Sorion Cream

Posted Fri 1 Apr 2016 7.02pm by Mr C

Hi there, I've recently had some pretty dramatic success with Sorion cream. This is the quickest and most effective treatment I've used aside from steroids, so much so that I'm a bit curious as to what's in it. The listed ingredients all seem fairly common and benign but I can't find anything in the way of independent information on this product and whether it's been tested properly. It appears to be made by an Indian company called Atrimed and distributed in Europe by a company in Germany called Ruehe Healthcare. I'd very much like this treatment to be safe to use but as most will already know, things aren't often what they seem with psoriasis miracle drugs. I can't help but wonder why something that seems so effective hasn't made any headlines! Does anyone have any experience with Sorion cream? All I can say for sure is that it's fairly expensive but on the surface it seems like great value as it actually works. Would be great to get some reassurance and use the product with confidence. Thanks a lot

Posted Sat 9 Apr 2016 1.46am by (edited Sun 17 Apr 2016 0.11am by klsmith1471)
15 years mild but constant patches

I, too, have had dramatic success using Sorion. I ordered free 10-gram tubes through a Facebook page and have used fairly consistently for one month. I saw improvement in redness, itching, flaking within days. When I was away from home without the cream, my patches flared/flaked/itched worse than they had before using Sorion, then were soothed within 24 hours of using it again. I have tried numerous Rx's, OTC's, and homeopathic-type products in the past with nowhere near the relief this cream offers. My largest patches, that have been with me for years, are shrinking for the first time. I, too, would love to hear from anyone who knows more about the product or ingredients.

Posted Sun 17 Apr 2016 0.17am by June McGill
Pustular psoriasis on soles of feet and palms of hands.

After 10 years of constant, severe, pustular psoriasis on my feet I have used this cream for just over a week - twice daily- and the results are astonishing to say the least. I'm investing in a larger tube. The inflammation and scaling have decreased dramatically. Wish my thickened, ugly greyish yellow toenails would recover too, but can't expect miracles. I am amazed at results so far with this cream. You can feel it soothing the skin immediately. I have high hopes that if I use it long term my symptoms will be totally manageable. Would appreciate any feedback anyone could provide as per comments above.

Posted Thu 19 May 2016 1.05pm by naoimh (edited Wed 8 Jun 2016 11.36pm by Tonyg)
no but my husband has

my husband has been using the cream and has too had dramatic results with it so much so i am becoming sceptcal. i decieded to have the product tested by the health product regulatory authority. it will take about 2 weeks. im concerned it could contain undeclared ingrediants or steriods. ill update when i get the results. hopfully they will have good news for us and we can continue to use it.

Posted Thu 19 May 2016 9.15pm by
I have plaque psoriaris on hands, arms, elbows, sides of thighs, patches on lower legs and possibly on toe nails as thick and ugly.

Hello, I also have had great results with this cream after years of no luck with the usual GP prescribed meds and other no nasty chemicals creams. I hope there are no hidden nasties in this.

Posted Mon 30 May 2016 11.47am by Mr C

Hi naoimh, Thanks for sharing and for your efforts in trying to find out the ingredients of this product. Looking forward to hearing what you've found!

Posted Thu 2 Jun 2016 10.04pm by Stirlingedge
Have had psoriasis for over 20 years, constantly on elbows and legs.

Like yourselves I have been using Sorion cream for about a month. The difference is amazing. Better than prescribed creams I have given up on using. Will be interested to see the results of tests. Hope there are no hidden ingredients.

Posted Wed 8 Jun 2016 10.41pm by pablo57
Both my husband and now our 17 year old son

My son is desperate to try this but worried what could be in it, anybody done any research on it ?

Posted Sat 6 Aug 2016 11.26am by poke22

So what was the results from the cream testing?

Posted Sat 6 Aug 2016 12.32pm by adamc

I bought some of this about six months ago but never used it due to the dermatologist giving me dithro cream, going to start on this this evening

Posted Sun 25 Sep 2016 1.27pm by Batimamselle (edited Sun 25 Sep 2016 1.29pm by Batimamselle)

I started this cream sparingly in my 3rd trimester (36 weeks) and have since given birth. Results are quite good in my case after 2 days of twice a day application.

I am now breastfeeding (baby is 2 days old) and using the cream on all spots that have been aggravated at delivery. Again loving the results.

