Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 14.40 by SharonG

Hi Has anyone tried this? I have PPP on my feet - difficult to walk right now - next step might have to be acitretin but having asked in here and researched this drug I really am NOT keen on going down that road!! :( It sounds pretty nasty :( So I have thought I might try Homeopathy - has anyone any advice on this please? TIA Sharon

Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 14.57 by scarletsmummy

i have tried various homeopathy over the year and some i have found slight relief i think what suits one person does not always suit another so its worth trying it On the Subject of the Acitretin please think before taking this drug there are so many side effect to which i am now trying to get over where do i start ................DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG i did 6 months on this from last September up until March this year 1. I lost all my eyebrows 2.i lost all my eyelashes 3.my hair fell out in clumps 4 Every other bit of bodily hair just fell out 5. my skin was so sticky i could not even hold anything without using talcum powder 6. my muscles in my sciatic joint ceased up and i now suffer from severe pain in my sciatic joint Even now my hair is in such bad condition i have had to have it cut really short to give it a chance of recovering it feels like straw If i had read the side effects of this drug i would NEVER have put it in my mouth On the plus side the Psoriasis did disappear in my scalp for a while but is now coming back Jean

Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 15.04 by SharonG

Thanks Jean _ I am going to check it out - I really do NOT want to take Acitretin!! I had researched it and refused it 3 years ago but my PPP is much worse now - it is a never ending story isn't it? :(

Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 17.19 by scouternorm

I was on Soriatane which is the same as Acitretin, and results were minimal. I also tried laser treatment, with no success. Many ointments were tried as well- Dovobet, Enstilar, protopic, you name it, I was prescribed it all to no avail. I asked the dermatologist about possibly using CBD or cannabis, but he said no studies had been done that proved it was effective. Searching on the web led me to a marijuana infused resin in a tube. I applied this to my fingertips and in about 2 weeks, my cracks & cuts started to heal. None of the previous medications had helped at all. Then I got some CBD oil and started using it, on my hands & feet. In about 4-5 months, my hands were almost healed, nails were starting to grow (I had been told that they were dead), and the heavy plaque psoriasis on the soles of my feet were getting thinner. In 2-3 more months, my feet were pretty well healed and the nails on the feet were growing again. Maybe I'm the exception, but to me, CBD was a life changer. Have a look at my hands & feet, before & after using CBD oil: http://www.normtoogood.ca/psoriasis.htm

Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 17.46 by SharonG

@scouternorm That's just fantastic!! Is it still ok? What is it and where can I get it from please? TIA Sharon

Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 18.44 by scouternorm

where are you located? In Canada, many provinces sell it from stores or online.

Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 20.53 by SharonG

@scouternorm UK I have searched for CBD but there are so many!!! :( Don't know which to try? Help? Please :)

Posted Tue 11 Aug 2020 00.51 by scouternorm

This is what I have been using- THC 0.00 - 2.00 mg CBD 9.50 - 11.50 mg PLANT TYPE Sativa Dominant One thing that I have noticed while looking for CBD oil in the UK, is that a lot of it is hemp based, rather than cannabis based. I don't think that the hemp based is as good, so watch for that.

Posted Tue 11 Aug 2020 07.14 by SharonG

@scouternorm Thank you - I will check it out :)

Posted Tue 11 Aug 2020 09.18 by SharonG

@scouternorm Do you have a link to where I could buy it from? Thanks

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