Hair loss after only a few weeks on Alcitretin

Posted Wed 30 Aug 2023 12.48 by Maz (edited Wed 30 Aug 2023 12.48 by Maz)

Hello ... Alcitretin. A truly awful drug in terms of hair loss) - I'm 75 years of age so perhaps shouldn't be vain about losing my 'mane' .... but it has depressed me tremendously. Has anyone discovered a safe remedy? 'Regaine' has a cut off age at 65 and I'm really wary about using it....any advice would be gratefully received. I'm a Leo....always had a mane of very 'baby fine hair' ... losing it has really rendered me so unhappy.

Posted Sun 29 Oct 2023 06.29 by Diagnosed@71

I can’t comment on the medication but can on hair loss. I have just been diagnosed with psoriasis at 71 after a flare triggered by Covid. My hair was thinning anyway but i have had severe scalp psoriasis and lost patches of hair all over my head. I tried to disguise it but was constantly adjusting my hair and really not wanting to go out. I decided to give myself a number 1 (very badly as it happens but my husband tidied it up) and now feel so much better. I bought a wig from the local hairdresser and she trimmed it for me and I now wear it when I go out. I feel so much better and an added bonus is that it keeps my head warm. I lost my hair when having chemotherapy (it came back) so this felt like a terrifying blow but taking control of the situation helped me. My problem now is that when I get a compliment about my new hairstyle I feel obliged to say it is a wig because I can’t fib - must get better at this.

Posted Wed 8 Nov 2023 10.35 by Yogacherry - from Hastings, East Sussex
Hello, I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis October 2023, after symptoms began in May 2023. II am 60 and have just finished an MA.

I have been offered this drug and methotrexate. I am not using this route yet as I have only been diagnosed with guttate psoriasis in October this year. Bear in mind my first dermatologist told me "I don't know what your skin condition is" and still offered me both of these drugs anyway! I am interested Diagnosed@71 that your flare was triggered by Covid. I had covid in March 2022 and know I have not been unwell since then. Did your dermatologist tell you it was Covid? Hope things improve for you Maz.

Posted Wed 8 Nov 2023 16.06 by Diagnosed@71

Hi Yogacherry - I originally went to my GP with a blocked ear, which was attributed to facial congestion following Covid. Following this, I developed a scabby lump on my breast where I had breast cancer - this was an alteration of a smooth papule I had had for years. Because of my history I was referred to a consultant dermatologist, who said I had probably had psoriasis for some time but that coronavirus had triggered the flare. I was diagnosed with plaque, flexural and scalp and ear psoriasis, It took about two months to get my body under control (I have gone for nearly gone rather than completely gone) but my head is still causing me bother. I have now had my ears suctioned four times since June because they are full of skin cells (plus wax) and I am currently going privately for this treatment. I have only used strong topical steroids and Enstilar works wonders on my body. I am trying to use everything sparingly. I have had coronavirus three times but after the bout which resulted in a flare felt absolutely lousy. I am back to normal levels of activity now but it took such time. I hope you soon feel better too. Lynda

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 08.30 by Bev

Hi ladies I am 58 I was on acitretin 7 weeks I am now off it almost 9 weeks my hair continues to fall out. I am trying not to stress about it but its really noticable have you guys had any regrowth ? I am using rogaine, plantar shampoo and conditioner .

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 22.17 by Diagnosed@71

I had chemotherapy for breast cancer and my hair returned fairly quickly having completely fallen out. It was very different, however, being wavier. More complicated after telogen effluvium and loss from plaque removal. It has come back but took much longer. Once I got the scalp psoriasis under better control it came back pretty much all over. I wore a wig for going out as it was so patchy but have now abandoned it after six months or so. Hope this is helpful.

Posted Tue 19 Mar 2024 11.28 by Bev (edited Wed 20 Mar 2024 12.06 by Bev)

@Diagnosed I didn't have much psoriasis on my scalp at all. I am post menopause. I went and bought mielle rosemary products this morning. I am glad your hair came back and thanks for replying

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