Psoriasis & COVID Vaccine

Posted Mon 2 Aug 2021 13.07 by picklewickle85

Hi there I am wondering how people have been getting on with the COVID vaccines and whether they have noticed improvements/deteriorations in their psoriasis? I have guttate psoriasis which affects my arms, legs, middle & scalp. I am fact gathering at the moment as i am hesitant about the vaccine - the more I know the better. Thank you C.

Posted Mon 2 Aug 2021 14.22 by SharonG (edited Mon 2 Aug 2021 21.27 by SharonG)

Hi I had the AZ vaccine now double jabbed and haven't noticed anything different yet. I had the first in Feb and the second in May. No side effects at all.

Posted Mon 2 Aug 2021 18.06 by OhNo_NotAgain?

I had the second Jab in May (AZ) - no change at all in my psoriasis. In fact no side-effects at all.

Posted Tue 3 Aug 2021 00.57 by The Itcher (edited Tue 3 Aug 2021 01.15 by The Itcher)

I have had periodic bouts of psoriasis, and occasional phases of UV treatment etc. over the past 30 years All annoying and a mite disfiguring, but manageable overall. It had generally cleared up over the past couple of years. Maybe this is coincidence, but shortly after I had my first AZ covid jab in February, I developed serious itching on my upper arm. This has got worse and worse... had the second jab in April, and now most of my body feels like it is under attack by fire ants. I'm getting serious lesions in places I never had them before (legs, feet, etc. It's doing my head in, I'm terrified to go to bed, all I can do is try not to scratch all night. It's really affecting my work - lack of sleep - and my general and mental health. I'm not usually a whinger, BUT? Docs just referred me to (another) dermatologist in a couple of months. Medics just don't know what do do about this. It's so hard to even get an appointment with a GP about this... it's TORTURE!

Posted Thu 5 Aug 2021 23.48 by Hils

I had the Phizer jab in Feb and the 2nd in May and my palm psoriasis is raging having been clear for years. Even on my feet as well, where it has never flared. Into my 6th month now and tried all the steroid creams, nothing works. My dermatologist has said they have seen a dramatic rise in skin reactions to the vaccine. He is now suggesting methetrxate but am cautious.

Posted Mon 11 Oct 2021 19.42 by ClaireBex

I have been on methoexertrate and imraldi for over 2 years and had clear skin and no pain. I had my covid jabs in Feb and April and no side effects. I caught covid in August and last week my skin just erupted. It is so itchy and weepy. My consultant said they are seeing a lot of people with skin issues weeks after having covid or for some reason previous treatment stops working. I have an appointment to see her at the end of the month but she thinks we may have to start looking at other options.

Posted Tue 12 Oct 2021 07.16 by Cairney
Had psoriasis for over 25 years

Since having the Pfizer vacation my psoriasis has flailed up really badly & instead of on my lower back knees and elbows it has flailed up badly all over like small round patches. I will definitely not be going for a booster jag. I'm receiving ultraviolet light treatment at the moment but after 12 sessions so far theres no improvement.

Posted Tue 12 Oct 2021 11.38 by Moggy1

Cairney I am sorry to hear things are bad for you at the moment. I only started with hand and foot psoriasis after having covid and had bad flares after both jabs I am starting phototherapy today so disappointed to hear it’s not helping you as I was hoping it would give me some remission time. I was also hoping to have my booster during the treatment so it may stop a flare up. I really feel this terrible disease has ruined my life and get very down when I think about the future. Keep positive and take care