My concern is that while I was pregnant I ordered the cream from amazon UK - I live in France, and yes it's a bit expensive so I got just 1 tube - however I was able to find a supplier in India and ordered the topical from the same manufacturer (only topical available in India) at a fraction of the price 2$ per tube... I compared the ingriedients of the topical and cream and seems all the active herbal ingredients are in both... I've got like 10 tubes of topical and have not tried it yet...

Was wondering if 1) anyone had some experience with the topical 2) is it safe during breastfeeding -obviously i am NOT applying it on my nipples 3) what's the difference between the topical and cream?! Both by same company...! 4) any experience with the following company?

Ordered it from this site:

Posted Mon 26 Sep 2016 2.59pm by obi1138
Hey guys,long time sufferer,even longer drum and metal lover!hoping to meet,chat and find fellow afflicteds....let's stick together!

I got a tube from amazon myself and the relief is obvious quite quickly,it's pricey but while it works its worth it,I also use nostalgic salve,from India off amazon and it lasts forever,the salycic acid takes the flakes and redness away overnight,this stuff is the bees knees too more me at present.x

Posted Wed 28 Sep 2016 11.57am by Toodlesoodles

I have recently purchased some of this cream and after hearing great things about it from so many reviews I am disappointed. I only have very mild psoriasis where every patch I have can be completely covered by a finger tip except for a patch about 3 times this size on the side of my lower left leg (this is the patch that bothers me most and that I most want to get rid of). I've been applying the sorion cream 2-3 times a day for a week and not noticed any difference.

Perhaps I haven't given it long enough but a lot of people in reviews said they saw an obvious improvement within days so I am unsure?

I admit I am still using dovobet every other day (tend to use dovobet in the morning then the sorion through-out the day, first application of the sorion about 5-6 hours after the dovobet) on my patches because they respond well to it (except the bigger one on the side of my leg which is very stubborn) , should I stop as perhaps the dovobet is affecting the sorion's effectiveness?? Also I am unsure if you should rub the cream in or just smear it on the top? I've heard both methods advised so I am alternating between the two.

As I said, just a bit disappointed. No doubt it works for some and thats great but I had high hopes considering it seems to be working for people with psoriasis that is a lot more severe than mine.

Posted Wed 28 Sep 2016 3.21pm by adamc

Didn't work for me either 😞

Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 3.04am by squiggles72
I have had psoriasis since I was 13 years old. In recent years it has affected my scalp badly. I have it on my elbows, the bottom of my back

I've had great results using sorion creme. My elbows have gone from thick plaques to smooth normal skin. The psoriasis on my knuckles has disappeared and the few patches on my back are smoothing out. I don't care what's in it, it can't be as bad as steroids anyway which is what I've been prescribed from my gp for the past 40 odd years. Plus it works much better! I've just ordered the shampoo hoping to get the same results. I'll post again with an update on the shampoo.

Posted Sun 5 Feb 2017 10.47am by Sanshru


Posted Thu 9 Feb 2017 7.31pm by Ali

I've joined the US site: that obviously talks about different products although Sorion cream has been mentioned and maybe more info could be found there

Posted Sun 12 Feb 2017 3.30pm by macfab52
I've had psoriasis for over 30 years and have been through various NHS treatments.

I tried Sorion for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I've got patches of psoriasis all over but stuck to a patch on my LHS. On my RHS I tried a Chinese cream called Yiganerjing. On my legs I've stuck to E45. The difference after a couole of weeks is significant. The patches covered by Sorion are now smooth and pinkish in colour. I'm going to give it another week and then stop to see what happens. The Chinese cream hasn't seen that much of an improvement but there has been a slight one. Has something changed with E45. It doesn't seem as thick as it used to be and not so effective as a moisturer. Here is a link to a German psoriasis web site about Sorion. I will be buying more though beware of buying from Indian web sites. It's more easy to get your card cloned. Might be better to pay with a pre-paid credit card though the postage is expensive. Link to German web site is here:

Posted Fri 24 Mar 2017 4.47am by Sunshine 30

Hi naoimeh

Pls let us know the results of ur sorion cream analysis

Posted Thu 6 Apr 2017 2.15pm by Psoriasaurus Rex
Sick and tired of scratching the surface - want a cure.

Lol are you for real Rosscollins? How did you go from sorion cream to big winky enlargement?

Posted Tue 2 May 2017 5.02pm by BudoBoy (edited Tue 2 May 2017 5.04pm by BudoBoy)


I just wanted to add my experience of the Sorion products.

I have now tried both the cream, produced in Germany and the topical lotion produced in India.

