Pure Coconut oil

Posted Tue 3 Nov 2020 2.15pm by Philip14
Hi people just a quick message to say get pure coconut oil it's better that all the steroid creams an keep to a healthy diet

Hi people started using pure coconut oil on my skin, I have terrible psoriasis especially around my groin and with a healthy diet no sugar or dairy no red meats I have seen a great improvement hope this helps someone, by the way do any of you get a horrible hot an dry feeling on the soles of the feet not sure if this has anything to do with my psoriasis or another issue, all take care

Posted Tue 3 Nov 2020 2.20pm by scarletsmummy

glad the coconut oil worked for you , it had very little effect on mine

Posted Tue 3 Nov 2020 3.35pm by Philip14 (edited Tue 3 Nov 2020 3.38pm by Philip14)
Hi people just a quick message to say get pure coconut oil it's better that all the steroid creams an keep to a healthy diet

Was it pure coconut oil mine is in solid form in a jar from Holland and barritt, expensive but will last for ages as it spreads really well

Posted Wed 4 Nov 2020 1.08am by SLH (edited Wed 4 Nov 2020 1.29am by SLH)

We used Aldi extra virgin organic coconut oil on my 6 year old grandsons head which was in a terrible state! Almost daily for about a month daughter massaged the oil on to his scalp and he sat with a shower cap on for 30 minutes while the oil soaked in - we bought a cute sharks head shower cap- then she gently combed his hair lifting and loosening the scales then gently washed his hair in the bath - it cleared it !!!!

Posted Mon 9 Nov 2020 2.16pm by bargainlovingmum

hi all - I love coconut oil on my psoriasis, too. I buy any on offer - Aldi, Holland and Barrett - wherever.

I had heard you can wrap cling film round your patches after applying coconut oil at night, too - to help it sink in. Has anyone tried this? It sounds a faff, but I'd try if it was worth it..?

Philip14 - I'm so glad you asked that about your feet! I get that, too.

On a warmer evening (even in winter) it really keeps me awake at night. I have to sleep with my feet and lower legs out the end of the duvet!

Posted Thu 19 Nov 2020 4pm by rapture83

Don’t want to get too excited as I tend to do this a lot especially when I did it with Enstillar foam but I learned the hard way after that when the spots vanished but came back twice as bad! But after trying creams after creams after creams from my doctor with absolutely no effect at all I decided to buy a jar of Organic Virgin 100% raw coconut oil, I’ve been using it since Monday in the morning after my shower and then at night before my bed, basically massaging my whole body with it, apart from doing that I’ve went cold turkey, no other creams or anything and I think I’m already starting to see a slight difference! I have guttate P, basically small-ish spots everywhere on my legs and feet and a small cluster at each elbow, bright red spots :-( but already into day 4 the spots are starting to go pink-ish/skin colour and some of them are peeling on their own, not flaking off and being itchy as per!. I’m going to continue this treatment, I’m praying it’s a sign and not just a good week I’m having!! PLEASE GOD!!! Oh, and I’m also using a soap I bought for the shower which is Goats Milk and coconut oil and for a bath I have once a week I throw in a few cups of salts, this is my plan for a few weeks, no steroids or chemicals, just organic and healthy treatments’ will report back!

Posted Thu 19 Nov 2020 8.22pm by bargainlovingmum

Hi rapture83 - I so know what you mean about trying everything, but now going back to nature and hoping so much it works.

All the very best with that.

My psoriasis sounds very similar to yours. I'd say stick with the coconut oil for a good lot of weeks/months, while you detox from all the other things we use in our quest to get better.

I love Dead Sea Salts in my bath at night. And sometimes as a dry scrub/exfoliator before a bath/shower.

Lyonsleaf have beautiful, natural products that I discovered for face, hair, body - plus wonderful soaps - no irritation. I only use theirs or coconut oil now. Coconut oil is great rubbed on the face at night, and then wiped off with a warm/hot flannel or muslin. Much cheaper than other things, too!

I really recommend an alkaline diet, too. Oh - and reducing stress. Easier said than done!!

Let us know how it goes :)

Posted Thu 19 Nov 2020 8.52pm by rapture83

Hi bargainlovingmum, thank you for the reply! Yeah it’s a nightmare, I’ve had this for years now but it s never been as bad as it is now, I blame Enstillar foam, the legs have been getting worse, different sized spots everywhere, it’s a nightmare! I will indeed continue with this coconut oil, I’m done with steroids I think, they’ve never helped me and the ones that have it’s basically just like putting a band aid on an open wound, it’s pointless doing it forever! If I had to do coconut oil for the rest of my life I would be delighted, it’s great!

Thanks for the diet advice, I’m not the best at those, I mean I eat healthy and work out several times a week so I’m in good health fitness wise but I like my weekends after a long week working and enjoy having some beers and some nice food (Not helping I know), life is too short to be in misery eating like a rabbit, some people can do it, I couldn’t personally!

I also have scalp P which is everywhere but I seem to have stumbled on a fix for it, it’s crazy how ya P sufferers do that from time to time! I seem to have it under control In that the redness is gone, no itch and the flakes have stopped, it’s still kicking about but 100 times better and again it’s natural stuff, no tar shampoos etc.....

I’ll report back on the coconut oil project but I’m defo seeing some sort of difference colour wise and also, no itch at all when it’s it’s all day! Thanks!!

Posted Sat 21 Nov 2020 8.16pm by bargainlovingmum

Hey rapture83 - good on you - it’s fab you are seeing a difference - on legs and scalp.

What was your scalp help?

Fingers crossed the coconut oil keeps soothing. Smells good, too!

I know what you mean about food - it has to be enjoyable. Good food is such a joy. I figure any ways we can look after ourselves and feel good is a positive thing for us inside and out. Weekend treats included!

I cook with coconut oil, too. Fried onions, garlic, ginger in coconut oil - yum!

All the best and keep us posted :)

Posted Sun 22 Nov 2020 9.03am by rapture83

I can confirm I am absolutely seeing a massive difference, the majority of the spots on my legs are almost skin colour now, the bigger patches not so much, more pink-ish but I can already see an improvement! I read about coconut oil for P in that it traps the moisture which in turn helps reduces redness and itch, this defo works helps guys!

The scalp treatments is a combination of Ginger shampoo from The Body Shop and my sons baby shampoo from Johnstone’s! I was using the ginger shampoo which was helping with redness but not flaking and I just happened to combine some of my sons shampoo one day as it was sitting on the bath, complete spur of the moment/random thing to do and noticed that full day there were no flakes so I done it 2 more days after that and same, checked my scalp and it looked pretty much clear! Crazy! Worth a try if your looking for something, very cheap too! Cheers!

Posted Tue 24 Nov 2020 3.38pm by bargainlovingmum

This is brilliant news - so glad for you! :0))))

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