Palmoplanter Pustulosis

Posted Tue 16 Feb 2021 14.34 by Tina

@sharonG @Alibags and others on this thread. Thanks for replies and kind words. I'm hoping for improvement in spring 😄👍 Question. Is it common for treated skin to heal only for breakouts in adjacent area? So depressing and feels pointless to just move it. Happens on both hands and feet. My scaling on foot if I use steroids lifts in the centre but clings stubbornly at edges causing spiky bits to stick up 😢 Hand starting to split again. Invested in hydrocolloid plasters. Give it a go. Blueberries every day. CBD next if all else fails. The best is hideously expensive. Yes bathing in sea would be lovely. Look after yourselves everyone. Tina

Posted Tue 16 Feb 2021 15.48 by Alibags

Hi Tina Yes it does spread and I find it spreads symmetrically on both feet. The Dermatologist said It does! It does! So I wasnt imagining it. It does seem daunting but please don't get too downhearted about it being incurable... it can be managed and I promise I have fought it right back in the past, but it flares up. It elimination of triggers that affect you. Its a misery sometimes thats for sure but I found its just vigilance and constant attention when bad. I had the whole of 2019 off! They need to get researching and find a cure. I have other immunity problems, have to have eye injections blah blah but nothing gets me down more than the itch of my feet, but it does come and go. Enjoy the not so bad times! Hope it eases off. Oooo sister brought blueberries, nice one

Posted Wed 17 Feb 2021 16.39 by Misty (edited Wed 17 Feb 2021 16.42 by Misty)

Definitely starting to see an improvement with blueberries. Have eventually got an appointment with dermatologist in March, but it’s over the phone. I can’t see that doing any good. Lol. Finger nails not looking so brown since using Synlar. But the hand itching...arghhhhh still up every hour of the night lubing up. Has anybody tried soaking hands in Dead Sea salt solution.?

Posted Wed 17 Feb 2021 17.20 by Alibags

Yes Ive tried Dead Sea salts, very drying when bad,buts helps when not so severe. I honestly find QV Bath Oil in cool water a relief. My worst nightnare is anything with urea in. I think Im allergic to it, really inflamed things. The dermatologist is great, he knows all the quack stuff you buy and all the bad practices like picking. Cant hide much from him. The only time he blanched was when I said I tried "feminine" itch cream on my feet .. then laughed. Useless.

Posted Wed 17 Feb 2021 19.51 by Mandomin

Misty I feel for you and can completely understand your situation, As has been said in other discussions no two cases are ever the same, what works for one does not necessarily work for everyone. I have bad flare ups. This usually happens during the winter. I have addresses this by taking vitamin D and lately have stuck to a dairy free diet which has made a huge difference, not easy I might add as I love cheese. If you like the sun then you may try a "dead sea spa holiday" once we are free to travel that is. Check out a site called its for all type of skin conditions and has wonderful results. I also suffer from scalp psoriasis but a member on here suggested THE BODY SHOP GINGER SHAMPOO and it turned out to be brilliant advice. It really is finding out what works for you and if you do your research you will get results, do not give in to the condition but try and find what works for you

Posted Sun 21 Feb 2021 07.09 by Northerner21

Hi Misty, I've had this form of psoriasis and it is indeed debilitating and horrible to live with. I've cured myself with maximum strength vitamin D3 capsules (10,000 iu) I'm 100% free from psoriasis after about 3-4 months. Please read my thread i posted in the treatment section of the forum.

Posted Mon 22 Feb 2021 21.34 by Tina (edited Mon 22 Feb 2021 21.45 by Tina)

Hi All Just to say that I am moving away from doctors and medication and trying things suggested on these forums. The plaque removing medication seems to leave my hands and feet livid and sore. So I just use it a little and moisturise alot with epimax, aveeno baby ( prebiotic colloidal) coconut oil and Vaseline. I've started using cbd oil about once a day. Just dripping some onto my hand for now. The main changes are to my diet and supplements. I'm taking prebiotic, vitamin D and drinking Kefir and komubtcha. Eating blueberries daily all food is homemade and as natural as possible. Trying to not have any sweet stuff (strongly advised by nutritionist) Almost no dairy. No change yet but early days and I believe it has to improve. By the way have noticed some people use salycic acid creams and blueberries have salycides in them. Probably there is the link.

Posted Mon 22 Feb 2021 23.10 by Alibags

Hi Tina Glad you seen some improvement. Mines improved very much with lamp and creams. Cut back on steroid creams but not altogether just yet. Pharmacy rang me, problems with production of the Paraffin/salicylic as something wrong with raw materials... could be a while... And if I believe that tale I'll believe anything. (Probably Brexit)

Posted Fri 26 Feb 2021 09.22 by anita

Hi everyone. I have just joined this forum and am hoping to get some tips. I have pustular psoriasis under my foot, I've had it for thirty years now but lately I cannot get it under control. In the past I found that anything with coal tar worked great but then Boots couldn't get the coal tar . Since then I have seen a Dermatologist and was given Dermovate which worked but after it ran out my Dr refused to give me any more. Last night I had the worst night ever for itching and now I cannot walk because it hurts so bad. What can I do about the itching, any tips please I would be most grateful.

Posted Fri 26 Feb 2021 10.04 by Alibags

Hi Anita If you read back people have tried various things. I find QV oil in tepid water helps, ice socks (Amazon) keeping it well moisturised. The secret is COLD. Run under cold tap if need be. Then calm down gently rubbing with cold hands. One tube of Dermovate is ridiculous, what's the matter with him! I have on repeat prescription but use sparingly. Fludroxycortide tape also helps, paraffin and Salicylic Acid is a great moisturiser. Ve had success with UVB lamp with the bonus of tanned feet for spring....People have relief from eating blueberries and adjusting diet. So it's trial and error and finding whats works for you. Quite honestly I haven't found an itch cream that works ... just cold... and 2 Anadins!

Posted Fri 26 Feb 2021 12.07 by Northerner21

Hello again everyone, I would recommend you get a vitamin D deficiency test ASAP. I've had this form of psoriasis and I know how painful it is which is why I've come back to these forums to try and help you guys but my posts seem to be falling on deaf ears which is very frustrating. My thoughts are always with people who's quality of life is being destroyed by psoriasis. I've had pustular, palmoplantir and arthritis and been bedbound from it. I'm now psoriasis free all together which I know seems impossible to believe but its true and it was multivitamins and high strength vitamin D3 that fixed me. The high strength vitamin d3 is only available from doctors or if you get it online because the pharmacy only sells 1000 iu strength over the counter. When you are deficienct this is not enough to get the levels back to normal in your blood according to tons of studies out there.

Posted Fri 26 Feb 2021 12.40 by anita

Thank you both I will try your recommendations ( although not all at once ) in the meantime my Dr has suggested Enstilar foam , Your opinions would be welcome.

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