I purchased the cream through Amazon and the lotion from the Indian distributor (a simple ordering process).

First I should say that these two products contain different ingredients and are not the same product.

The Indian lotion is a sixth of the price of the German creme but you have no other option than to use the courier service offered by the Indian distributor and this expensive. Accordingly the temptation is to order multiple tubes to off-set the total order cost. I did this and received 5 tubes of lotion for around 38GBPinc postage and packing. As the product cost was so low there was no import duty to be paid.

I use Sorion as I have psoriasis on my elbows and the creme has proved very effective in reducing the scales and redness (although slightly less so in recent months).

I was fed up with paying so much via Amazon which is why I thought I would try the Indian version. Although I have read that it does take longer to have the same healing effect I can say that in my particular situation it simply hasn't had any impact (5-6 weeks of usage) and I'm stopping it now and going back to the creme.

However, I have found another supplier (HelloSkin) which sells the creme slightly cheaper and, with a subscription selection and discount code has just cost me almost half the Amazon price. Nice one.


Posted Wed 3 May 2017 12.58pm by TRACY HOLLAND

I purchased some sorion cream for my son who is 20. He has mild psoriasis but had a lot of patches on his back, he has been using 'dovobet' which does help to clear it up but it always comes back so after reading all the great results on here I have been using it on his back for a week now and his red patches are worse than ever they have gone a deep red and have spread and some even look like mild burns they look really bad and his back looks a right mess. I feel really guilty that I have made it worse and not better for him so have now stopped and hoping that these patches will get back to how they were before I used this cream. Has any one else had a problem like this

Posted Sun 21 May 2017 8.56pm by Dawn79

I've been using sorion cream now for a few weeks and all I can say is it's brilliant . I paid £18 on amazon for it .........I've paid more than that for prescriptions ! It took a good week of applying it day and night before I saw results now I'm only using it once every 2 or three days. Where I had red patches I now have faint pink marks and that's only on the worst patches of poriasis .I would say definitely give it a go . I don't know what's in it but what ever it is it works for me .

Posted Tue 30 May 2017 7.20pm by Psoriasaurus Rex
Sick and tired of scratching the surface - want a cure.

'Jamiramen' you as well now? On a forum for psoriasis? Think most people here want rid of their disease. Jumping the gun a little to advertise willy cream and spells. I like the enthusiasm though.

Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 6.56pm by Mark

Sorion cream is definitely helpful for me. It's not quite as effective as Dovobet but it's better than any cream/ointment without steroids i have tried. The distributor in Germany provides a free sample (10g i think) if you send them an email with your address.

Posted Mon 10 Jul 2017 10.47pm by jpcwebb

Hi new to the forum, but found this thread as I have been using this stuff for just over a week myself and it has been very effective. It is clear that it only works for some types of psoriasis. My concern is whether it is safe and effective for long term use or whether you're likely to get 'rebound' like you do with steroids. I've only been applying it once a day at night with a general emollient in the morning just to eek it out since I have patches over most of my legs, arm, back and trunk. It's a shame they don't do tubes bigger than 50g.

Posted Sun 23 Jul 2017 5.08pm by andybuk99

I think I am going to buy some tubes from India as it is so much cheaper even after you consider the postage. I notice in India they have rebranded it to "Atrisor" Anyone done similar?

Posted Thu 26 Oct 2017 10.14pm by mary505

Great results after a week with sorion cream after years of suffering but does it have steroids in it?

Posted Fri 3 Nov 2017 11.05pm by mary505

I am having amazing results from using sorion. I have had psoriasis for about 6 years and have had uvb treatment but it came back after a few months. Since then it has gradually got worse. After two weeks of using sorion new patches have disappeared and stubborn patches have become smooth and pink and comfortable (they were itchy red purple flakey)

I also use alphasol shampoo as shampoo and shower gel and epiderm cream for soothing.

Posted Wed 2 May 2018 8.02am by JayJoeGeorge

Did Naiomh ever post the test results?

Posted Thu 3 May 2018 11.27am by Pastor Pauline

I am going to try this. Most people have posted positive comments.

Posted Sun 6 May 2018 10.59am by Lo

Hi All

I have been using Soratinex for 3 weeks after reading the article in the daily mail and I have to say my psoriasis has practically gone. I have plaque psoriasis 2 largish patches on both legs. It is pricy but worth it and lasts a long time I still have loads left of the 3 products. This is a non steroid treatment and for me it has been the most affective.

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