Hair loss and methotrexate.

Posted Sat 18 Jul 2020 11.21pm by CjCaffee

I am thinking about going on methotrexate for my psoriasis and psoriasitic arthritis. What are the side effects? Thanks!

Posted Sun 19 Jul 2020 1.34am by Fulham71

Hi, I’m new to the forum, I’ve been on methotrexate for nearly five months. I’ve not had any hair loss but unfortunately methotrexate has not worked for me at all.

I’ve suffered from cracked lips, nausea and upset stomach which lasts for a couple of days after taking the tablets. Hope that helps you?

Posted Sun 19 Jul 2020 10.27pm by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

I was taking methotrexate tablets for P for almost ten years with good results.

I tried to manage the side effects by taking the tablets late at night when I am not working the following day (usually Saturday night).

The main side effect for me was nausea, so by taking it late I could sleep off some of the nausea. It still hit me in the morning but felt better by afternoon but sometimes tired.

As far as hair loss, this wasn't that noticeable as I had lost quite a lot taking acitretin before mtx.

The level of side effects may vary depending on the dosage you take. I took between 15mg and 20mg weekly.

The docs finally took me off mtx last year as the nausea was taking its toll. They did say mtx injections offer less side effects for the equivelant dosage, maybe that is something to enquire about.

Good luck.

Posted Wed 22 Jul 2020 10.18pm by Shaun alexander

Hi my first post

I’ve finally given into this horrible disease. I started suffering psoriatic arthritis about 18 months ago. Today I’ve attend hospital to be shown how to inject methotrexate. I’m a 55 year old ruffY Tuffy builder or that’s how my friends see me but in side I’m very scared if I’m honest. The timing couldn’t be worse for me what with covid and a mum who is going to pass away some time soon due to oral cancer. I intend posting one a week on a Wednesday just to see how things progress Wednesday being my injecting day


Posted Wed 22 Jul 2020 10.42pm by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

Hi Shaun, firstly sorry to hear about your Mother, my sympathies.

I hope you find Mtx successful for P clearance. Keep us updated.

Posted Sat 25 Jul 2020 1.59pm by Mac

Hi Shaun.

As a builder myself i can understand your feelings, people do tend too view us as hardy for some strange reason.

I hope the MTX agree's with you Shaun, i found it a great medication and toned things down greatly. As for taking it when corvid is about, you just need to be extra careful when out and about. In my opinion the benefits of medication working, far out weigh the negative's, even with corona virus about.

My sympathies with your mother, they are the king pin of the family.

Posted Wed 29 Jul 2020 9.26am by StevieT

Hi Shaun

First of all hope all is as well as can be with your mum ,hope the MTX works for you ,i found it controlled my P but made me feel real unwell with nausea ,dont know how far down the line you are with treatments but read up on biologic drugs ,these seem to be a last resort purely down to cost of the product to the NHS but they really do work ,I had psoriasis since early 20s and now in late 50s am reasonably clear and have been prob for 15 years since I have been on biologics .

Sincerely wish you all the best at this terrible time ,I have just lost my wife and best friend at 56 years of age and never felt as bereft in my whole life ,expecting a flare up but it hasnt come ,think she has had a word upstairs to protect me



Posted Wed 29 Jul 2020 6.18pm by Shaun alexander

Hi guys thank you for your in put it really is much appreciated Steve I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Well its week two of the metaject pen and i found it really quite Easy to inject if I’m truthful. I confess last week I was a bit miserable to tell the truth. I don’t think I’ve had any real side affects as of today fingers crossed its only week two .On the positive side I’ve now gone 2 weeks with out an alcoholic drink this has been out of choice and I’ve also quit all other drugs that had been prescribed by the DR. The down side to this is I’ve had some bad pain in the joints of my hands and feet this week , hopefully this will disappear over the coming weeks. Thanks for your kind thoughts about my mum she’s keeping her chin up at the moment. One thing I’ve taken on board from the medics is to take a bit of time out for me something I’ve never done . Stay safe everyone and remember that map we have on our skin makes us all unique:)

Posted Wed 5 Aug 2020 5.08pm by Shaun alexander


Well its week three now using the metaject pen. Had my first fortnightly bloods done this Monday. There’s absolutely no improvement at the moment with either the pain or skin. Ive been given some strong pain killers by the GP to help with the pain in my hands and feet as I’ve stopped all other medication. I’m thinking of buying some CBD oil again to see if this will help with the pain. Still its only week three lets see how i am by week 8

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