Should i take the pneumonia jab? I’m very worried.

Posted Mon 23 Mar 2020 9.25pm by Addick100
Ian, topicals, light, acetretin, fumaric acid esters (Nightmare!) Adalimumab.

I'm surprised that it wasn't recommended to have a pneumococcal vaccination when you started on your meds. I certainly was when I started on Adalimumab five years ago. For most it's a one of that lasts for life. However last year I got pneumonia and ended up hospitalised. Once recovered I went back to my GP who told me that because of the drug I was on I should have the jab every five years.

I'm not sure it would help much with pneumonia caused by covid-19 though as not all pneumonia is the same.

Posted Mon 23 Mar 2020 9.37pm by Freeserve

Well I went to Have to few weeks ago as I was going away. But I was told by the nurse (who I know realise is completely wrong) that I can’t have it as is a live vaccine. I checked online that pnumaccol isn’t.

Posted Tue 24 Mar 2020 3.22pm by sc0rpulus
Hi my name is Phillip I have had psoriasis now for more than 8 Years. Only got it after my Nan died, been on many different meds for it.

Im on tremfya been on over a year now, I work in retail and social distance is very hard, any advice if I should be self isolating

Posted Thu 26 Mar 2020 1.16pm by Essexgran
Lifelong symptoms but with recent severe widespread flare ups

It seems we are all in the same boat. I am on ilumetri which is by injection every 12 weeks. I had one ten days ago so my decision is deferred until the next injection in early June. I spoke to the hospital and was told that, as I can't get the meds out of me, I have to "shield". At the moment the rest of the country is sort of joining in! I guess I will have to think carefully in June if the virus is still around. As with most people, the biologics is my last hope having failed on the range of other treatments. On the bright side, my skin looks really good - just no one can see it!

Posted Thu 26 Mar 2020 6.19pm by charlie
I have had psoriasis for 46 years

I'm on stelara and methotrexate injections. I had my consultation over the phone with my dermatologist last week, who told me to come off stelara for the time being, but to continue with the methotrexate.I'm every twelve weeks with stelara and six weeks since my last. injection If I feel any symptoms I've been told to come off the methotrexate as well. The biologics help but coming off both would result in a major break-out.

Posted Fri 27 Mar 2020 10.47am by HighLander

Just received a letter from my Dermatologist telling I'm high risk due to my medication and should strictly self isolate for 12 weeks

a) I last took my 2 weekly dose of adalimumab in February, CONTRARY to official advice to continue

b) I already have Covid-19

I am day 11 of symptoms now, mostly just have temperature - no significant respiratory symptoms. Quite pissed off they were so slow to contact people

Posted Fri 27 Mar 2020 6.30pm by Roger

Very sorry to here that Highlander. Difficult to know what each individual should or shouldn't take for there condition at present. You take care!!!

Posted Sat 28 Mar 2020 9.08am by Sizzy

Highlander - keep well, hopefully you are nearly over it now. I didn't start my new treatment anyway due to current situation, but received a text from hospital yesterday as follows:

We are aware that many of our patients with severe skin conditions are on medicines that affect their immune system. If you are taking a medicine that affects your immune system please refer to updated government guidance regarding social distancing and shielding of at risk individuals. See for guidance on shielding and protecting extremely vulnerable persons from covid 19. We are actively reviewing your case and we will be in touch if we identify you as an extremely vulnerable patient. If you have already received advice to shield please follow this until otherwise advised. Please do not contact us regarding your risk, we will be in contact with you. Please only contact us for urgent medical advice. This is an automatic message, please do not reply to this number.

If it helps anyone, I came off Humira May last year and my skin was ok-ish for almost 6 months before it really started to come back.

Keep safe everyone xxx

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