Nail psoriasis

Posted Wed 8 Jul 2020 15.43 by Rach

Hi all, I have developed nail psoriasis in the last 8 weeks. I have nothing on my skin or anything else although the dr suspects psoriatic arthritis as well as my joints swell up. My nails have almost detached on some fingers and they are really sore. Does anyone have any tips what I should be doing with them. My dr gave me calcipotirol ointment but no advice.

Posted Wed 8 Jul 2020 15.44 by patis

Iam putting CBD oil directly on my nails I think its helping

Posted Wed 8 Jul 2020 21.14 by Mrsp166
Living with Psoriasis and PSA :(

Hi Rach. I also have psoriasis in my finger nails and unfortunately there’s nothing to be done to help. I’ve had to get my toe nails off because of it. I usually just cover mine with acrylic x

Posted Sat 26 Sep 2020 12.52 by Jives

I have the same issue. The meds prescribed is a long process and so far with no improvement

Posted Tue 29 Sep 2020 17.03 by Nash Mauritius /Uk

Ive started having finger nails psoriasis on my hands as well a month ago .Neem Oil from Holland & Barrett mixed with black seeds oil is keeping it under control.I mix 1 tea spoon of both and apply on my hands and nails .,wear a plastic gloves at night and sleep .Its helping with my arthritis as well .If you have nail psoriasis, it will developed into psoriatic arthritis in the near future. Good luck 🙏🏼

Posted Tue 29 Sep 2020 23.08 by Bloodhound

I have psoriasis on my palms & a couple of years ago I developed fingernail psoriasis on 9 out of 10 nails. Once the nails lift they will continue to get worse as the psoriasis will build up under the nail causing them to lift further. The best thing to do is clip them back, removing all of the lifted nail. It’s unsightly but at least you can treat the affected part of the nail bed to keep it under control. If left to build up under lifted nails it becomes extremely hard & chalky. 2 years ago I had beautiful nails & now have the ugliest really gets me down. My GP won’t refer me to a dermatologist because she said they can’t do anything for me but I cannot help thinking that there must be something they can do to help it.

Posted Wed 30 Sep 2020 06.33 by Rach

Thank you all. Mine seems to have progressed quickly with arthritis in my joints, swollen fingers and also on my feet.. been referrer to a rheumatologist and am glowing from all the x-rays. Really surprised how quick it's all come on 😞

Posted Wed 14 Oct 2020 20.45 by TheRave - 36 from ireland

i jus keep cutting my nails short n keep them moisturized does the trick

Posted Sat 17 Oct 2020 05.09 by Jll123

Hello I have been suffering with my nails for 2 years. I had beautiful, long,fast growing nails. I noticed my fingers seizing up and the only way to describe the pain is like I’ve been smacked on my fingertips with a hammer. I’ve tried vitamins/supplements/creams/steroids/sunbeds but no change it’s got worse and worse. I trim them down to relieve pain but I’ve had 0 improvement, it’s ugly and really gets me down. I stick fake nails on to disguise them

Posted Mon 19 Oct 2020 20.18 by pen

this is all very discouraging. I have just developed nail psoriasis and it is horrible. I so want it to go away or get a bit better. I will try the neem oil thing. some peoples that cbd oil helps. but I am new to all this. it isnt good news, is it?

Posted Fri 23 Oct 2020 19.09 by Libertyrose

I have devolved nail psoriasis, just seen a dermatologist today and he diagnosed me , I get these pustules under my nail and then they become very thick, pitted and discoloured and I’m only 18 it’s very embarrassing when someone’s sees my hands it really get me down

Posted Sun 25 Oct 2020 17.24 by Regina g

Hi I am on day 10 now of otzela for my nail psoriasis, so early days.... I'm also on 25mg of methotrexate which doesn't seem to be able to manage the way it used to. Hate nails now so short now and lifted.

Posted Mon 26 Oct 2020 01.38 by murmurmountain

Bloodhound, ask your GP about UPVA, this is used for nail psoriasis. And do not take no for an answer. If she still wont let you see a Dermatologist you are entitled to a second opinion.

Posted Tue 27 Oct 2020 19.28 by Judikil

I use Teatree oil to good effect on finger and toenails, helps ease the soreness too. However, recently started to use Gehwol for I growing toenails and discovered it cleared the psoriasis there too.

Posted Mon 23 Nov 2020 20.46 by Linzi841 (edited Mon 23 Nov 2020 20.47 by Linzi841)

I have just been prescribed cyclosporine after having nail psoriasis for about 5 years. I was the same, the doctors continued to tell me that they could not do anything. I am not sure how good the outcome will be but I am remaining positive as it was really getting me down.

Posted Mon 7 Dec 2020 19.31 by Happychappy

Hi Rach, is the psoriasis in your finger or toe nails?? I'm sure you know classic symptoms are pitting of nails, thickening of nail and discolouration. Toe nails I would suggest would benefit from Podiatry. No cure sadly, but it will help keep them comfy.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 2021 13.53 by Lynn

Hi I'm new to this forum and my problem is extremely thin flaky peeling fingernails. They rip right back to the skin, I have to put plasters on some of them. I used to have lovely natural nails but since I have been on Acetretin this had happened. Any suggestions please

Posted Fri 11 Jun 2021 06.06 by Happychappy

Hi, this sounds like a side effect of the medication. Perhaps this needs discussion with your doctor.

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