Posted Thu 14 Oct 2021 04.55 by Ess S

Hi Im new here ..i just wanted to share my experience with you all. I only had red small patches on my elbows of psoriasis for past 2 years that was manageable wasnt painful or itchy. I went for my 1st vaccine end of june 2021 (pfizer) and literally 2 weeks after my vaccine my psoriasis got much worse it spread so quickly and getting worse and worse each day..its been 3 months now and my psoriasis is so severe that it is affecting my lifestyle in a big way..mentally and physically it has affected me alot and i am in so much pain all the time and cant stop itching. Iv been doctors and they have said i have severe guttate psoriasis and have now referred me to a dermatologist. Iv had 2 appoitments with them so far and they can clearly see its really bad it has literally spread to 95% of my body..its on both my full arms, both full legs, my belly, chest, back, my feet and soles and my neck it is now slowly spreading to my scalp. I have it everywhere except for my face and im scared that it will spread there to if it doesnt get cured. It is very painful and itchy that i had to ask my doctor for painkillers because its that bad. My dermatologist said i will have to do UVB light therapy but at the moment the waiting list for that is very long so i dont know when il start..they have given me creams that i find dont work..whatever cream i use now even the most mild cream i find just burns my skin and i be in so much pain. I find relaxing in the bath for 30mins with olive oil really helps sooth my skin as it stops itching and i dont feel pain..the olive oil moisturizes my skin, then when i come out i use cetraben cream that my dermatologist recommended and anything i put on it just burns. I am also a college student studying hairdressing and it is really affecting me as a student aswell hands are really bad aswell so i always keep disposable gloves on at home and college. Im also struggling to walk as the soles of my feet are really cracked.. my psoriasis tends to bleed alot to. Mentally its really affecting me and the pain gets unbearable! I dont know what else i can do i feel i have tried everything. If anyone has any advice for me i would love to hear it. Thank you

Posted Thu 14 Oct 2021 08.30 by SharonG

I found this whilst researching side effects of covid jabs - I spoke to my GP about this and he said all vaccines can affect all sorts of things but it couldn't be proved :( Sorry not really helpful - I am due to have the booster soon :( What is the alternative - a flare up? or catching covid? I have a flare up at the moment but it could be caused by anything - it's unknown territory :(

Posted Thu 14 Oct 2021 09.07 by Ess S

Im currently having a flare up aswell i think im not to sure.. doctor said might have got infected..some people think it might be an allergic reaction, you just never know what it could be. My friend recommended i start washing my clothes with a more mild washing up powder or something, she said it could be irritating you when you wear clothes so try changing your washing powder and stuff. My dermatologist said it was okay for me to go for my 2nd pfizer vaccine..i was double minded i was scared it will spread more or go on my face this time..i still went to get my 2nd vaccine in august but when i got there the vaccine lady saw my severe psoriasis and refused herself to giv me the vaccine. I explained to her this happened 2 weeks after my 1st vaccine and then she refused to give me the 2nd one she didnt want to risk it. Doctors say stress causes flare ups so try not to stress but its very hard not to stress when you are going through this. =(

Posted Thu 14 Oct 2021 12.41 by MyaAshley

I had moderna (double vaccinated) and it hasn’t affected my P luckily!

Posted Thu 14 Oct 2021 16.07 by SharonG

I had the AV. Double Jabbed. :)

Posted Thu 21 Oct 2021 20.54 by Justinjwheeler

I had psoriasis on my elbows and knees when I was a child, but then it went away for 30 years. About 5-ish months ago I got the Pfizer vaccination and a few weeks later I was covered from head to toe with psoriasis. I used ointments which helped my ears and nose. And some kind of solution that I use for my scalp that helps. But the only thing that worked for my hands, Knees, & elbows was UV treatment. And even that took like two months to start working well. The worst places I have are my scrotum, and my fingernails. The scrotum because you are not supposed to use UV treatment on it, and the ointments barely work. And I haven't been able to find anything to help with my fingernails. They are disgusting looking, and I am embarrassed to show my hands in public. Does anyone have any advice for the fingernail? Either way, I definitely regret getting the vaccination

Posted Thu 21 Oct 2021 21.16 by Ess S

My Guttate psoriasis is really bad also ! All over my body ..95% of my body is covered except for my face. Iv had it for about 4 months now and mentally is really affecting me..past month is has gone more severe think its infected im on antibiotics. I shed so much skin i have to vacuum several times a day gets so tiring. I recently brought breathable bandages and cotton breathable gloves and since iv worn them i havent itched at all and normally im very itchy ! Its slowly going on my scalp now. I have not yet started UV therapy as there is a long queue for that so until then my dermatologist has prescribed me ciclosporin capsules for me to take for 6 weeks. Has anybody tried these capsules or heard of them ? If yes id love to hear if you saw any improvements please.

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