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Posted Sat 10 Jul 2021 20.50 by ItchyA (edited Sat 10 Jul 2021 21.05 by ItchyA)

Hi All Im new here. I'm new to psoriasis. Im new to feeling like I've lost all control of my body. I'm 37, M. I developed a small patch of Psoarosis on my ankle, which quickly spread to my shins, knees, buttocks and elbows... Then in my ears, on my scalp. Patches Literally mirroring on both sides. It all happened over the lockdown period, its made me really quite depressed and self conscious. I guess i went in to denial at one point, i didn't want to have to medicate or moisturise, i couldnt look at my legs without feeling bad. Its taken more of a toll mentally than physically.. And the physical is pretty unsightly. I was prescribed various steroids, eventually i was given Enstilar (betamethasone and vitamin d foam) . I went in to remission (hate this word!!) for a short while then I flared up again. GP has referred me to a Dermatologist, but there is a huge nhs back log.. 3 months on the waiting list now, and i feel its spreading ☹️ Did anyone else have a flare up triggered by the lockdown? (im assuming it was the lockdown for me) Why am i typing this? I absolutely have no idea. Im hoping someone will just get it. No one seems to get the emotional and psychological impact this has had in such a short period if time. I just want it gone, but i know its never going to be gone, still struggling to come to terms with it. Do you ever learn to accept it?

Posted Sat 10 Jul 2021 23.48 by Dustymiller

Try not to stress and stay calm that easy to say I know, one thing I would say is if your ever offered Puva don't have it , I did and its caused me more skin problams they have admitted they gave me to much so please think carefully about any treatment your offered. take care and try not to stress.

Posted Sun 11 Jul 2021 04.38 by Tobysgranny

I had the worst flare up ever during lockdown, head to toe, and now take Acetretin. I’ve only had one not too bad flare up since taking this drug. I found light treatment fairly successful but where I live there is a very, very long waiting list for treatment. I also find Enstilar very good.

Posted Sun 11 Jul 2021 12.58 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

Ali, sorry to hear of your current situation. What you are experiencing is pretty common way P can spread, but everyone suffers in different degrees of course. It may well be coincidental that you started with P during Lockdown, unless you have had a trauma or major stress during that time. Have you had your Covid vaccines during this time? s+Some peeps have reported a flare up in P following the jab. Stick with the treatment regime the docs have provided and that specialist appt will come. Good luck.

Posted Mon 12 Jul 2021 07.32 by Andrew

Hi Ali, welcome to the awful reality of having P. Having had P since 2003 I generally think it is a bad gutt, stress related illness. Presently I am trying to heal my gutt using Slippery Elm and Acidophilus. I am trying to live a stress free life, early days but hoping for good results. Good luck with finding what helps you.

Posted Mon 12 Jul 2021 15.20 by PsoAdminMod

Hi ItchyAli, Welcome to the forum, we hope you find this a useful place for information and support. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your psoriasis at the moment, and we understand that the long wait for a dermatology appointment can be frustrating. We do have a helpline which you are welcome to contact for information and support to help you manage your psoriasis in the meantime, as well as information about treatments you may be offered by a dermatologist. If you would like to get in touch with us you can reach us by phone on 01604 251 620, email at or WhatsApp on 07387 716 439. I do hope this helps, Best Wishes, Amber Psoriasis Association

Posted Wed 14 Jul 2021 12.26 by ItchyA

Hello All, thank you for taking the time to respond and welcome me to the forum l. I really do appreciate it 👍 @psoadmin.. Thank you for the contact numbers 🙂

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